Sacrament of Matrimony

Sacrament of Matrimony

We'll talk about the Sacrament of Matrimony . I'll talk about the highlights of the Sacraments , and bring in reducing some of the sacred prayer rank.
Two words about the spouses , which we 'll see. Both couples - our friends , and they were married at an interval of a week in January 2006 . The wedding took place at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Izmailovo St. Petersburg.
All Photos - Elizabeth Parkhomenko .
The first couple (she is in front of you ) - Anton and Elena. Anton - the teacher of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory , Elena - orientalist .
The second pair - Alex and Alice . Alexei , a candidate of theology today - the famous St. Petersburg deacon and teacher, Alice , a graduate of the Conservatory - a teacher and young mother .
I am happy that in addition to all the other nice details : the active service of God and people , a fortunate career - our honeymoon and failed marriages . These young people love each other, as in the first day , live in the tenderness , respect and peace. Actually, it is only Christians should live .
But , not daring to more abuse your attention and comment on the Sacrament of Matrimony .

We see the very moment when the bride and groom entered the church. They are on the track is not in the center of the temple, and in the porch , because now they will have to perform the ceremony of engagement.
The bride - in a white dress, symbolizing her purity and innocence (the word " " Bride " " means unknown to men , unknown ) . The groom looks solemn and serious. So - responsible and serious - and he will be in the marital relationship ...

Towards the young leaves procession sveschenosets , a deacon and a priest . The first thing the priest turns to who came with the word welcome , encourages them and gives them hands candles . Candle symbolizes the burning. In this case - burning in faith and love which are aflame with the bride and groom . ( All the prayers in the arrangement to give the Russian language ) .
Deacon : " Bless, Master ! "
Priest: "Blessed is our God always , now and ever and ever and ever ... "
The deacon says the litany (" Litany " - " prayer drawl ," the Greek. )
"In peace let us pray to the Lord ! "World " that is, with peace of mind , in the firm belief that all the will of God , and we must trust Him .
O slaves of God (s ), now betrothed to each other, and for their salvation , let us pray to the Lord !
The fact that God has given them for the procreation of children , and have done them any good petition , pray to the Lord !
The fact that God granted them the perfect love , peace in marriage with His help, let us pray to the Lord !
About to have kept one mind and stood firm in the faith, pray to the Lord ! "

Again and again ... we sincerely turn to God for help. And we believe that He will respond. Then the priest says the prayer : "God, the eternal strangers connect and gave them an indestructible union of love ! The once blessed Isaac and Rebekah ( Old Testament heroes of the Bible tells us that the book of Genesis. - Fr. KP ) , and showed them the heirs of Thy promises ( we are talking about the promise of a descendant of Abraham to make a great nation. Isaac was this child , Rebekah with their children became the ancestors of the Jews God's chosen people. - Fr. KP ) , are the Lord , bless and behold these thy servants (s) , instructing them in every good work ... "( All the prayers in the arrangement to give Russian language ) . Of course , the young stand with awe and reverence.
I remember how he once stood at the altar , with a candle in her hands as worried soul and crowded thoughts ... Though the Church and recognizes the marriage relationship , registered in government, but still true sacrament of unity - an ecclesiastical sacrament Matrimony .
The word "marriage" - Slavic origin , and it means - "to be together ." "The marriage couple " called in the old harness horses coming together in a bundle .
From now on, two - piece , as the Bible says , in " one flesh ," that is , to become one entity, not physically, of course, but the soul - the aspirations , values ​​, joys and sorrows ... There will be a life together, nerazluchimo will love each other and care for each other . Finally, try to make your marriage Gospel ideal.
Orthodox Chinoposledovnaie marriage repeatedly repeats these themes - the theme of unity, the theme of love and care, finally , the subject of attaining perfection , holiness. Betrothal rite itself goes like this:
The priest takes the ring and nachertyvaet them over the head of the bride and groom cross: " marries the servant of God (name ), servant of God (name) in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."
Interestingly, the groom priest puts on the ring finger of the bride and groom - the groom . And then either he is changing his ring three times , or does the deacon or very young . So everyone is already with his ring.

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