And what about love?

"Lawless Heart" - meet many, having heard all of these arguments. And here I must say two things.

First, if you say so, it is actually your love to a potential spouse just very weak. How can we talk about the love that put up with the fact that after the death of the beloved forever will be removed from a loving person? After widowhood in the marriage - is the beginning of everlasting separation. Whatever the earlier relationship, you meet with your loved ones in the whole everlasting eternity. After all, the one who died in Islam, he had not been baptized, was not born of water and of the Spirit, and not inherit the kingdom of God (John 3:5). A Muslim does not believe in the Son of God, and therefore will not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him (John 3:36). After the death of his soul descends to hell, burdened with a load as the original Adam contamination, and its not forgiven by God sins. Many saints in sorrow saw Muhammad and his followers, tormented in a fiery abyss.

As one of the visions that describe the fate of the Muslims beyond the grave, and bring remembrance Schemamonk Confessor Nicholas (born Yusuf Abdul oglu 1820-1893), a former Muslim who recorded prep. Varsanofiem Optina:

"I saw a great and immeasurable abyss, performed by the darkness, but the darkness that did not prevent me to see her in a terrible depth of the prince of darkness in the form in which it is portrayed in the paintings of the church, in the hands of him sat Judas, who was holding in his hands like the bag. Near the Prince of Darkness was a false prophet Mohammed in a green robe and turban of the same color. Around Satan, who was, as it were center gap, all the infinite space of her, I saw a lot of people of every condition, sex and age, but anyone familiar with each of them noticed. From the abyss reached me yelling neizglagolannogo despair and horror that can not be put into words. "

How can a loving heart to put up with such a terrible fate, which is preparing itself for a favorite? How can true love let this happen? We can not talk about love, when you know that your husband, wife, children (who are forced to convert to Islam under threat of divorce) will be tormented forever.

Often say that it's better I'll be in pain, but with your loved ones, than without, but in paradise. But this is nonsense and not true. In hell, there is no room for love or for communication. Hell - a place inhuman. St Macarius once walked in the desert and saw a skull, which is the power of God began to speak. He belonged to the priest before the idols. This idolater Macarius thanked for his prayers and told him that the inhabitants of hell get great relief.

- What is it? - Asked the monk.

- We are standing back to back, surrounded by pillars of fire, backs to each other, - the priest replied. - And when you pray, the flame is lowered slightly. We see the face of the other, and we get great comfort from it.

So what the hell - a place of eternal loneliness, and all the hopes for the meeting there - empty. Especially not possible meeting when one escaped and the other was killed.

So if you love a person - pay him to Christ the Saviour, let him take Baptism, and then being married and live happily ever after. God help you! Marriage can get your eternal increase in the heavenly kingdom, where you will no longer husband and wife, and the eternal brother and sister in front of the Shining Face Loving Father.

The second thing that can be said about the "heart of the order" - is the fact that consistently held that this principle denies any marriage. If we are to obey only the heart, not guided by any mind, no loyalty, no word of God, then there is nothing to blame for treason. After all, Lawless Heart! And if so - why, they ask, and to enter into marriage?

In fact, the error here is that the word "love" we often understand the particular state of feeling, but it is not. Feelings - a consequence of this state of the will, which comes from God. Just love and therefore may be a commandment of the Lord. After all, it would be absurd to require the person to create a sense of those over whom he obviously has no power!

According to the "Orthodox Confession" "Love Divine accommodates a Decalogue." Catechism (summary of the Orthodox faith) states that "true love is naturally manifests itself through good works."

Ven. John of the Ladder says that "love is the quality of its likeness to God, how many people can achieve that, by its action, it is the thrill of the soul, and on the property - the source of faith, the depth of patience, humility sea. Love, actually, is the deposition of any thoughts to the contrary, for all s thinketh no evil. Love, dispassion and synopolozhenie (adoption God) differ among themselves only the names "Thus, for Christians, it is obvious that true love is impossible without the Orthodox faith. For, according to the same saint, "according to my understanding, faith is like a ray hope - the light and love - the circle of the sun. Yet they are one and the same glow grace. "

For us it seems quite incredible the possibility of true love, where the beloved does not believe in God or believe in Him completely wrong. All of these feelings, called love, are, according to the Ladder, the so-called "Natural love" characteristic, including and animals. This state is not fertile, and therefore "fornication mixed into it, as is sometimes seen in the Blue Opaque lice." In this sense can not be built, of course, and the Christian family, and it does not lead people to holiness.


What if the marriage has already taken place?

Unfortunately, this question is asked by many, before joining the Church who married and married to an adherent of Islam. Here, just apply the words of St. Paul: "If any brother has a wife who is an unbeliever, and she consents to live with him, let him not leave her. And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and he consents to live with her, do not leave him. For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife veruyuscheyu, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but now they are holy. But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart: the brother or sister in such cases is not bound to the world God has called us. How do you know, wife, whether you will save your husband? Or are you, man, why you know, whether you will save your wife? "(1 Cor. 7, 12-16)

The couple in the marriage should respect each other (but not false doctrine), and give each other honor. After all, Muslim and bears the stamp of God's image, and therefore worthy of honor and respect. If a Christian - a husband, he should set an example of love and care of his wife, not knowing of the trust and care of the rules of their religion. As the head of the family, he has to teach the basics of the faith his wife. But preaching should take place in a spirit of gentleness, not blackmail and screaming. Christ did not please the family tyrant.

If a Christian woman - the wife, it must be guided by the words of the Apostle. Peter: "submissive to your own husbands, so that those who do not obey the word, scenes from his life of their wives without a word, seeing your pure behavior in fear" (1 Pet. 3, 1-2). She should pray to God for disciplining wife, giving him alms. The wife is to a good understanding of the differences between Christianity and Islam, and be ready to give account of their hope (1 Pet. 3, 15).

Particular importance should be paid to the education of children. They must be baptized, regardless of the wishes unbelieving spouse, even without his knowledge. We must teach them the word of God, administer the sacrament of Holy Communion and try to familiarize with the Orthodox peers. After all, "evil communications corrupt good manners" (1 Cor 15:33). This is not to set up a child against the unbelieving spouse. It is unacceptable to transform Christianity into a reason for conflict between husband and wife. And a Muslim father and mother must Islamist-esteem according to the commandment of the Law of God 5. Therefore, any attempt to force the child to fall out with his father or his mother - a sin before God. Yet the fact of honoring parents does not follow that we must respect them astray.

But what if this marriage is failing? And it is very likely, given the difference in the perception of the family of Christians and Muslims. You've got to remember that, in extreme cases, for example a divorce. Even the Orthodox can get a divorce if there was a breach of faith, and the sins that threaten the lives and health of the other spouse (drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness, abortion against the will of her husband).

In addition to all these reasons, in mixed families, there are two other grounds for a divorce. First, there is more reluctance to spouses to live together, and, secondly, forced to accept Islam. If it comes to choosing between God and her husband, contrary to the "spiritual father", there can be no question of patience (and in the words of the Apostle (Romans 14, 1, Rom. 15, 1) does not apply to people of other faiths), and needs a divorce. According to holy. Theophan the Recluse: "If cheating husband does not want to live with his wife to be faithful, and invites her to come back to the previous or wickedness, or leave it, it is obvious that such a man should leave. For how to change the faith and do not think, but to stay with her husband in faith, in spite of it, would be to deliberately introduce discord and quarrels in the family. So says leave it for the sake of such men and women, in which case you are free from the yoke of marriage, not podrabotny him. " And Chrysostom also says: "If an incorrect commands you to make sacrifices and to participate in its wickedness by right of marriage or leave it, it is best to leave the marriage, rather than piety. If an incorrect daily insults and starts a quarrel, it is better to be separated. "...

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