As a Muslim to preach Christ

The first thing to keep in mind - is that to Christ without the help of God the Father can not go. The Lord Himself said, "No one can come to Me unless the Father draws him who sent me" (John 6:44). Therefore, without prayer you can not do here. The Holy Spirit Himself, attracted by prayer, may soften the pride of heart, captured ancient enemy. Any hope for the forces will only lead to disappointment.

Second, we must remember that our main goal is not to denounce Islamic ignorance, and to testify the gospel of the Savior and the man. Christ did not command us to "get sawing" of all dissent. The Apostle Peter commanded: "Always be prepared to any one who calls you to account for the report in the hope that answer with meekness and fear" (1 Pet. 3, 15).

Even the apostles were told, in the case of rejection of sermons, out of the city (Luke 9:5). We have to be a messenger of God, and if the message rejected, while the act of God Himself. It depends on us whether we take a seed of the word of God, and where it gets - on the road, rocks, thorns, or good soil - not our business. Paul firmly commands: "heretic after the first and second admonition, knowing that such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned" (Titus 3:10-11). But, of course, we are talking here about the kind of person who, not wanting to know the truth, to reject the gospel of bitterness and indulges in senseless disputes. Those who genuinely wants to know the truth, but not all understand deserves constant attention.

It is best to simply tell a Muslim to Christ the Saviour, His miracles, the sacrifice of the Cross, a glorious resurrection and the judgment to come. Practice shows that the humble transmission of Revelation often gives much more than the most sophisticated polemics. Indeed, in the first case, we are simply the mouth of God Himself. Very nice to give a Muslim to read the New Testament. The overwhelming majority of Muslims reside in the deepest ignorance about the fact that for a true revelation. Verily Satan has blinded the eyes and hearts of many nations! If necessary, do not use dolzhno Russian text and the translation into the national language companion (such texts can be found in Moscow, at the Institute for Bible Translation). So we show that taking Christianity, a Muslim does not become Russian. For many of Islam - a sign of their national identity. And the Orthodox Church - a supra. She - a new people of God, drawn from all the nations of the earth.

If it comes to the difference between Islam and Christianity, before the start of a conversation to find out how a person relates to Orthodoxy. If a person has a positive attitude to the Church, so people need to show that Islam and Christianity are incompatible, as we have shown above. But it loses Christianity and Islam in terms of beliefs about God and do not give any solid path to purification of the real sin, corrosive everyone.

It is absolutely pointless to start a conversation about personal morality, just as it would be pointless logomachy like, "and you" there "many wives you can - but you" there "is, ostensibly, the bishops involved in bad things." Although it is sometimes useful is mention of the fact that most of the terrorist acts committed Islamic fanatics. But more mention of this leads to irritation of the interlocutor.

If we touch this (and in Russia now this topic can not be evaded), it is best not to discuss the issue of religious terrorists (the "right" they are Muslims or not), and the relevant verses of the Quran, authorizing the murder: "And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight you, but do not transgress, - verily, Allah loveth not transgressors! And kill them wherever you will find, and turn them out from where they have turned you out temptation - worse than murder! ... And fight them until there is more temptation, and all religion belongs to Allah "(Sura 2, verses 186 , 187, 189). Let Muslim comment on these words. Ask him, "how could the Creator to call for universal strife? Is He wills to believe in him at gunpoint? "

Then you need to compare the Islamic doctrine of God alone, and the Christian doctrine of God-Love-Trinity. In a conversation with Muslims need to emphasize that the birth of the Son and the procession of the Spirit is not a temporary act, not an act of corporal. It is necessary to emphasize this, otherwise there will arise a completely false representation. After all, Muslims seriously believe if we believe that Jesus - the Son of God in the sense that He has appeared as a result of co-existence of God and the flesh of the Virgin Mary. Of course, we reject such a stupid thing, and no one ever did not believe so.

It is better to call the Word of God the Son, and of the birth of this move: in other words, how the mind creates the word, and the Father in eternity mind gives birth to the Word. Therefore, we can call the Word of God a creature.

As an example, a call can result in one of the conversations that I had to spend a Wahhabi:

- Are you hoping that you will rescue the man Jesus, and save us Allah Himself - said a Muslim.

- Let's see - I answered. - God in eternity - being verbal or non-verbal?

- Of course, verbal, - said my companion. (Otherwise he would have to equate Allah to the animals).

- In God there is at least one dumb power? - Then I asked.

- Of course not. All word of His power, - answered opponent.

- God save you the power or powerlessness? - I asked further.

- It is evident that power.

- Verbal?

- Yes.

- And according to the Quran, Who is the Word of Allah?

- Jesus the Messiah (Surah 3, verse 40 (45)), - the source said in disbelief.

- So, God gives salvation through Jesus Christ, and no other way. Christ himself that way and said, "I am the way and the truth and the life: no man comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6).

So it is possible to show that salvation is possible only through Christ by following His commandments, to violate Muslims - Epiphany, Orthodox faith, the other sacraments, obedience to the Church.

You can see how God is more just. Recognized the justice of God in Islam and Orthodoxy, so that fact is convenient to take as a starting point. From the point of view of the Gospel how God chooses to issue equity? God will never make peace with evil, but he is evil taketh away. In Christ met and righteousness and mercy of God. In fairness sin was punished, and the punishment for charity voluntarily took upon himself innocent - God Himself. And now look at Allah. What God says? He says in the Quran that "if I wanted to, I would have done so, there would not be one of deluded." But then he says: "I go astray and I get to do good" - that is, makes you do both good and evil. But that's not all: if all this was limited, it would be more or less clear: well, God wanted to make puppets ... But then, because he pretends they are responsible for their actions, and then everyone pays for them in the day of judgment. Is this justice? There is no justice, and the shadows! And it grates on the ear every Muslim, who asked directly.

Next, you need to offer to match the feelings: Do you personally feel that's free? Did you know that there are good and bad deeds? - They suggest freedom, without which they will be neither good nor evil. It's all the obvious things: in real life, we always believe that. The Koran denies free will. This means that the Koran is a lie.

Then you need to refer to the Quran itself. The Quran suggests a sign of their lack of verification of contradictions, but there are plenty of contradictions. ("Do not they speculated about the Qur'an? - He says. - Had it been from other than Allah, they would have found therein many contradictions" (4, 84)). Hence, according to the criteria of the Qur'an, he is not inspired.

Furthermore, the Qur'an makes no prophecies. The Quran does not give any evidence of its truth, it only intimidates. But, sorry, the statement that "if you do not believe me, I'll burn you with fire and iron pour in the mouth" - this is not the argument. Moreover, the Qur'an is not original - the same argument holds, and Shoko Asahara, and Moon, and many others. But Christ said is the opposite: if you do not believe Me, believe the works: My, and then realize that I am in the Father and the Father in Me (John 14:11). See, the Lord did not say, believe me just like that. And we see these things: on the self-fulfilling prophecy, what we are witnessing today, on the set of sinners, stopping fraud, on the sick were healed every year in the Church. The Quran does not give any predictions for the future, which would have turned a few centuries later, and it would be obvious.

Finally, it is necessary to address the question: "What gives you the Christ of things that did not give Muhammad?"

We answer it this way:

- Our Lord and God Jesus Christ will give you eternal life, already existing in our hearts. He will give you the forgiveness of sins - not achieved self-suggestion, and quite palpable sense of conscience. He will give you see in God is not a distant Lord and loving Father who cares for us every second. He will open your hearts to the power of the Holy Spirit, which will not be able to resist any opponents. He will lead you beyond the universe. And will He not with perishable things, and to carnal pleasures imaginary paradise Mohammed, and to transcendent joy of communion with God. It is not expressible in a human language, not through the eyes of flesh is visible and can not be represented the most brilliant minds, but now there is a true, when they are faithful to God's laws.

It will make you a god-like mortal man sons and daughters of God. He himself will wash you with His own blood, and dwell in your hearts with His Father and the Holy Spirit, and what could be higher than this! Can it give you a false prophet, who did not know what to expect (Koran. 46, 8), and who was himself among the doubters (Koran. 6, 114)? Of course not. That's not stupid or because of national or other prejudice to depart from the true word of the Lord, confirmed by many signs and wonders, and hitherto rites of the Orthodox Church, and to choose on anything not based delusion?

Let them return to the immortal Father. Why would they want to die an eternal death in his delusion? Why believe Muhammad, who himself said: "I do not know what will he (God) is with me, or that - with you" (Koran. 46, 8). "I'm not telling you that I have the treasures of God, nor the fact that I know a secret" (Koran. 6, 50. 11, 33) - and do not believe Jesus Christ, "in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Col . 2:3), saying, "All I delivered unto my Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son, and to whom the Son chooses to reveal him" (Matt. 11:27)? Christ knows everything - past and future. He Beginning and the End of Creation (Rev. 1, 10). Why do Muslims do not listen to him, even though they know that it is He who will judge them on the Last Day?

Mohammed nobody raised bodily from death, saved anyone from sin - the death of the spirit. He died, and believe in him senseless as Abu Bakr and said the day of his death: "If anyone believed in Muhammad, then know that he is dead, and who believed in God - know that He will never die." So, this is the immortal God commands do only good thing - "that ye believe on him whom he has sent" (John 6:29) - Jesus Christ, the only begotten of His Word, and who are we to resist the will of the Creator.

To every soul cries out God, singing His miraculous song: "Hear, my daughter - the soul, and consider, and incline thine ear, and forget thy people and thy father's house. And the king will desire your beauty, for He is your Lord, and you shall worship him "(Psalm 44:11-12).

But now the time to bring the analysis of the most common objections to Christianity put forward by Muslims....

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