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A few words about the man, who wished to marry a Muslim

All of the above applies mainly to women who marry a Muslim. The reason for this is quite simple. The fact is that the situation is reversed, that is, a Muslim marriage to a Christian strictly prohibited not only Orthodoxy, but Islam. According to Sharia, such a union should be recognized as illegal and adulterous. Therefore, believers are usually relatives strongly oppose the conclusion of such unions. If he does take place, the husband require conversion to Islam.

But we had to deal with such a situation in their pastoral practice. One Orthodox young man married Tatarka, which itself was mediocre Muslim, but all of her relatives was a believer. As a result, all the assurances of his wife that as soon as her lover to marry her, and she immediately baptized, were empty, and, as a consequence, the marriage – a deeply unhappy. Husband and wife are constantly brawl, accusing each other of all the deadly sins, and now the family is on the verge of divorce. But also for communication with the Muslim husband went not to the benefit of his soul. He lost his chance to become a priest, and his life went awry.

But, unfortunately, a reality that has to face the priest, it is often even worse. As a result of such unions often wives and husbands very quickly obmirschvlyayutsya, jealousy to salvation is replaced by opportunism, as often occurs, and direct apostasy. Even if the spouse does not convert to Islam, his faith as a result is still unabated.

Instead of Sunday services such spouses begin to go to theater and fashion, “party”, just to please his “half”. Children of such parents grow cynics who do not believe in anything. That, however, is understandable as a living example of hypocrisy in front of them!

This phenomenon is not new. – Back in the III century it was noticed svmch. Cyprian of Carthage, when, in his book “On the Fallen” wrote that the reason for the large number of dissenters during the persecution of Decius was that “enter into matrimonial alliances with unbelievers; members of Christ offering the Gentiles.”

So why is this happening? Is the Orthodox faith is weaker than unbelief or any false religion, if a match made with the wrong results in such disastrous results? The answer is that God does not help those who are in direct violation of His will.

How could it be a peaceful one marriage where one endorses jihad and praises suicide bombers (though not Russia, and Israel) and the other is trying to learn to love one’s enemies? As a Muslim, is considered an icon of idols, will stand them in your house? As a Christian living in an apartment, not a priest consecrated, where free prancing devil, that is called “spouse”? How to isolate themselves from the constant ridicule your faith and a blind eye to the obvious absurdity of Islam? Some claim that we must be able to “respect the faith of others.” But as a person living in the truth, can respect a lie? This is nonsense and apostasy! God says: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5, 20) It is the curse falls on the compromisers!

Attempts to justify such cohabitation

Some Christians try to justify their lawlessness, referring to the rule of Scripture, recommending not dissolve a marriage with an unbeliever entered into prior to the adoption of Christianity. For example, in one book so justify marriage with the infidels: “The Church respects to such a marriage in which only one spouse belongs to the Orthodox faith, for he said St.. Pref. Paul unbelieving husband is sanctified by the believing wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband (1 Cor 7:14), and further, because, you know why his wife. Not whether you will save her husband, or why do you know, husband, whether you will save your wife? (1 Corinthians 7:16). After all, do you remember what the Lord says: husband and wife – is one flesh. So it was from time immemorial, so it is now – a marriage between a believer and an unbeliever is not considered spouses Church lascivious cohabitation “(E. Bogusheva. Already married … – Moscow, 2002. – P. 9-10).

This argument is the most common of advanced in defense of marriage with unbelievers. Moreover, it is not new. It is in the II century put forward by those who tried to refuse to perform the words of the Lord. Here is how it responds to Tertullian: “absolutely it is clear that the text is referring to those Christians who believe, already married, as evidenced by the words:” If any brother is married to an unbeliever. ” He does not say, “married an unbeliever.” He wants to say that who is married to an unbeliever, and he has just addressed to remain with his wife, in other words, the new converts should not think that we are obliged to part with their wives, who have become alien to them in the faith. He even adds justification, saying that “in a world God has called us,” and that “the believer can save a marriage unbeliever” (1 Cor 7:15-16). Finally, this interpretation is confirmed by the ending: “Who is the Lord called, he let it remain” (1 Corinthians 7:17). A call, I believe, the pagans, not Christians. If he spoke of those who had become a Christian before marriage, it would be the last allowed to marry anybody. But this would be contrary to his next words: “the wife after her husband’s death is free, and can go out to whom she will, but only to a Christian” (1 Cor. 7, 39 – “only in the Lord” in our text). The meaning of these words leave no doubt: we are not misused words “let out to whom she will,” he adds, “just a Christian” … This is the only condition that he puts forward. “Only a Christian,” – he said, and the word “only” gives great power of the law, making it completely optional. This word commands and convinces orders and exhorts, and threatens to oblige. Opinion of the apostle as clear as it is eloquent in its brevity, as any divine word that requires obedience. ” The analysis of this sacred text, so brilliantly conducted the famous apologist shows all the artificiality of the above argument.

If we turn to the interpretation of the fathers (and 19 generally prohibits VI Ecumenical Council to understand the Holy Scriptures contrary), we see that their unanimous opinion confirms this understanding of the sacred text, which refers only to those families, one of them turned to Christ after marriage . To give just one interpretation of the Holy Father, not to be unfounded. Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria wrote in a commentary on this passage: “We consider the commandment of the apostle refers to the only case where the husband and wife are united by marriage, when both were still in disbelief, but after one or the other party appealed to the faith. For if the first and only one husband has been unfaithful, or only one wife, then half of the faithful is not allowed to marry the wrong: it is clear from the words of the Apostle: for it is he said, for those who wish to take a wrong, but “If anyone hath” . Again, do not just prescribe to live faithful to the wrong half, but only if the latter wish to order, for it means “favor”, ie, if they so wish. ” A similar thought is expressed and Blessed Theodoret Kirrsky, saying, “Come out for a faithful, devout, self-controlled, legally.” And as we have seen above, this interpretation was of the Church itself through the mouth 72 rules VI Ecumenical Council. And who then would dare to refute the doctrine expressed by so great an authority?…

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