42 years male seeks female. Age from 21 to 45
Location: Cape Town, South Africa


Profile info

About myself:Dashing educated and independent Gentleman, with a very big heart. I'm well traveled and now enjoying life in one of the most beautiful places in the world. An adventurous strong man leading a good, healthy and active life. Working hard, playing hard, and traveling has been fun, rewarding and has given me many great life experiences. I have good genes, attractive Mediterranean looks, reasonably fit with a strong sporty physique. I have been told that I am sexy, have a good body and a nice bum.

My work is reasonably flexible, which gives me some nice freedom to do things that a lot of people are not able to do. So when it's all put together; work, hobbies, interests and activities means that there is never a dull moment.

I give 100% and I always make the most out of all situations, I'm not scared of commitment or hard work, always ready to help and great in emergency situations. I am great with my hands and there is not much that I cannot do.

With my loved one, I give lots of great hugs and I love kissing, caressing and being affectionate. To be in sexual, spiritual, emotional and physical harmony means a great love life. I want to feel so much attraction, as if it hurts, in our hearts not to touch one another, and we also get excited every time we see each other.

What happens between the sheets must be mutual and stays a gentlemans secret, but I can tell you that it is good. Always ready, I have more than enough stamina for both of us, I'm creative, understanding, tentative, firm in the heat of passion but also gentle when required. Oh, and I already mentioned that I am good with my hands. If you like a massage then great, I love giving them. I also give the best back and body tickle/scratches that will make you have goosebumps, shivers and feel pleasure.

I feel that I am loving, caring, trustworthy, passionate, calm, horny, respectful, honest, faithful, loyal, humble, funny, reliable, thoughtful, confident, practical, versatile, observant, very aware with a great sense of humor and wit. My friends say "I am funny, brave, adventurous, unique, a good listener, crazy good fisherman, a braai-master and somewhat like the camel man (just without the cigarettes)."
My family say " I am caring, loving, a great father, committed, considerate, never complain, we will always be eating seafood when I'm around, I have extensive knowledge on wildlife and I love animals especially fish."
My kids say "I am a good dad, great at cooking and they love me."

Getting to know me, you will want to be my best friend and do everything with me. You wil be able to tell me and trust me with your deepest darkest secrets (hopefully also your funniest embarrassing secrets). If you have the privilege to meet and get to know my kids you will soon realize how special they are, well behaved, and how lucky you are to be able to have the opportunity to make such good loving friends.
I love kids and have always wanted a big family. So I am open to the idea of expanding it, if this is your desire.

Spending time with me will result in seeing beautiful places, some great adventures and activities with lots and lots of laughing, eating good food, interesting conversation and stories, definitely some dancing, sheer pleasure, enjoying the world around us, having fun and whatever we make of it.

It's not all roses though. There is work, chores and persistence to ensure an ongoing comfortable life. I live in a relatively humble manner. I'm not into posing with flashy cars, fancy watches, and expensive mod cons. Having said that, I am prepared to spend money on good food, quality belongings or the occasional spoil, celebrations and travel. I travel often to Greece, also within South Africa (which is big and varied) and jump at any opportunity to go overseas. We consume good healthy food, we are never needing, and lead a good life that most may say I'm lucky to have. I seem to be more lucky the harder I work at reaching my goals.

I have an open mind but I am somewhat old fashioned, so yes chivalry does still exist. If we match and have some attraction I would like to take you out on at least one date. I would like to get to know you a bit before meeting via messages, and or letters and phone calls. I like to be present in the moment and therefore minimize my use of a cell phone especially at certain times. Except if it is needed for work I don't waste my time on Facebook or Instagram etc and prefer to live life though my own eyes, as it gives me a greater sense of worth and achievement.

I look forward to some interesting conversations, meeting you, making memorable connections hopefully fueled with attraction, passion and chemistry. I want to know if you Are you ready for my love?......Big love.
About my match:So Are you looking for me? Could you be my angelfish in this ocean? The one in a billion, the catch of a life time?

I have an open mind and would not like to place any expectations on you or a relationship. I'd rather get to know the real you, to make some connections and take it from there.
However there are certain traits that would be beneficial in a relationship with me eg;

I appreciate respect, and I dislike being lied to, so please keep it real, I have a built in CIA lie detector, and so not much rubbish gets past me. I don't have anything to hide and will be completely open and honest. It would be nice to have the same in return please.

I feel that respect, being polite and having manners are important. It is how people stay friendly and it makes them feel appreciated. Family is very important to me, So never fear as your parents, family or friends will love me, and I hope I can love them too.

I am completely loyal, not a player/playboy, and Not here to waste your time. I'm ideally looking for a long term relationship and more.... I tend to be all or nothing. Therefore give 100%, and It is nice when I meet someone who does the same and remains faithful.

You must love kids and want to be a member of our family. As a family we work at keeping a comfortable clean home, eating well, caring for our pets, and environment. We also do things like craft projects for fun/art or to improve our surroundings. When things need to be done, there is no place for a lazy person.

In spare time we are playful, sometimes like to be silly and laugh at ourselves. So to know when to be serious or silly and able to laugh at yourself is important. It's always better to laugh than cry about it.

I'm often on one of my boats, in the ocean/water, on the beach, swimming, surfing, diving etc so being able to swim is important and if you can dive, handle a boat or do water sports then that's awesome but not at all a necessity, as I can teach you.

We spend lots of time outdoors and in nature, and to come on some of the adventures you would need to be ok with creepy crawlers, critters and as we say here in SA bundu bashing (please ask if you are interested).

I have taken the time to write these descriptions, as I generally like to communicate so we can all be on the same page and to not waste your time having to ask the questions over several messages.

Thank you for taking the time to read the messages and hopefully they tell you enough about me, which is actually not much, but may help you to decide if you want to know more. I also hope you can feel inside your heart that I am geniune, real, open, honest and unique. Also that being in a relationship with me will enrich your life in many ways. I too hope that I will learn from you and that my life will be enriched, even just from knowing you.

So, If you are looking for a financially independent, stable, strong and "real" man, to love, care and respect you, who you can love, talk to, trust, rely upon, and connect with emotionally to enable us to want to make a commitment and explore each other intimately and passionately, then please say Hi.
If there is anything and I mean anything you wish to know, please don't hesitate to ask. If you don't know where to start. Maybe we can start with; what do we do from day to day?

I can provide photos via personal messaging.

Sending you lots of love, light and good positive energy.
Enjoy your day. Xx
Date of birth:12/28/1977
Hair: color: black;
length: short;
style: wavy;
Weight:64 kg / 141 lbs
Height:172 cm / 5'8"
Status:never been married
Languages: english, french
Occupation:Aquaculture, Landlord & consultation
Favourite music: classical, disco, pop, rock, jazz , electronic and most other genres, whatever is good to dance to at the time
Favourite books: poetry, fantasy, newspapers/magazines Non fiction, educational, natureother
Favourite cuisine: japaneze, chinese, french, italian, russian, mexican, indian, no preferences Greek, SA braai, home meals cooked with love, pic-nic, beach barbecue, freshly caught seafood, sashimi, my cooking
I Like go to: theater, cinema, exibitions, concerts, disco, parks, meeting with friends , music festivals, Beach, ocean, lagoons, rivers, mountains
I like these activities: dancing, swimming, tennis, riding, skating, volleyball, hiking, traveling, biking, bouling, skiing Boating, fishing, water skiing, foraging
Search age group:from 21 to 45
Personality traits: confident, calm, purposeful, persistent, responsible, considered, honest, modest, kind, loyal, sociable, communicative, tender, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, realistic, optimistic, romantic Respectful, loving, appreciative, humble, caring, polite

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