What does the engagement ring?

I have already said that it is the desire to symbolically link the fate of the young . Connect all, because the marriage , which began on the ground and go into eternity. Truly it forever!
But this symbolic value , which is probably in ancient times and was not. Nevertheless engagement ring has existed since ancient times.
It has its origin since pre-Christian times . There was only one ring , and he dressed the groom on the bride's finger . This precious perten was a sign that the groom share their wealth (or accumulation, in short, everything that he is) with a single girl. This ring (usually with a precious stone) was also a guarantee that if trouble happens and the husband disappears ( is killed, kidnapped - the phenomenon in those days, frequent ) , his wife, at least not at first be lost. This ring can be sold and it is to feed her .
It is known that this value was attached to an engagement with the signet , for example, in the Old Testament.

Today, wedding rings are considered the gold , while in ancient times ( in the Byzantine Empire and in ancient Russia ) was the iron man's ring , and the ring bride - gold . As a wedding can be used not only the usual form of rings , but rings with stones, adorned with the inscription , etc. After the betrothal and special prayers for the health , perfect love and peace in relationships and help from God , young injected in the middle of the temple.
According to the old traditions of their feet spread them crisp white linen - again, a sign of purity of the intending spouses , and the sincerity of their intentions . They have in their hands - burning candles, burning a sign of faith and love.
The priest asks the bride : " Hast (name ) wanting good and laid-back and a strong idea of ​​taking a wife UIS (name ), which you see before me ? .. "
The same questions are asked of the bride ...
And it starts rite of marriage.

Sacrament begins the cry: "Blessed be the kingdom of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! " This is the most solemn cry of Orthodox worship . They begin and Divine Liturgy. This is preceded by an exclamation wedding because since ancient times, it was thought one of the most striking , solemn , deep in content and importance of the services.
This exclamation is also reminiscent of what should stand in the center of the aspirations of the newlyweds - the achievement of the kingdom of heaven .
Then the deacon says the litany :
"In peace let us pray to the Lord !
... The slaves of God (s ), now connecting with each other in marital intercourse, and for their salvation , let us pray to the Lord .
The fact that God will bless this marriage , as once in Cana of Galilee, let us pray to the Lord .
The fact that God gave to them chastity, children, all for the benefit and salvation , let us pray to the Lord . "
These and other high priests said prayers , Brac and guests in the Sacrament of Matrimony the beginning . Then the priest reads aloud a few prayers .
Here's how it sounds in the reduction of the first of them:
"God is the Creator of all Immaculate and of the universe ! The rib of Adam , according to Thy great love for people, a woman transfigured and blessed them [ Adam and Eve ] saying, Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it , and showed them to combine in one body ... Sam , O Lord Most Holy , accept our prayers , thy servants ... bless this marriage and grant unto thy servants (s) of a peaceful life , a long, chastity, love one another , connected to the World Union , the seed live long , the joy of the children, and nevyanuschy wreath of glory of Heaven. Deign to see their grandchildren , the bed of his wife established themselves in purity and give them the grace of heaven, and the sources of the bounty of the earth. Fill their houses with wheat , wine and oil, and all good things, enlighten them and to share it with those in need ... "
Then the priest takes the crown , like the miter - the holy bishop's hat, and three times declares: " Crowned servant of God (name ), servant of God (name) in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."
Wears a crown on his head groom or hand witnesses to those held it over his head.
The same is repeated with the bride.

I have an ulterior motive mentioned that the wedding crown like a bishop's miter . Let the historians say that in ancient times it was just a wreath of wildflowers, what of it ? .. Today the crown is made ​​to resemble a miter . Why ?
Yes, because the young people who are particularly dependent on the other , is now entering into an adult , independent life. They become masters of their own ! Bishop's miter - a sign of power. Power, coupled with love. And our newlyweds . Self-ruled, and affectionate ! Responsible and loving ! Independent and ... dependent. Addicted to love, and from its second half. After that, the priest solemnly intones : " O Lord our God , glory and honor crown them ! " This cry is repeated three times , and each time the priest blesses spouses .

This is a very important point. In fact, in ancient times, putting wreaths and a brief prayer connected with the blessing of the young and considered to be the sacrament of Matrimony . Today, the rank has become more lush and solemn , but the heart , the core of the marriage is still a moment of putting wreaths (or presenting their witnesses ) and the priestly blessing.
And I say this because many people do not know. Here you see all the time, that hitherto indefatigable photographers in these sacred seconds lowered the camera and allow yourself to rest . Whereas it is, first of all, and should be removed ... The so-called "formula" Sacraments . Why not put on crowns on their heads , and are given to witnesses ?
There's no mystical meaning, just at the head of all different ( in size) , in addition, the bride's veil is often the case , a particular hairstyle , etc. There is a danger that the crowns during a procession of young (and this procession coming soon) , will fall from the head or simply slide off one side .
It is more convenient to keep them above their heads.
And one more thing : the board of witnesses. Keep the crown of the head of the bride or groom - quite a difficult task. The hands may be very tired . So keep the crown in one hand. When she is tired , you can change it. If both hands are extremely tired , you can omit the crown on his head and hands to rest. So, crowns over the heads of the spouses hold the witnesses .
But if the young are asked to put crowns on their heads , the request was , of course, we meet . Next, read the Scriptures - a fragment of the Apostles and the passage from the Gospel readings.
Apostolic - is a piece of Ephesians 5 , 20-33 .
Everyone must have heard the words of this reading : "Husbands , love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself up for her ... "
This clear and well-known expression of the apostle , and how much it's actually a conclusion: Christ - the husband , the Church - his wife .
The church can behave (and history leads ) unworthily, scandalously , flowing ... But Christ suffers , loves , forgives .
Does not this have to be a husband ? Even if the wife is behaving poorly , unworthily, hysterical , unfair ... unless we can behave the same way?
Is not Christ our example of patience and love? ..
As for the reading of the Gospel , because it is a well-known story of the first miracle , perfect God : the story of the transformation of water into wine. What a wonderful piece , and how it relates to the commit multifaceted event - the Sacrament of Matrimony .
The holiday ... a feast , a celebration , and it was before Christ there in Kanu came . But when he came and performed a miracle - a holiday broke out with renewed vigor. And it was all better than it was !
And so the Lord Christ . Comes to love each other, bless them - and their feelings become even brighter than before. Coming of Christ - this is not the depletion of the holiday , and strengthening it, and sanctification : " I ​​am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly ! "
Most people who have lived for some time in a marriage without his consecration of the church are asked to do with them Sacrament of Matrimony . And then, when the sacrament is performed, they come and tell us that their marriage after Sacrament became a new dimension. "How to open a window in a stuffy room " - recently said one parishioner . In marriage includes joy, light , new strong feelings. Truly , Christ works a miracle - water relationship translates them into wine. But we are so enthusiastic about the story of the sacrament and the spouses that they forgot about the congregation .
What do they do during the service ?
Pray . Do not wander around the temple , do not sit on the benches , and pray . They are not spectators and participants , because in prayer by everyone.
What do we pray ? The fact that the marriage took place , that it lasted for many years , and that God has bestowed His grace newlyweds . To those abound in love , faith, service to the world.
Then the priest carrying a tray with a bowl of fragrant wine, he says a prayer over the cup and bless her . This cup is supplied newlyweds and everyone of her Drinkers . This cup , reminiscent of the feast , feast , and common cup symbolizes life, which from now on will drink the bride and groom together. Drinkers of each cup three times . In the Byzantine rite this is not done in the temple and at home. Young drunk at the entrance to the house of a cup of wine , which they fed parents ( as we meet today, the custom of young bread and salt ) , and then ... smash it on the floor . This is a bowl of their life together , and no one but them to drink from it will not be.
When the ceremony was moved to the temple and have included in their wedding ceremony (it was about X century, or a little before), break the bowl stopped .
What follows is a touching ceremony . The priest holds the hands of the newlyweds , tape covering their stoles and leads the young around the podium - a special table on which lies the Gospel. The priest goes to the cross in his hand , and here it symbolizes Christ Himself. Christ is the husband and wife! Gospel around which are newly married , means that the Word of God will be the center of their lives, in the midst of their journey.
Choir sings during the march triumphant chant. This prayer to the Mother of God and the martyrs ... hymn , "Holy Martyr , the good, and stradalchestvovashe venchashesya , molitesya to the Lord , have mercy to our souls ." Note that it says the crown of heavenly glory , who received the award for the martyrs in the humble and patient transfer sorrows and sufferings.
Why are songs in joyous day Matrimony ? .. Because married life is not always easy. And how will this life of sorrow , hardship , disease ... But the Church , recalling the martyrs of these heroes, knights of the spirit, says that we should not lose heart. God is with us. He will strengthen and give strength to move all adversity. And the reward if we transfer all humility , the crowning of the winner , in the kingdom of heaven.
The crowns are removed . Candles are extinguished .
The priest says, " Be thou exalted , groom, Abraham ! Be blessed as Isaac ! Multiplied unto thy seed , as Jacob ! Go into the world and do the commandments of God, in righteousness . "
Then the priest turns to the bride : "And you, O Bride , be magnified as Sarah , and be merry , like Rebecca , I will increase in the offspring , like Rachel . Hail of a husband and keep church law , because God wants it . "
All blessings effusive on the patriarchs, the patriarchs , and now with our newlyweds . Let them go in peace and with God's help build their relationship. And the increase in soul and offspring from glory to glory!
Ends with a solemn sacrament prayer , addressed to all three persons of the Holy Trinity , "Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit, the all-holy and consubstantial and Holy Trinity , One Lord of the kingdom of heaven , bless you and grant you long life, good children , perfection in life and in the faith ... "
" Blagodenstvennoe and peaceful life ..." - starts softly Deacon ...
"... As the health and salvation, and rushed around good , plenty of fruit, mutual love and harmony - he says loudly , - grant me , O Lord, thy servants , now brakovenchannym (s) and keep them for years to come " - ends Deacon voice capabilities to the limit .
Choir responds: " Long life! Long life! Long life! "

" Many Years " - and join us for this exultant hymn to all good and honest wives .
Sacrament of Matrimony sermon ends .
What is appropriate to say in this amazing and , I hope , a unique day?
Perhaps to remind that the marriage Scripture says the Lord himself ? ..
A little word of God , but surprisingly capacious and wisely says about marriage :
" It is not good for man to be alone ... " That is , a person is in addition to not be alone , that during the second half of their marital gain complete.
"Let us make him a helper fit for him ... " The Hebrew word for us as a " helper ", literally means "to make up for ." That is , the wife makes her husband in being.
" A man will leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall become one flesh ..." " One flesh " - the Hebrew phrase , saying that his wife become one being. To be together , to live a life inspired by some aspirations , values, and experience the joys and sorrows of another as your own .
Love is eternal , as the Apostle Paul says , " Love never fails, though prophecies and tongues will cease , and knowledge to be abolished ." These words suggest that conjugal love , unity, newfound still on the ground , will move us into eternal life.
Marriage is instituted by God and for the birth and upbringing of children : " God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them . And God blessed them, and God said unto them , Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it ... ".
Marriage also is set to , combining their fate , the husband and wife worked together in this world , fulfilling God's plan for him , "... fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living that moves on the earth. " "... The Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it."
Prosperous marriage - it's not a given, and the task . Christ himself told us about it : " What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder ."
Egotism , selfishness , cruelty , and other nasty traits of our character can break a marriage , separate the couple. But the Church urges Christians to work on yourself , to correct themselves , to build a family peace and love , and thus to save the marriage .
And then congratulate newlyweds relatives and friends . The first - the witnesses , then - the parents and all others. Moms rarely hold back my tears ...
Of course, all photographed ... And together , and separately.
And the celebration is transferred to the refectory .
This may be a refectory church , coffee shop, restaurant . Just do not forget to start a meal together in prayer.
And again, we eat, drink and be merry , but remember moderation.

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