Answers to the most frequently asked questions by Muslims

Question: "In the" Fathers of Islam ", I found" interesting dialogue "prep.Ioanna Damascus Converses Christian and Saracen, which was proved by the Saracens (?) That only the goodness of God, and the evil man creates himself. One of the six components of aqidah (Islamic creed) is called: "The belief in predestination": The right to choose their actions. If a person decides to make an effort and for a good deed, then Allah will create it. Man decides to make improper and will make this effort, the Most High, and it will, but the man responsible for it as for the choice of the action and the application of labor. But we must remember that the creator of all is only Allah (praise be to Him - the Most High). If you do not wish to Allah, then there will be nothing created. Yes, he had made, but created by the choice of certain actions of his servant. Gd is not necessary to make us commit sinful acts, and then attract us to court for it. This is absurd. He is above that.

I'm interested in the point of view of Orthodoxy on this issue (of course, based on the Gospel, not only on the opinion of the Fathers). Regarding the "question of the day" (Doctrine of the divinity of Jesus, peace be upon him). Taking into account: "The word is born eternally from God and is therefore called His Son (John 1), we can say that all the prophets sent earlier to the word of the Lord, shall have the right to be called his son on a par with Jesus (peace be upon him).

Why did you not mention the others, which were also filled with the Holy Spirit? Look at Acts (11:24): "For he (Barnabas) was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. And much people to the Lord. " For example, like Jesus (peace be upon him), John the son of Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit in the womb. Read the Gospel of Luke, "the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and shalt call his name John .. For he shall be great before the Lord will not drink wine or strong drink, and the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb. "

And he said if ever the gospel holy Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) that he is God or, "I am the Lord and worship me and offer up prayers of my mother?" Never! He was sent by Allah (swt) as a prophet and a great blessing for the people to show them the way to salvation.

I also enough to prove the Qur'an: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful. Say: He - Allah - Allah is One, the Eternal is not begotten and He was not born to him and was not equal to none. (Surah 112). "

Answer in order:

1. Concerning the Divine Predestination Orthodox Church, based on Fr. Scripture teaches this: "We believe that the all-good God predestined to glory those whom I have chosen from all eternity, and are rejected, betrayed those condemned, not because of the way that He chose this way to justify some and leaving others alone, and to condemn without cause , for it is unusual for God, and the total of all the hard-hitting Father, who wants all men to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4), but inasmuch as He predicted that some will be good to use his free will, and the other evil, is therefore some predestined to glory, and the other condemned. About the use of the same freedom we argue as follows: inasmuch as the goodness of God has bestowed divine grace and enlightening, also called us beforehand, which, like the light, to enlighten those who walk in darkness, viaducts all, that wish to freely submit to it (because it is looking establish thou it, and not resists s) and execute its commands must be necessary for salvation, and therefore receive a special grace which, promoting, strengthening and continuously improving them in the love of God, ie, in those good works which God requires of us (and of which required also prevenient grace), justifies them and makes them predestined, those, however, who do not want to obey and follow the grace and therefore do not follow the commandments of God, but by following the suggestions of Satan, abuse their freedom given to them by God, so that they arbitrarily made ahead - indulge in danger of eternal damnation.

But they say blasphemous heretics, as if God ordains or condemns nor regardless of how many things ordained or condemned - we honor this madness and wickedness: for in such a case would be contrary to Scripture to itself. It teaches that every believer is saved by faith and their works, and yet God is the only one to blame for our salvation, inasmuch as that is, he takes the pre-illuminating grace that gives man the knowledge of divine truth, and teaches him to comply with it (if he does not resist) and do good, pleasing to God, that they might obtain salvation without destroying the free will of man, but giving it to obey or not to obey her action. Do not crazy after that without any reason to believe that there is a divine desire of wine misfortune convicted? Does not it mean to say a terrible slander against God? Whether it means a terrible injustice and utter blasphemy against the sky? God is not involved in any evil, nor desires the salvation of all, He has no place partiality; why we confess that He rightly condemned betrays those who remain in wickedness corrupted by their own will and unrepentant heart. But never, never called and called the culprit of eternal punishment and torment, as if chelovekonenavistnym God, who Himself has spoken that the joy is in the sky of the one sinner who repents. To believe so, or think we do not dare to never, until we have consciousness, and those who say and think we betray eternal anathema and recognize the worst of all infidels "(Epistle of the Eastern Patriarchs 1723).

As for the Islamic doctrine of predestination in your presentation, it is blasphemous. You write: "Resit people make improper and will make this effort, the Most High, and it will, but the man responsible for it, as for the choice of the action and the application of labor. But we must remember that the creator of all is only Allah (praise be to Him the Most High). If you do not wish to Allah, then there will be nothing created. Yes, he had made, but created by the choice of certain actions of his servant. " But in that case God is a direct partner of all crimes in the world. Its role is similar to the role of the killer, fulfilling the will of the customer the crime. This is a clear rejection of the concept of God as being good (not to mention - as Commonweal). The true revelation of God says, "God is light and in Him is no darkness at all" (1 John 1:5), "Let no man say," God is tempting me ': for God can not be tempted with evil, neither tempts no one " (James 1:13).

Moreover, the author's position is internally inconsistent. He argues that "<...> the creator of everything is only Allah," which means that he is the creator and the act of choice, but it is argued that God "created by the choice of certain actions of his servant," each of which Allah has created himself . Obviously, with these terms, the space for free will not leave any, and therefore, Allah is present unjust tyrant, forcing them to do evil and punishing him.

On the other hand, your position is contrary to the letter of the Koran (and in fact you reject the interpretation of the Bible and, therefore, should not interpret the Koran). According to this book, "If Allah touches you with harm, then there is no savior from it, except for him" (Sura 11, 107), which means that Allah himself is doing evil. And in committing the worst sin is guilty as Allah, "If Allah did not want to, they did not give him a fellow" (Sura. 6, 107), "And so we have arranged every prophet enemies - the devils of humans and jinn ... And if wish your Lord, they would not do "(Sura 6, 112). Based on the text of the letters attributed to Allah, we see that both good and evil - the same from Allah, thus depriving the real meaning of these concepts, because for Christians welcome - free to follow the will of God, and the evil - free her resistance.

2. The divinity of Jesus is that He is - not just a prophet sent from God's Word, and the Word of God, the former in the beginning with God and is God (John 1:1-2). By the way, the fact that Jesus is the Word, and the Koran acknowledges, though incorrectly interprets (Sura 3, 40 (45)). Therefore, any comparison of the prophet, and Christ is inappropriate. Jesus - the only begotten Son of God (John 1:18), and the sons of the prophets might be just for Adoption (John 1: 12-13).

You ask, "said ever in the gospel holy Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) that he is God," or "I am the Lord, and worship me and offer up prayers of my mother?" Jesus Christ Himself said He - "He who is from the beginning" (John 8:25), "the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last" (Rev. 22, 13). He demanded faith in himself, as in the Father (John 14:1), and said, "who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him" (John 5:23), and who does not accept it (such as Muslims) those father - the devil (John 8:44). If this is not evidence of divinity, then I just can not imagine what kind of evidence should be! The Lord Jesus has frequently and worship (Matt. 28, 17; Jn. 10, 38), and service (and, not the people to serve him, and angels - Mk. 1, 13), and that He was called Lord (John 10:38), and called the Lord Himself (Matt. 7:21).

Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God, we certainly do not believe the goddess, but in fulfillment of prophecy spoken her (Luke 1. 48), praises her and asks her to intercede for us before God.

3. As for your words: "To me enough to prove the Qur'an", they show that your faith is blind and is not based on a solid foundation of truth, and on the principle of a vicious circle: "The Koran right, because he said so!"

Question: "I can not understand the essence of God, the Trinity and the God-man.

With the man everything is clear: there is a human person with the will of its inherent consciousness is inherent in human nature with its "will" instincts.

In the Trinity will is not an attribute of persons, and the nature (of the Catechism of. Davydenkova learned) is that - an impersonal force?

In the God-man, one person (one with the other two), but two will. What? It turns out that the will (the nature of) Unified Trinity (the Son of God has no will of its own) and the "will" of human instincts (the essence of the human person in the God-man is also missing)? Is this true? Judging by the context of the New Testament, Christ acts as a Person, not an impersonal nature. Or his personality in itself, but also of acting on their own, regardless of the Persons of the Trinity come from nature and man.

And as it can be - and without the will of the Personality. Delusion of some kind. A person with two wills - it's schizophrenia. This is me personally.

In short, very confused. "

The answer is very simple. Personality is not the consciousness. This is the root of your error. The nature of man - that is what is common to all of us to be reasonable, death, social, verbal living being - the definition is our nature.

The divine nature is common to all three persons - this is the essence of the spiritual, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, all-auspicious, holy.

Each has a natural characteristic of each action. Deity of keeping the peace, punishes sin, rewards the righteous. Man thinks, eats, drinks, etc.

But Nature exists only in specific individuals or hypostases, which she owned. Therefore, the natural action and distinct beings have the same nature. Some people steal, others give alms, although they have the same nature. The difference is that the will of both the natural, natural desire (thoughts, hunger, etc.) person realizes.

Christ - is the Second Person of the Trinity of God, existing in two natures. Each has its own natural desire (the will), which is implemented by one person. What kind of schizophrenia here? Just do not think that personality - this consciousness, because even when we have a headache, we say, "I'm sick", and does not suffer from head belongs to me, although the latter is correct.

Question: "My Muslim husband asked me a question that I could not answer. Could you help? He asks how one can trust the New Testament, if it was not written in the life of Jesus, if there were many stories written by many people, and these narratives are not always possible, correspond to reality. And why, on what basis, on what criteria were selected narratives that are included in the New Testament? Why exactly four gospels? How could people decide what will go down in the Scriptures, and what is not? '.

The answer is quite simple. Gospels were written closest disciples of Christ in the next few decades after his ascension into heaven. And, inspired them to this work of the Holy Spirit Himself, descended upon them in the form of tongues of fire. His presence in them clearly manifested through countless miracles recognized and enemies. (Links to they have in the Jewish Talmud). The church, led by the same Spirit, selected these four Gospels, because I knew their authenticity. Complete agreement about the Christian Gospels was reached already at the 2nd century, during the life of the direct disciples of the Apostles, as a result of having been collected precise information who was the author of a particular text.

Some of the narrative (Apocrypha) is obviously fantastic and appeared much later that recognizes and fair criticism, and reports of numerous witnesses of the apostolic preaching and the life of Christ himself.

A Muslim can say that the Qur'an recognizes the gospel of God's revelation, and there is no mention of their distortion. By the time of Muhammad were accepted these four Gospels. By the way, it is not clear why Muslims trust the Koran? He got the final form only 70 years later, and with the help of those people who, by their own conviction, had the Holy Spirit - hence the lack of miracles in the Qur'an.

Question: "Hello! My friend Hassan - a Muslim. After our long acquaintance, he decided to read the Gospel. He often asks me questions I can not answer. Here's one: Why did Jesus before his death, exclaimed, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Please answer as if you were explaining it directly to Hassan. The fact is that this phrase convinces him that is true - in Islam. Jesus was taken up into heaven, and Judas was crucified in his place. Then this phrase is quite logical. After all, no prophet, when he died, fulfilling the will of God, did not feel abandoned by God. And especially do not have to feel the Son of God in this situation. "

Answer: Christ is the Redeemer for the sins of the people and the substitutionary sacrifice for them. And it is as representative of all sinners from their faces He said those dreaded words, feeling the weight of the curse of God, lying on a fallen humanity.

I do not understand how this phrase from can be derived taking Jesus into heaven? After all the text clearly says that the crucified and died it was Christ. And He died not as a righteous man, who was executed by the wicked, but as a pure sacrifice for the sin of the people. Therefore, Christ's death and the death of the prophets was different, because he was not just a prophet, and the Redeemer, the only mediator between God and man, God and Man.

Question: "Often you can see the internal squabbles, civil wars priests charged each other in Zionism, homosexuality, and all Protestant heresy uncommon fondness for strong drink among the clergy of the church - does not this mean that the Church - not the pillar and ground of truth, a bunch of sinners who are powerless against sin? How can people come to God, if it leads these "pastors"? "

This statement is comparable to the refusal of medical care because of greed of modern medicine. Much more obvious financial interest of doctors as this make sure all was in the hospital. But somehow, because of that, people do not give up medicine. And when it comes to the far more important health of the soul, the recall were all tall tales, but would not go to church.

It concerns and accusations of "blueness", squealing, drunkenness, and the like. In 90% of cases, it is simply slander, but even in this, very rare case, it's true, so ask yourself, where are the priests? - Out of this world, where people believe corruption norm, millions of citizens have worked for the KGB, and at the same time they are also the loudest and accuse us of their own sins. We have, if the person did it - he is ashamed of evil, repent, and in the case where the bishop knows about it, most of the people eliminated from the priesthood. And in the world such things - almost a matter of pride. And what is it to you, what is a priest? You did not come to him, but to God. And He does not change His words, because of the sins of men. St. Gregory the Theologian says: "Here you have two seals - one gold and the other steel, but with the same image. Can you tell the difference in the wax imprint? "Similarly, in this case: whatever the life of a priest, while he's in the church and not defrocked, all rites are performed irrespective of his righteousness or sinfulness. Another thing, if we face an imposter or a man without dignity: no power of its mysteries have not, since he left the church, which is the Body of Christ.
There was an incident. One of the monks living in the desert, and it went to his communion the priest. Then one day he heard that the priest gives communion fornication. And then he gave him communion. And the same night he saw a revelation. He saw that gold is well with crystal water, and out of a golden bucket scoops water leper. And the voice of God said, "See how the water remains clean, though, and gives her a leper, grace does not depend on him by whom it is intended." And then once again become a hermit priest at Holy Communion, without thinking, he is righteous or sinful. As a wise man once said, the current runs like a net, and on a rusty wire, just to wire this was not torn.

So, and this objection is under a rotten foundation and does not provide justification for the reluctance to fulfill the commandment of the Lord. After all, if a sinful priest will answer for himself the Creator, then you can not avoid it. And it is unlikely you will be helped by nodding bad example that was in front of your eyes. God will say: "He has already answered for himself, but why did not you listen to me? Or do you think that I will break his word because of the meanness of another, while it is not done, even decent people? "And what would you say to him?

As for the Church, if it were that, as described, then it would not have survived the terrible persecution of atheists. But she lives and bears fruit. Yes, it appears the heretics, and she struggles with them. But that's just a sign of a living organism. Only the corpse is in complete harmony with the environment, and all evil in the Church is forced internal immunity of the Holy Spirit. And this is just a sign of life and fidelity to truth somehow put her in a twit! On the contrary, once inside the church is a struggle for ultimate Truth, therefore, in her and she survived. Otherwise, what would be and fight?

Question: "The Christian community has long been steeped in pagan superstitions, Christians violate the commandments of Christ, and in the end we have a total drunkenness, infidelity, distribute imported many sects, is not that proof that Christianity is not able to change a person and help him to fact, give up your life of sin? "

The answer lies in the question. If the majority of nominal Christians - actually Gentiles, how can we expect that the church will heal their sins if they are in It and do not move? How doctors can not help those who do not cause, and there is no fault of medicine, and Christianity is not able to give anything to those who either do not believe in anything and does not want to execute its laws. It would be reasonable to accuse Christianity, if a person who lives according to the commandments of God and the rules of the Church, more and more degraded. But it is, in practice, the opposite is true!

Question: "What right priests decide the name of God, who let go of sins, and who does not, and occupy an intermediary position between ordinary believers and the Almighty?"

Answer: According to the Divine Law. God himself gave the apostles the power - the power to bind and loose. Jesus said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins, they are forgiven, for you retain, they are retained "(John 20:22-23). And we humbly follow the word of the Lord, remembering that and judge over us there. A mediation places priests do not hold. We have one mediator - Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:5), through whom we have gained access to God and can even, thanks to the adoption, to call Him Father. Therefore, any believer directly through Christ can and should communicate with God. All this is completely impossible in Islam, where there is no sin, there is no unity with God, and there is only dry humility before a distant rulers.

Question: "Is it considered a sin to Islam?"

Answer: The adoption of another profession is a grave crime against God, if this confession - Orthodox Christianity is not based on Divine Revelation. The Lord said, "whosoever shall deny me before men, I will disown him before that my Father in heaven" (Matt. 10:33). Rejection of orthodoxy - is denying Christ, of His salvation, it is a betrayal of Judas. Stoit to reject God's love because of the time that is on the ground usually results in great grief (so says the experience, because God is punishing traitors), and the coffin is waiting renegade eternal flame?

Question: "Is Islam a progressive religion because he is younger than Christianity?"

Answer: It is hardly possible to think that the ultimate truth can somehow be related to the time. If we, like the Hindus, rejected a personal deity, then it was quite possible to suppose that Revelation is quite inexhaustible, and then we will see even more great samovyyavlenie Deity. But if the Acceptance of the Creator, we may say that his revelation could be completed in a certain time, which thus becomes the "last" not in the sense that after the river of time runs out, but in the sense that reality, which opened in it, displays those who have taken it out of the universe, and therefore can not be improved. After all, eternity is not subject to any change or progress. True Scripture says that "God has many and various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, in the last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds" (Heb. 1:1-2). The Lord Jesus clearly said that only through Him can we find the entrance to God the Father (John 14, 6), and therefore any attempt then to give him up for someone's predecessor simply false and leads to eternal death believed them.

It is interesting that Muhammad also did not support the views of his followers, for he also claimed that he, Muhammad - Seal of the Prophets, which also allocates its time among all other times. But this raises the question: "how justified this selection?" After all, he does not claim that he - God, and if so, then we do not have any guarantee that the place of his God would not send someone else. After all, the Quran itself, willingly admits that some of his writings have been replaced by others. In Sura 16:101 says: "And when we change the sign of one another, - and Allah knows best what He sends down - they say," You - only izmyslitel! "Yes, most of them knows!". Even more clearly it says in Sura 2:106: "Every time we cancel a verse or cause it to forget, we provide the best than it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things? "This clearly means that Allah has the right to change his mind, or even contradict Himself. And if so, Muslims do not have any guarantee that their highly unreliable "god" and will not change the decision.

And from the point of view of reason, all of the arguments in favor of what Muhammad - the final revelation of God - are very weak. No wonder the Shiites tried to fill this gap by introducing the Institute of Imams, of which the latter or disappeared, or have to come back. After all, if you rely on logic (of loyalty which is so often swear converts Muslims), where evidence that the true doctrine of God is forgotten now in the XXI century? Islam is now split into dozens of directions, each of which considers itself the only correct one. They do not have a common understanding of the traditions of the Koran. Most of the so-called "Ethnic Muslims" were steeped in paganism. And if so, what is the guarantee that will not need another "renovator of Revelation?" After all, in the time of Muhammad, according to the Qur'an, there Hanlfs community who held tradition of monotheism, but that did not stop him who gave himself for Allah to send a new prophet. So, based on the belief of Muslims is not a credible foundation.

Another thing Christianity. Yes, there are hundreds of different directions, who call themselves Christian, but the difference between us and the Muslims is that if Muslims - People of the Book, the Christians - the people of God. On Understanding of the same book, you can argue over the centuries, but about whether God loves human life clearly says. There is no love where there is no trust, and if so, are not Christians and those who do not believe the words of Christ on the inviolability of the Church (Matthew 16, 18) and His promise to always be with those who live in the Apostolic Church (Matthew 28 19). There is no faith where God and man corrects said, as if he did not discover something necessary for salvation. And if so, then there is no contradiction in the fact that Christianity is true, despite the fact that many have broken away from it, and Islam is false. After all, if unity is built on faith, hope and love of the incarnate God, the betrayal of many not throw no shade on those who remained faithful. And Islam, based on the text - defenseless against any rogue, like the Ahmadis. We know God's love for us is not in the text, but from the heart, and His hand feel in our bones, and poor Muslims themselves believe that their god does not love them, especially if they did sin (Large 3, 140). And if this is so, then it is obvious that their religion is harmful truth of faith and love between the Lord of the universe and the mortals. And if Islam is a religion if it does not allow a person to escape from the shackles of time and still meet here with the Creator?

Question: "I am a Muslim by birth, so everyone needs to practice the religion which his father."

Answer: How can the truth be linked to the national origin of man? - Of course not! After all, if we assume so, it turns out that this concept - it is a human. But the Scripture, and the usual practice show that "every human being - a lie." And if so, once for each of us tend to err, as we are in this most important question we can rely on the changeable opinions of men?

And where does such a biased opinion that time is something given to us fathers, it is so good? After all, if you think about it, the stupidity of this statement is obvious. Is the ability to err depends on who you have people, or the time when he lived? No respect for their parents can not force us to act on their evil example. And all the more unacceptable to justify lawlessness reference to the fact that so did the ancestors. Otherwise, it turns out that children of alcoholics are required to become an alcoholic, and the children of cannibals - to make human chops. Such are the conclusions stupid misplaced confidence leads us to the voice of the ancestors, the revelation of God is not proven. The very honoring one's parents and perhaps only because so requires a commandment of God. But if we obey the Fifth Commandment, then how can reject the first?

The very statement that a man by birth - a Muslim is absurd. Otherwise, why it was necessary to hold special rites, but then to give something that has not happened? Orthodox Christians also say that the soul of every man is by nature a Christian, but this does not imply that a newborn does not need baptism. So, on the birth of each person - "blank slate" on which both parents and teachers, but first of all he writes his life, to which he will go into eternity. So, it takes a conscious decision about the choice of Revelation person or withdrawal, of which bears all the responsibility himself.

Incidentally, this approach is wrong, and yet, because he often masks a double standard. After all, Muslims believe (based on one of the hadith) that Allah sent many messengers (up to 124,000) to different people. According to a contemporary apologist for Islam, "there is no nation or nation to which they have not been sent a prophet." Both Buddhism spread across the planet, regardless of nationalities. And if so, then it is obvious that the truth is not associated with a person's nationality, and with God - the source of her.

God's revelation also confirms this view. Lord Jesus before His ascension to God the Father said to his apostles (which even Muhammad claimed that they - "helpers of Allah" (Koran 61, 14): "Go ye into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized shall be saved will be, but whoever does not believe will be condemned "(Mark 16:15-16). He also announced that on Judgment Day" will come from east and west and north and south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God "(Luke 13:29). But it will enter into the kingdom, only those who believe in Him. "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him" (John 3, 36) - witnessed that John the Baptist was a prophet of God. This is also well before the incarnation of the Word of the Lord God said through David in the Psalms (cf. Qur'an. 21, 105): "Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way; His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all who take refuge in Him. "(Psalm 2:12). So, we can see that the Koran and the Bible are equally reject nationalism in religion.

This is understandable: the person is not able to invent a true knowledge of the Creator, as well as the picture itself can not know the artist. And if so, then nothing human (including the nation) should not stand between him and the Lord of the worlds.

Moreover, for Muhammad to salvation of any person is faith in him and in Allah (Koran. 8, 13). I think that the Muslim Tatar, Bashkir, or whatever nationality will never tell the neophyte Russian origin, that he should remain in their national faith. Talking so use a system of double standards. But God did not please liars! Of course, the statement of Mohammed incorrectly, as we have shown above, but the question itself by Muslims is a sign of wickedness.

When talking about the faith to talk about was whether the doctrine Revelation of God or not. And what are the proof of this statement. The last question is important, because by faith, and Christians and Muslims, Jews and there are liars, distorting the teachings of God. And it is because of them (and because of the devil, who is behind them) there was such a lot of religions.

So, the rejection of baptism by national considerations is a sign of dishonesty of mind, which will have to pay for all the everlasting eternity. After all, imagine a person who would say to God on Judgment: Your word I have not played because I Tatar or Jew. Are these words are a serious answer?

Question: "Would not it be a betrayal of me giving up for the sake of Christian faith of their forefathers? Do not punish me for it is God? "

The answer, in the light of the above, it is obvious, but the question is so often asked, the answer would have. It is clear that the will of the Creator is infinitely more important than the views and parents, and parents, and people. After all, no ancestors, nor the people, nor Muhammad can not help those who are opposed by the Lord of the Universe. So not foolish to fear treachery mythical ancestral traditions when it comes to the behest of the Creator? The Lord Jesus Christ said, "whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his glory, and the Father and of the holy angels" (Luke 9:26), and "who is not with Me is against Me, and who does not gather with me scatters "(Luke 11, 23), and" who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me: and he that take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me "(Matthew 10:37-39). So what can be justified in those who refused, citing the folk tradition? He is doomed to eternal separation from God, for rejected only Way to the Father, the eternal Word of Him - the Lord Jesus!

And what a betrayal, deception is not as trustworthy? And what a folk tradition to trust us? Obviously, you can only bring a live person, not teaching, and the more confusing.

And finally, ask often, not whether God will punish those who converted to Christianity? But the question itself is hidden contradiction. After all, if God commands to believe in his Son, how He will punish you for it? On the contrary, the punishment is waiting for the one who rejected the will of the Creator. The most amazing thing is that the Qur'an itself says that contemporary Muslims are punished. After all, "<...> Muhammad taught his followers:" Say: we believe in God, and in what hath been sent down to us over, in what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the tribes, and in that which is given to Moses, Jesus and the prophets from their Lord, we do not distinguish between all of them "(Koran. 2, 130-285. 3, 78). You're not coming in this according to the teachings of Muhammad and reject the books of all former prophets before Muhammad, and for that patient, according to the same Muhammad - "posramitelnoe punishment. '"

We can see that by the revelation of God - the Bible and the Qur'an would any good Muslim will not wait, unlike Christians, who prepared an eternal life with God (Koran. 2, 59 (62)).

If there are two or three Christians who want to save their relatives - Muslims, let them read the prayer for the agreement. To do this, arrange the time and read it at the same time. Sometimes this prayer, reading and reading the Psalms and the Gospels....

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