Common Myths Of Mail Order Brides

1.     Common Myths Of Mail Order Brides

Have you heard about the mail order brides? Well, in simple words mail order brides are those women who sign up with international matrimonial agencies in quest of their ideal soul mate from the foreign lands, especially America. These women are usually from Russia, Ukraine, the Far East Asian countries, Poland, Sweden and some of the South American nations. The mail order brides enjoy a massive popularity amidst the eligible US hunks yet however some of the recent mail order bride scams have created a series of common myths and these foreign beauties which is greatly affecting the reputation of the entire mail order bride phenomenon.

The article here aims to highlight on the common myths regarding mail order brides followed by a discussion on the actual facts.

Mail order brides are looking for sugar daddies

This is the most common myth about the mail order brides- it’s assumed that these foreign girls are basically in quest of a rich fat wallet from a developed nation and thus they sign up with international matrimonial agencies. It’s believed that the mail order brides simply mean to scam the wealthy hunks from America preying them with false love and sentiments and once they secure the money from them the girls are gone forever leaving the guy with a broken heart and ripped wallet.

·      Now, yes, it’s true that there have been cases where some evil minded foreign girls have scammed innocuous American hunks in the name of love but it’s not true with every mail order bride out there. The basic fact is that the mail order brides belong to a very conservative and patriarchal society where they are not entitled to equal importance with men and hence they wish to settle with a loving American man in a foreign country which portrays an egalitarian society with equal respect and regard for both men and women. Besides, the disturbing ratio between men & women in some countries also compel the women there to look for men from another land. For example, in Russia the ratio between women and men is 100:88 which makes the Russian beauties search for their prince charming from foreign lands.

Mail order brides are always dependent and lacks financial independence

Another common myth about the mail order brides is that they are always dependent on their partners and lack financial independence.

·      Again, it’s a false and overhyped notion. Just because the mail order brides are expert home makers it does not necessarily imply that they are always dependent on their husbands. The truth is that most of the mail order brides are well educated and some of them even fly to major universities abroad for the pursuit of higher education. In fact if you browse around the reputed mail order bride sites you will find a lot of foreign damsels well engaged professionally. Actually, since these foreign beauties are brought up in a conservative atmosphere where they are taught to place their family and loved ones above everything else in life and even over their career.

Thus, to conclude, mail order brides are well educated, independent yet simple women who are just looking for true love and respect in the foreign lands.


2.     Comparing Russian Vs. Other Country Brides

The Russian brides have always been predominant in the scene of international matrimony ruling over other country brides greatly. But why is it that the Balkan beauties are so popular and relish a massive appeal? The primary pint is that the Soviet girls are extremely pretty. They are mesmerizing with their deep blue eyes, a very cute countenance and rich tresses framing their pretty face. Besides, their stunning frame and spectacular gait coupled with attractive wardrobe fashion contribute greatly in strengthening their status in the cross border matrimonial arena over the brides from other countries. However, added to a charismatic appeal, the Russian brides are enriched with a wealth of other great attributes that have endowed them with a ruling position over the women from other nations.

The post below presents a brief comparison between the Russian brides and brides from other countries.

Russian Women Are Soft And Genteel

The good part about the Russian beauties is that they are really soft, modest and genteel. These pretty damsels always maintain a refined and modest demeanor thanks to their upbringing in a traditional atmosphere where girls are taught to be prim and proper always. The modern brides from other countries appear to be little cocky these days owing their upbringing in an ultra-mod society and their reckless attitude have led many men from their countries to look for the gentle Soviet ladies. However, in spite of their modesty and gentle appeal, never mistake the Russian girls as dependent women lacking financial independence. In fact, the Soviet beauties are regarded for their high self esteem and many of them are engaged well professionally.

Russian Women Are Well Educated And Nourished Intellectually

Another point where Russian women score over women from other countries is that they are well educated and well nourished intellectually which is not always found in brides from other countries. Thanks to the politically and culturally rich Russian heritage, the Soviet damsels are well aware of the different worldly and political affairs taking place around and thus can be a great company for any discussion. It’s always rightly said that the pretty genteel ladies from Balkan lands are the perfect soul mates whom you can proudly take to your parents and would be equally liked amidst your buddies.

Russian Brides Treasure Their Family Above Everything Else

This is one of the major attributes of the Russian brides that have placed them over the brides from other countries. The Balkan girls are brought up in a traditional ambience where they are taught to place their family and close ones over everything else on the world. Thus, today while the other women are mostly career centric and are even ready to sacrifice their families for careers, the Balkan beauties are just the opposite- Your Russian bride would happily sacrifice her career (despite a good education) if she feels it’s necessary for the sake of her family. In modern times, when broken homes are a norm, the Russian brides makes sure to come up with a happy family life which is getting irrelevant with their counterparts from other countries.


3.     Tips For Online Dating

Are you on the plan for online dating? Well, the busy world these days hardly provides time to go out on dates frequently and hence the smart young hunks prefer for dating through internet where they are able to date anytime and with anybody across the world simply from their home in the free time. However, online dating involves a lot of considerations since neither the girl is being able to view you personally and nor you thus here are some necessary tips to help you out in your internet dating venture.

Go For A Reputed Dating Site

This is the most vital point while you are going for online dating. There is a plethora of dating sites over the internet which are basically the scam sites launched online to trap the eligible daters for money luring them with the snaps of beautiful girls. Thus you have to sign up with a premier site always with a good market reputation. Check out for its license and the expert reviews before subscribing with it. Besides, stay away from the free sites and always go for the paid ones as the free sites are mostly infested with scammers.

Create A Striking Yet Honest Profile

Your dating profile is your representative online and hence you should come up with a striking profile that would be a true reflection of your personality. Be clear about your characteristics there as well as expectations and views. However, never make the mistake of creating false notion about yourself through the profile. There’s no harm in being simple but portraying what you are not for a fake smart appearance is surely unethical. Put up good shots, there should a clear picture of your face and a full decent portfolio- don’t post shady pictures. Then you have to come up with an attractive headline since the first thing the girl would notice about your profile is your headline and it should be pulling enough to make her know more about yourself. Besides, maintain a decent sense of humor throughout- it’s said that if you can make a girl laugh, half of the battle is won already.

Be Respectful & Courteous

You should be respectful and courteous while dating online. If you are dating a girl from another culture it’s suggested that you study the basics about her culture and tradition beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding or misinterpretation during the conversation. Then don’t be over interfering with her personal life initially- it’s good to start off with discussions on common interests like music, food or literature and later on, as you get closer, you can indulge in serious discussions.

Stay Away From Girls Asking Cash

You might come across certain girls online who can ask you for cash- now this is a very common dating scam where the girls plead for money from the online daters if they feel the guy online feels for her and the moment she receives the money she is gone forever. Thus if you ever come across a girl online who asks for money in the name of family problems, keep safe distance since she could be a scammer any day.

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