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What are your membership options?

You have the option of being a premium member or a regular member. You get to be a regular member, just by registering with us. In case you would like to be a premium member, all you have to do is simply upgrade at a lower rate. The general cost of maintaining a premium membership is $35 per month or $60 in three months.

What is the difference between regular membership and premium membership?

In case you are a regular member you can just view other’s profiles. In case you are a premium member, it is possible for you to send emails and contact the other profiles on the website. Our subscription is completely free for ladies.

How do I pay?

You could either carry out online transactions with PayPal or credit card or choose to go for the western Union and Money gram. In case you choose the online options, your subscription gets renewed automatically.

How to end my Subscription?

In case you are interested in ending your subscription you would have to request for cancellation or cancel your recurring billing account. However if you are canceling out in the mid of your subscription term, you can still keep on using the facilities till the end of the term.

Is it possible to keep a subscription on hold?

We do not provide you with that facility.

Is it possible to get a refund, if I cancel my subscription mid term?

No in case you are canceling in the middle of your term, you would be able to use the facilities till the term ends and then we simply do not renew your account. You will not get any refund.

How to create/Edit/Update a profile?

Creating a profile is quite simple and free of cost. Once you log into our profile you would find the option ‘Profile’ on the top of your screen. You would have to click on that button and access your profile. In case you want to make some changes you can easily do so by completing out whatever is left out. You can update your profile from the menu that drops down. After you have made your desired changes, do not forget to save the changes that you have made.

What kind of guidelines is followed by you in regard to profiles?

We try our level best to give our members the most comfortable environment. That is why we keep on monitoring profiles. Any person who is incarcerated or below 18 years is not allowed registering with us. Apart from that any kind of profile which gives direct personal information that could destroy the anonymity of the user, any use of illicit language or foreign language, conversations about illegal activity, any tool that could be used to extract personal information is strictly not allowed in our website. Any kind of overt sexual reference is not admissible as well. You are also not supposed to solicit the name of many additional partners or use copyrighted material on our website as well.

Will you protect the confidentiality of my profile?

Other members would only be able to view whatever you have provided on your profile. Confidentiality is strictly maintained in terms of your email address and password.

Why should I fill a complete profile?

Your profile is a window to your personality. When someone views your profile, what that person is seeing is what a reflection of whom you are. In case you want that person to get a better idea about who you are you should fill up your profile in such a way that the person can get to see the most of who you are. In fact if you want more activity on your profile, it is advisable that you fill your profile completely.

Can I change my user name and password?

Yes it is possible to edit your username, password or both. You can do that via the account page. You will have to go to the account page and look for your change option. Once you make the changes ensure that you save them.

What can I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, all you will have to do is go to our splash page. Once there click on the option of ‘Forgot Password’ and you would be required to fill your registered email address. Once you did that we would send you email you your password. 

How can I post photos?

There are twos ways of posting your photographs. You can either opt for the faster method which is directly uploading the photographs on the profile. You will have to click on profile and then choose the option of ‘Add Photos’. In case this method is not working for you then you can send in your photos attached with an email to .  When you are mailing us you would have to username, registered email ID and your membership number.

You should be aware however that we have the right to reject a photo uploaded by you. So make sure you are not sending any indecent or in appropriate photo. It is even advisable not to send any composite photo. A well focused head shot recent picture which communicates your personality is the best option for you.

What is the format of photos that is acceptable to you?

A photo of the JPG format is acceptable to us. The photo can not be more than 3 MB. IT should not however be less than 350*350 pixels. In case your photograph is not in the JPG format, get it done in a graphic program of the likes of Photoshop.

How does the ‘hot list’ work?

In case you hot listed someone you get updates on the activity that person has been up to. This means that even if someone from your hot list views your profile you will get an update. To add someone on your hot list, you will just have to go to profile and choose ‘Add to Hot List’

How can I contact someone?

In case you liked someone’s profile, you use the ‘Contact me’ option to get in touch. You can just complete form and send it to the person you want to. In case the other person is interested she or he can revert back. There is no limitation on the number of emails that you can send. Once you contact someone an email is sent to that person.

The same happens when someone else is contacting you. However for you to reply, you should be a premium member. However, in case you are not interested in keeping in touch with someone, you can block the person.

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