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Welcome to, one of the most credible names in the mail order bride space with a wealth of prospective beauties waiting for you with open arms. Russian girls are fascinating with their luscious blonde locks and cute faces. When you are looking to find the Balkan beauty of your dreams, there cannot be a better option than Brides Agency. Our cross-border matrimonial agency greets you with a huge gallery dedicated to the stunning Russians, the gorgeous Ukrainians as well as other amazing damsels of Eastern Europe. Our ladies are truly charming and come from good educational backgrounds. They are intelligent, beautiful and down to earth while at the same time promising a happy marital life forever. We guarantee to provide you with honest and sincere girls who are actually looking for a long lasting relationship from the Western world.

The Brides Agency Difference

At Brides Agency, we present our visitors with a detailed profile on our women members. The profiles provide elaborate information on the girls with complete details of their name, nationality, educational background, current relationship status, their likes & dislikes and much more. It is always free to sign up and immediately browse through the profiles. The elaborate profiles would be a great help in picking up the perfect “Russian mail order bride” for your taste, interests and expectations. Your free membership would also allow you to post your exclusive profile and pictures so that our Russian brides-in-waiting can eagerly check out your details. After you’ve found some possible matches, take advantage of our video chatting and email features to get to know her in greater detail. For the women that really pique your interest, use the “Hot List” option which if applied to your favorite Russian girl from our site would notify you with all her updates and enable you to know her in a deeper way, strengthening your budding relationship even further.

Going Above and Beyond for You

Brides Agency is your one-stop website when seeking that special long-lasting relationship with a beautiful Russian companion. Beyond the thousands of quality profiles of sweet, beautiful and eager women, we can also assist you regarding dating tips with the foreign beauties. The Russian culture is different America’s and hence you need to be aware of the cultural nuances while speaking to our Russian girls to avoid any misinterpretation in the initial phases. There are a number of articles and posts on our website giving you timely advice on the Russian girls and their culture to give you a better understanding of how best to proceed. Trust us, the rewards are well worth the effort!

Brides Agency takes your privacy extremely seriously. Our company is completely secure and maintains strict confidentiality measures to ensure that your personal information is safe. So what are you waiting for? Join for free and start browsing the thousands of beautiful Russian mail order brides who are waiting for you, and immerse yourself in the exotic Russian charm.

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