1 in 5 Relationships Start Online
at Bridesagency.com
1 in 5 Relationships Start Online
at Bridesagency.com

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Welcome to BridesAgency.com. We are the premier mail order bride agency on the web, offering the world’s most beautiful women of Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European descent. Our mail order brides make wonderful lifelong partners and devoted wives.

With your busy lifestyle you don’t have time to search for someone too. Let us help you find your dream companion. Beautiful, loving, caring, these women are dedicated to family and want to spend their lives with you. Sign up today and change your life. Our results are proven and initial membership is free. We get results. In fact, we’re so sure our clients will be happy, we ask for feedback on their experiences.

What is a Russian Mail Order Bride?
A mail order bride is simply a woman who lists herself in catalogs and online to be selected by eligible bachelors for marriage. BrideAgency.com hosts hundreds of women seeking to connect with someone international.

Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe are endowed with some of the most beautiful women on earth and our mail order brides are no exception: with their gorgeous eyes, luscious tresses and stunning figures, our mail order brides are distinctly feminine and soft spoken. Their traditional upbringing leads them to truly value their husbands and family above all else. Stylish, rich in culture and history these women are highly educated and worldly, able to carry on conversation in any number of subjects.

Of course, one wonders, with such fine qualities why seek a husband abroad?

The fact is Russian women outnumber men by several million. As they get older and the pool of available bachelors shrinks, these women see becoming a mail order bride as a practical alternative.

Russian culture, while rich in history, is deeply patriarchal, limiting women’s roles at home and in work. While women are highly valued their roles are still deeply set. And too often, Russian men are prone to heavy drinking and violence. The respect and equality paid to women and girls in the United States make the idea of connecting with someone from here even more appealing.

Why BridesAgency.com

There are hundreds of sites dedicated to international matrimony and Russian mail order brides, including free ones. But ask yourself: do you really want to take a bride sight unseen? Wouldn’t it be reassuring to get to know her first? At BridesAgency.com, we offer video chatting and great communication tools. Nor do we require you to post your phone number or address up front.
Myths abound about gold digging Russian women scheming to land a rich American man. Not at BridesAgency.com. Our mail order brides are looking for the joy of lasting love, devotion and family. We host beautiful women in search of honest, lasting relationships. Be assured, your experience at BridesAgency.com will be a secure one.


So you’ve decided to seek a Russian mail order bride. Congratulations! You have entered into an age-old tradition that dates back to the 18th century when European settlers in America were helped to find companionship by savvy entrepreneurs experienced in matchmaking. Today, mail order brides come from the Philippines, China, Taiwan, India, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and throughout Latin America. Computers and the Internet have replaced stuffy parlors and go-betweens, but the results are no less significant: lasting relationships built on mutual respect and goals. And signing up is the first step.

Once you’ve signed up and created a free profile, you can browse photos of lots of lovely women along with their profiles including their likes and dislikes. If you take an interest in someone, you can contact them for a small Premium prescription fee which is lower than the cost of any other site out there. Check out who’s online and available to chat, put them on your Hot List to keep up with what they’re up to. Send them an online gift like flowers or kisses to let them know you’re thinking of them. And when someone checks out your profile, you’ll get an email in your account inbox notifying you!

Mail Order Brides
A Few Tips About Russian Mail Order Brides

Never ask her for a speed date. Russian women are raised traditionally and are not allowed to mix with men they don’t know. If you’re genuinely fond of someone, wait at least 6 months before asking her out and then, make sure the first few dates are in her homeland.

Russian mail order brides love romance and are deeply impressed with love letters.

When you get to her homeland, be sure to visit her relatives. In Russia, most important family decisions rest with elder (particularly male) family members. So you’ll need to impress them as well.

Study up on Russian history and culture. Russian mail order brides are very proud of their heritage and your bride will appreciate your interest in understanding her homeland—a key to understanding her as well.

Learn a bit of Russian poetry and be sure to bring gifts. Russian women love displays of affection: even a small thing like flowers or candy can be a great way to start off a new relationship. Just remember: don’t get her yellow flowers! They signify a breakup in Russian culture. Be chivalrous and respectful. These are qualities Russian mail order brides expect in their soul mates.

Contact us at BridesAgency.com, start a Premium subscription and start searching for love today. View hundreds of photos of beautiful Russian, Ukranian and Eastern European women looking for committed, lifelong relationships. See which of our members are the most active, who is available to chat, and add those you like to your Hot List. Video chat. Send online flowers or kisses. All for the cost of a night out. Get the secure experience of knowing personal information like your address and phone number won’t be used by frauds posing as mail order brides. We monitor the profiles we host to ensure there is no kind of abuse or inappropriate behavior.

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