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How to marry a Russian bride

As we can all probably agree, love knows no boundaries. If you are certain that you found your significant other, you will do everything in your power to be with them and start a happy and fulfilling lives in marriage. If you want to marry the person from your country, the procedure is quite simple. But when love breaks international borders. Things tend to get tricky. For example, many men across the world are crazy about Russian women. And rightfully so: they are great, loyal and intelligent wives, which value interests of a family above all. But what do you need to know, to get other this long and gruesome process of marrying a Russian citizen?

Get your documents ready and sorted

When it comes to marrying a Russian bride, the whole process needs a lot of documents and easily turns into bureaucratic mess. If you do everything right, procedures are not very difficult, but can be very time consuming. At first, you have to decide where you want your marriage to take place. If you want to marry in Russia. Getting all the documents and arranging the dates usually takes about 3 months, if not more. Then you will need a certificate of your marital status. If you were married before, things tend to get a bit more complicated. In Russia you need to prove for your single status. So either get a divorce certificate or proof of your spouse’s untimely death. Just like for same sex marriage, you can’t marry more than one person, so if a Russian girl marries an Arab with multiple wives, her marriage will not be recognized. For some cases, your documents will have to be authenticated before you actually go to Russia.

When you finally arrive, don’t get too excited. First of all, you must register your visa at your residence. This process is very quick and simple if you stay at a hotel, because the staff usually takes care of your paperwork, but if you want to start to live with your significant other as fast as possible, there is a downside – you will to endure gruesome lines at Federal Migration Services. When all of that is taken care of, find a Russian notary, to notarize and translate all the papers needed for your stay.

Choose the wedding date

The worst part is finally over. You are almost at the end. Now it is time to finally go to the registry office Do your research and find the branches which take care of foreign marriages. Exhausted by the experience of getting the right papers, you can finally fill out your marriage application. And this is it. This is the time when you finally choose your wedding date!

Plan your wedding

If you want to get married at summer time, make your plans much earlier. If you hesitate, the whole process will take much longer than anticipated. Now you can finally plan your wedding. A lot of couples get back to the country of their spouse before they celebrate. To make sure that your marriage has no more bureaucratic problems, find an Russian apostille and get your marriage autheticated, so you can finally all this mess behind and plan the wedding in your homeland without any distractions.

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