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Women of Norwegian origin are epitomes of beauty and this is most likely they reason why they are so sought after. We have many really beautiful Norwegian women and you can choose from one of them and embark on a wonderful journey of life with her. Norwegian women are really beautiful with fair skin and good height. Our Norwegian women have light eyes, the most common being blue. Some of our Norwegian women have grey, green or hazel eyes as well. They have light hair with blonde and platinum blonde being the most common shades of their locks. They have high cheekbones which makes them look all the more beautiful. They usually have small eyes and lips and also smaller curves.

About Norway

Norway, which is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway, is Scandinavian unitary constitutional monarchy, and is one of the least populated countries of Europe. The territory of Norway consists of Jan Mayen, Bouvet Island, Svalbard and the western part of Scandinavian peninsular. The official language of Norway is Norwegian. It is a northern Germanic language, which is closely related to Swedish and Danish. However, a large number of immigrants have settled in Norway and more than 110 mother languages are a part of primary schools in Norway.

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Русский: Норвежские невесты
Deutsch: Norwegische braute
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37 y.o. female
Location: Oslo , Norway
54 y.o. female
Location: Kongsberg, Norway

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