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Russian vs. American wife

The obsession of the west about the Russian women is bigger than ever before – lots of men all around the world are seeking for Russian mail order brides. Something what started as a unique and thrilling experience for western men, became a very popular and preferred option for many men all around the globe. The difference between a standard American wife and Russian wife is pretty significant. This particular situation begs the question: Which women are better? Let’s look at all the differences and decide for ourselves.

The impact of feminism

Feminism had a tremendous impact on the formation on both of these big and powerful countries, but America was effected much greater by the movement for women’s rights. American wives tend to live more independent, career orientated lives, which shows us, that they can take care of themselves. In American households, it is very common for couples to share all the responsibilities. Both man and woman have equal opportunities to provide for their family. Russian women on the other hand are raised in a more patriarchal society, which molded them into a more submissive role, which is to be great wives for their husbands.


As we probably already noticed, American women and Russian women are quite different. When it comes to appearance, American wives spend less time on looking as good as possible. For them, staying comfortable, being happy and successful carries bigger value. Russian women care about their inner world as much as American women, maybe even more when it comes to family, but good appearance is valued much more greatly among the Russian wives. They believe that despite your intelligence, the first thing that everyone sees is your appearance, so the best way to be respected and leave an impression is to always look as good as possible. Visual examination determines the value of an individual. Russian wives are well aware of that. They are more prone to using makeup, but also like to buy more expensive and flamboyant clothing. This extra attention to the appearance is a solid reason why western men take such an interest in Russian women.


This might come as a shock to some, but since education is very prestigious in Russia, women are very well educated. For American wives, education is not obligatory and does not have the same value in society as it does in Russian culture. A pretty big percentage of Russian wives have entered university after finishing school. Education has a tremendous value in Russian culture.


Despite all the big differences between the Russian Wives and American wives, both of the cultures have the same admiration for religion. But although Russian girls are deeply religious, their sacrificial nature overpowers their beliefs if the need occurs. If it happens that she has to marry a man of another faith, she will never force him to give up his beliefs. Russian wives are ready to do almost everything for their man, so if they have to convert to another religion to marry their man, they will do it most of the time, without any hesitation.

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