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Russia Flaunts A Rich History And Culture

Russia is renowned all over for its rich history and culture. The Soviet land flaunts a fantastic tradition of many impressive achievements in the fields of literature, classical music, philosophy, architecture, ballet, cinema, painting & animation, all of which had significant influence on the world culture. Early Russian history & culture was hugely inspired by the Finno-Urgic tribes & by the nomadic Turkish people of Pontic Steppe. The Varagians or Scandinavian Vikings too contributed much in forming Russian identity and the Balkan culture & history is largely defined as a unique blend of Slavic & Byzantine cultures as well. Besides, Russian history also involves a powerful influence by the Western European culture. Then, since 20th century the Communist ideals became a principle part of Soviet Union which has greatly shaped of the political identity of the nation today. Thus, Russia displays an exotic past with a tradition uniquely enriched with a confluence of a large number of dynasties, cultures and ideologies.

No wonder, the Russian damsels seem interesting given that they are well-shaped by such a diverse national history and culture. The beautiful Balkan lasses are widely popular in the international matrimonial scene and are a favorite of the Western men. There is a great host of cross border matrimonial sites over the internet dedicated to the Russian girls interested to tie the knot with American hunks. However, the Soviet beauties are not so strong in English and hence you have to take the help of translation services to converse with the lovely Russian ladies.

You can count on Google Translation services here which is a free of cost translation service that translates almost any major world dialect in English and vice versa.

How to use Google Translate:

Just go to Google Translate website through http://translate.google.com.

  • A page will open with 2 rectangular boxes on the page.
  • When you have to translate your English message to Russian, write down the English text message on the left hand box.
  • A little above the box you will find a tab asking you to select language from a huge catalogue of languages.
  • Select Russian and click on the “Translate” tab beside the language selection tab and the right hand box would appear with the message translated in Russian Cyrillic text.
  • For Russian to English translation, paste the Cyrillic message sent by your Russian girl on the left hand box, select “English language from the tab above and the right hand box would appear with the English conversion.

English To Russian:

screenshot from Google Translate from English to Russian

Russian To English:

screenshot from Google Translate from Russian to English

Here goes 10 Russian common sayings (followed by English translations) that could be useful for someone talking to a Russian woman for the first time:

  1. ПривЕт!: “Hi. Hello”
  2. ЗдрАвствуйте! Как делА?: “How do you do?”
  3. Как дела?: “How is everything?”
  4. Изобразительное благодарю вас: “Fine, Thank You”
  5. Что вы делаете: “What do you do”
  6. pazhAlusta пожалуйста!: “You are welcome”
  7. Какие у Вас хобби: “What are your hobbies?”
  8. Ты такая привлекательная: “You are so pretty”
  9. Вы любите музыку: : “Do you love music”
  10. ДОбрый день!: “Good day”
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