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Welcome to BridesAgency.com – the top mail order brides agency where love knows no borders! 

At BridesAgency.com, we believe that everyone deserves to find their soulmate, no matter where they live or what their circumstances may be. And we understand that finding a compatible partner can be a daunting task.

We also understand that international dating can come with its own set of challenges, which is why we offer a range of support services to help you navigate the process. And with our extensive database of eligible singles and personalized matchmaking services, we are dedicated to helping you find your soulmate and experience the joy of a meaningful, lifelong relationship. 

At BridesAgency.com, we pride ourselves on our professional and ethical standards. We are committed to promoting legal means of matchmaking that respect the autonomy of all individuals. We prioritize the safety, dignity, and well-being of all parties involved in the matchmaking process.

Let us help you find that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat and brings a smile to your face every day. Join us today and take the first step toward a lifetime of love and affection!

Oksana, 34
Kyiv, Ukraine
Anna, 29
Kyiv, Ukraine
Marina, 33
Odessa, Ukraine
Liudmila, 50
Odessa, Ukraine
Viktoriya, 45
Odessa, Ukraine
Marianna, 46
Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Our Expertise

BridesAgency.com is a reputable mail order bride agency with over 20 years of matchmaking experience. Our long-standing reputation in the industry of international dating is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to helping singles around the world find the best mail order brides.

BridesAgency.com initially specialized in Ukrainian, Russian, and Eastern European women, bu

t today, our services extend to clients from various countries in Asia, Latin America, and all across Europe. 

What sets BridesAgency.com apart is that it caters not only to international brides but also to international bridegrooms. This is a unique feature that has made our agency stand out among other dating sites.

BridesAgency.com boasts a wealth of expertise in the field of mail order bride marriages. And having a deep understanding of cross-cultural relationships, we do thorough guides on both women and men from around the world to help them make the best choice on top dating sites.

Our mail order bride agency has a keen eye for compatibility and takes into account various factors, including cultural background, personal values, and lifestyle preferences. We offer a wide range of search categories, including age, location, education, religion, and more, to help clients find compatible matches in different mail order bride countries. 


Don’t just take our word for it – read what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with our services!

User`s Feedback
Maks and Alina
Max, 42
Melbourne, Australia

I had a great experience with BrideAgency.com. The matchmaking process was smooth and efficient, and I was matched with several Russian brides who met my criteria. I appreciated the agency’s communication and support, which was friendly and helpful throughout the process. I eventually found the perfect match from Eastern Europe through the service, and I am beyond grateful for their help. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the matches and the agency’s professional approach to international dating.

Maria, 33
Sao Paulo, Brazil

As a woman who had been looking for love for a while, I was a bit hesitant to try online dating sites. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience I had with BrideAgency.com. Not only were their prices affordable, but the user base was rich and diverse. I appreciated the agency’s attention to detail and personalized approach to matchmaking, which made me feel like they really understood what I was looking for in Western guys. Thanks to their help, I was able to find a partner who was a great match for me.

James and Li
James, 35
Chicago, United States

The agency’s communication and support were extremely professional, and they really cared about my preferences when matching me with Asian brides. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the matches I received, which were attractive, intelligent, and kind Filipina mail order brides. I would highly recommend BrideAgency.com to anyone looking for an international partner, as they were able to provide top-notch matchmaking services and professional support throughout the journey.

Luca and Nastya
Luca, 40
Napoli, Italy

From the moment I signed up, I was blown away by the selection of stunning Ukrainian and Russian women. This mail order bride platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the communication tools make it simple to connect with potential matches. I never felt pressured or rushed, and the support team was always there to answer any questions I had. After chatting with a few mail order spouses, I finally found my perfect match, and we’re planning to meet in person soon. BridesAgency.com truly made my dream of finding true love a reality!

Nick and Chua
Nick, 29
Birmingham, UK

BrideAgency.com provides excellent dating services for anyone looking for foreign mail order brides. The quality of the matches is five-star. I was impressed with the variety of Asian women on the site, which allowed me to find someone who shared my values and interests. In addition, the guides on international mail order brides were very helpful and gave me a sense of what to expect. Overall, I had a great experience with the agency and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a foreign bride.

What is a Mail Order Bride?

A mail order bride refers to a woman looking for a partner from another country via a mail order brides site like BridesAgency.com.

Real mail order brides come from developing countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and some parts of Asia, where economic and social conditions may be challenging. They may choose to seek a partner from a more developed country, such as the United States, Canada, or Western Europe.

The process of becoming a mail order bride involves signing up with a mail order brides site, creating a profile, and communicating with potential partners via email, chat, or video calls. If both parties are interested in pursuing a relationship, they may arrange to meet in person and marry.

Dating Expert’s Opinion
Brian Whelan

As a dating expert with more than a ten-year of experience in the industry, I believe that Bridesagency.com is one of the most reliable and trustworthy online dating sites for finding a mail order bride for serious relationships. This mail order bride site offers an extensive selection of profiles from best mail order brides around the world, including Asia, Latin America, and Eastern European countries.

One of the standout features of Bridesagency.com team is their commitment to safety and security. The mail order bride site has a strict verification process, ensuring that all profiles are legitimate and genuine. This significantly reduces the risk of scams and fraud, making it a safe place to meet a mail order wife.

What also sets BridesAgency.com apart is its pricing, which is highly competitive among other dating sites. With a range of affordable membership options, users can access all the site’s features without breaking the bank.

BridesAgency.com provides a legitimate mail order bride site accessible to everyone, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a mail order bride without the financial burden often associated with such services.

Overall, Bridesagency.com is an excellent option for those looking to find mail order brides. With a strong emphasis on safety, security, and user experience, it offers an efficient and convenient way to connect with potential partners from all over the world.

History of Mail Order Brides

The history of mail order brides can be traced back to the 19th century when men in the United States and Canada began to seek wives from Europe. At the time, many men had migrated to North America in search of work, but there were few women in the sparsely populated regions where they settled. As a result, men often turned to mail order bride catalogs to find wives.

Catalogs containing photos and descriptions of mail order wives were circulated by mail, and men could select a bride from the catalog and correspond with her through letters. If the couple decided to get married, the woman would travel to the man’s home country to start their new life together.

In the early 20th century, the practice of mail order brides expanded to other countries, including Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Women from these regions often sought out Western men as a way to escape poverty, political turmoil, or restrictive social norms.

Mail order brides today

Today, the mail order wife industry is still in operation, but it has evolved significantly from its historical roots. And while mail order brides were once predominantly women from developing countries seeking to marry men from more affluent nations, today, the industry has become more diverse and globalized. Here are some other key things to know about mail order brides today:

  • The internet has transformed the industry. In the past, mail order brides relied on physical catalogs and letters to connect with potential partners. Today, however, the internet has transformed the industry, with many mail order bride services operating primarily through international dating sites. This has made it easier for women and men to connect with potential partners and has led to increased globalization of the industry.
  • Regulations and protections have been put in place. In response to concerns about exploitation and abuse within the industry, many countries have implemented regulations and protections for mail order brides. For example, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) in the United States requires that international marriage brokers conduct background checks on their clients and disclose information about the risks of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Also, according to a 2020 survey by Pew Research Center, 30% of US adults have used online dating services, and 12% have entered into a committed relationship or marriage with someone they met through online dating.

Infographic of dating services
Provided by Brian Whelan

Are Mail Order Brides Legit?

In most countries, meeting mail order brides is considered normal. However, there may be some limitations if:

  • You or your bride is underage according to your country’s law. The situation would not be identified as legitimate and valid in such a case. 
  • One of you is married. From a legal standpoint, no one could stop you from communicating with another person through a mail order bride service. This point brings forth the question of morale and individual ethics. At the same time, it indicates that your intentions are not serious. 
  • A green card option for the bride. When helping your fiancee or spouse move to your country of residence, you must provide proof of a serious relationship. Building your connection on a green card won’t help you or her. 
  • There are signs of constraint. Forcing someone to participate against their will is illegitimate. After all, using the mail order bride services is a voluntary process where you sign up for online services to find your significant other. Yet, if you see that the woman is forced to participate, this could not be anything legitimate. 

Overall, the very concept of mail order brides is legal unless there are certain constraints like the ones mentioned above. 

Top Picks for Best Legit Mail Order Bride Sites in 2023

What are the best mail order bride sites? Well, get ready to take notes!

  • SofiaDate – The best mail order bride countries? All yours. Explore and score.
  • LaDate – Hot Latinas on tap. Swipe right cause the girl you seek is also seeking you on this online dating site.
  • SakuraDate – Meet Asia’s finest. Subtle, beautiful, and just your style.
  • BravoDate – A global hub of beauties. Pick yours and have fun!
  • TheLuckyDate – Trust your gut, and try your luck. Verified profiles, only legit mail order brides.
  • OrchidRomance – Blossom in the world of mail order bride websites. Stunning Asian women are waiting.
  • LatiDate – Passionate Latinas are there for you on this dating site. Let your heart guide you, let the magic in.
  • JollyRomance – Eastern European joy starts on this mail order bride site.
  • EasternHoneys – Sweet and tempting. Find your honey from the East.
  • Colombia Lady – Hot Colombian girls at your fingertips. Get ready for a wild ride!


SofiaDate Home Page

Let’s start with the best mail order bride site out there. And you know, SofiaDate isn’t messing around. 

This online dating site is the perfect place for all the fellas with a thing for Eastern European women. We’re talking about a really special selection of the best mail order brides. None of those endless, pointless profiles. Isn’t that just what you’re looking for on international dating sites?

But what makes SofiaDate stand out from the crowd of legit mail order bride sites? It’s simple – this online dating site understands the value of your time. It’s designed to get you into online dating quickly, effectively, and without a hitch.

Free registration? Yes. Communication tools? Working. The girls? Real European mail order beauties. The vibe? It’s all good vibes here.

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

SofiaDate is a breath of fresh air in mail order brides services. It’s streamlined, it’s easy, and, unlike many other online dating sites, it actually works. For all of you guys with an eye for European women, this dating site is a jackpot. No frills, no distractions, just real dates.


LaDate Home Page

The next one is LaDate, and it’s all about that Latin passion. You know, the one you’ve heard so much about on other dating sites but never got it.

This mail order bride platform ranks high among legit mail order brides sites, and here’s why: it’s full of hot Latin girls ready to add some spice to your dating life.

LaDate is not just another online dating platform. It’s a top mail order bride site offering an exclusive chance to connect with real Latin women. So if you’re here for it, this dating site is the place to be.

Navigating this mail order bride platform is a breeze, right after a free registration. The design is slick, the user interface is intuitive, and what about your dating game? It’s about to get lit with all these foreign brides and online communication features available.

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

When it comes to reputable mail order bride sites, LaDate is certainly a worthy mail order brides service. Its user-friendly design, coupled with the quality of Latin girls, makes it a hot spot for some nice dating. My guy, if you’re into the best mail order brides from Latin America, LaDate is your playground


SakuraDate HomePage

Now it’s time to turn our eyes to the East. And it’s SakuraDate, a legit mail order bride site that brings you closer to your future wife. To be fair, it’s your ticket to a world of foreign brides that you’ll never meet on other mail order brides services.

SakuraDate stands tall among the top 10 mail order bride sites, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got an impressive user base of real Asian profiles, an easy and modern interface, and it’s all wrapped in a package of communication tools and search filters that respect your time and effort.

Believe us, you hardly ever see such a service on other dating websites in this niche. In the sea of good mail order bride sites, SakuraDate is the pearl. It delivers on its promise – just you and the hottest mail order wives waiting to start online communication with you.

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

In the online dating industry, when we speak about top rated mail order bride sites, SakuraDate is always at the hearing. It’s one of those mail order brides websites that brings an effective, modern approach and only real Asian ladies. So if you’re here for it, you should give it a try.’


BravoDate Home Page

Let’s continue with BravoDate. This dating site isn’t just good, it’s one of the best mail order bride sites out there. BravoDate is a mail order bride platform that really gives an unparalleled international dating experience, with no pitfalls like on other dating sites.

It sets itself apart with its wide array of stunning Russian mail order brides, along with those from other Eastern European countries.

BravoDate is really easy to use, which certainly earns it a spot among the top rated mail order bride sites in Eastern Europe. With free registration, clear design, advanced search filters, video calls, as well as virtual and real gifts, it’s all about keeping things cool and simple, helping you focus on finding your future wife online.

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

When you’re after legit mail order brides sites, BravoDate is a top choice. This dating service offers a diverse base of Slavic women along with a set of really effective communication tools. For sure, it’s a reliable name in the mail order bride industry. The dating website that really works for you


TheLuckyDate Home Page

If you’re here for that one of the top mail order bride sites, you should definitely check out TheLuckyDate. With this dating website, the bumpy road of international dating becomes a smooth ride. 

On TheLuckyDate, it’s so easy to find mail order wives from Eastern European countries. Where would we be without charming Ukrainian women and stunning Russian mail order brides?

Basically, TheLuckyDate stands among the top 10 mail order bride sites for its ease of use and an essential set of communication tools. No complicated features, it’s just a simple mail order bride site that’ll help you make your international dating journey to Eastern Europe unforgettable.

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

When it comes to legitimate mail order bride sites, TheLuckyDate is sure to be on your checklist. This dating site brings a world of opportunities with a wide selection of Slavic mail order brides. So, just two words from me – trustworthy and effective. Wait, three more – see for yourself!


OrchidRomance Home Page

Now let’s talk about OrchidRomance, a real standout among the top mail order bride websites. This mail order brides service takes your international dating journey to the East, serving you a plate full of lovely singles from Asian countries.

What’s unique about this mail order bride site compared to other international dating websites? A golden user base of stunning women from all corners of Asia, all available for you to chat day and night. So yeah, on OrchidRomance, it’s not just about meeting Asian women, it’s about meeting the right ones.

OrchidRomance is certainly a big player among the good mail order brides sites for its simple interface. With all the communication tools in hand and the virtual gifts as a nice bonus, it’s the perfect mail order platform to use and explore, ensuring you get the matches that are real and serious relationships that will last.

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

Brian Whelan backs up this dating website: ‘If you’re searching for trusted mail order bride sites, I’d say that OrchidRomance sits firmly. It’s an online dating site that opens doors to a world full of potential matches, like Filipina mail order brides. Reliable and results-oriented, it’s the place where you’re sure to find your mail order wife’.


LatiDate Home Page

Now, let’s focus on LatiDate, a really promising name among the best mail order brides websites. LatiDate delivers a fresh and modern approach to mail order marriages and online dating, making your search for mail order wife as easy as possible.

What sets this mail order brides site apart? LatiDate has got a broad user base of beautiful and passionate Latin women, all at your fingertips.

When it comes to ease of use, LatiDate deserves its place among the top mail order bride sites. Its design keeps things simple, with no ads or annoying pop-ups. It’s just you, a set of cool communication features, and the trembling sea of foreign women. 

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

When you’re searching for legitimate mail order bride websites, LatiDate is a sure bet. Unlike most international dating sites, it offers free registration, a nice design, and a diverse pool of potential mail order wives. Who are they? Hot Latinas! What are they looking for? Pfft, serious relationships with a guy like you, obviously!


JollyRomance Home Page

Yeah, you’ve probably heard about this dating service already. JollyRomance is one of the top rated mail order bride sites that’s taking the online dating world by storm. This mail order brides site is here to revamp your dating game, making it the one you’ve been looking for so long.

But what’s the deal with JollyRomance? What sets it apart from the best dating sites in the niche? A unique selection of foreign women from different parts of the world are all gathered in one place. And only a few clicks separate you from your dream mail order bride.

In short, JollyRomance has its name among real mail order bride sites, all thanks to its free registration, user-friendly design, and the availability of all the necessary communication tools. Video calls, along with virtual and real gifts included!

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

On the lookout for the best foreign bride sites? My man, how could you miss JollyRomance! It’s a reputable dating site to find a diverse range of stunning Eastern European women. And if you just want to have fun – the name speaks for itself’


EasternHoneys Home Page

EasternHoneys is a premier online dating platform in the world of legit mail order bride websites. It’s here to deliver an exclusive dating service and, of course, the best mail order brides from Asian countries.

The numerous reviews of EasternHoneys on the web say it all. This particular website is a hot spot for gorgeous Asian women who, for the most part, are looking for serious relationships. And sure, some girls just wanna have fun. But don’t waste your time on this dating site simply observing them. Start a chat!

Ranked among the top 10 mail order brides sites, EasternHoneys is designed with you in mind. Its free registration, simple interface, advanced search filters, and a broad set of useful communication features will do everything for you to find a wife online.

And yeah, on EastrenHoneys, online dating services also include virtual gifts, video chat, and 24/7 customer care. Sounds too good to be true, huh?

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

If your search for the best mail order brides websites is focused on Asian women, give EasternHoneys a try. For me, this mail order site will always be a trusted avenue to an array of Asian matches and a love life that you never thought that you would get.

Colombia Lady

ColombiaLady Home Page

And here we are! Let’s wrap up with a high note, introducing Colombia Lady, one of the best dating platforms in the world of legit mail order bride websites.

Promptly speaking, hundreds of Latin women there are ready to add a dash of spice and honey to your dating life. And what else do you need from a good dating site?

Among the top 10 mail order bride sites, Colombia Lady stands out with its clear design, search filters, audio and video calls, virtual gifts as well as a basic set of free features. So if you really want to start a serious relationship with these Colombian hotties – here you’ll find your shortcut.

Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

What can I say here, when it comes to trusted mail order bride sites focused on Latinas, Colombia Lady steals the show. The receipt for finding your perfect girl is simple as ABC – stop scrolling through other mail order wife sites and join Colombia Lady. It’s your gateway to the best mail order brides.

Why Choose BridesAgency.com?

BridesAgency.com is a comprehensive and reliable dating service for clients seeking a mail order bride, offering a wide range of options. So here is what to expect:

  1. Extensive user base. BridesAgency.com has an extensive user base of more than 1000 users seeking partners through the site. With such a large pool of potential partners, our clients have a greater chance of finding mail order brides who meet their needs and preferences.
  2. Advanced search filters. BridesAgency.com offers advanced search filters that allow clients to refine their search for a mail order bride. Users can filter by age, location, height, weight, personal interests, and other criteria to find a perfect match among mail order spouses.
  3. Expertise in the industry. BridesAgency.com has years of experience and our team has developed vast expertise in helping clients navigate the process of marrying foreign women. We understand both the specific challenges and unique opportunities of the sphere and are committed to providing clients with the guidance and support they need to find a foreign wife.
  4. Focus on safety and security. BridesAgency.com takes safety and security seriously, with measures in place to protect clients’ personal and financial information. In addition, our site takes steps to ensure that all foreign brides are verified and genuine, so clients can feel confident that they are communicating with real people.
  5. User-friendly platform. BridesAgency.com is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can easily search for potential partners, communicate with foreign brides, and access a range of resources and tools to help you easily navigate the process of finding a mail order bride.
  6. Affordable pricing. BridesAgency.com offers affordable pricing options, with a range of packages to fit clients’ budgets and needs. Our site is transparent about pricing, with no hidden fees or costs.

Best Countries to Find a Wife

There are many options to meet women and find one to marry. You can meet them face to face or use the mail order bride services to save time and money. This developing industry aimed at matchmaking and connecting people beyond borders. 

Here are some of the best countries to find mail order brides.



Ukrainian women are considered intelligent and elegant. Most are well-educated and put great emphasis on personal development. Ukrainian ladies fight gender inequality and prove their leadership in most social areas in Ukraine.

Ukrainians are resilient. Despite the war, these women didn’t lose their hearts and are still examples for lots of females worldwide. They care about their families and homes and will go to great lengths to protect them. 

Due to their upbringing, the first thing that springs to mind when discussing Ukrainian women is their femininity. They look stylish and express their individuality through their stunning looks.



Bulgarian women are very religious and self-respecting. In Bulgaria, Islam is practiced by 11% of citizens. The traditional religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which plays a significant role in the Bulgarian society. 

Bulgarian ladies are respectable and well-mannered, but at the same time, they strive for self-realization. In recent years, influential female market players have become quite a common thing. 

Urban women appreciate a chance to work outside their homes, as work gives them a sense of independence and personal satisfaction. However, family life is patriarchal in nature. The man is the head of the family. Families are strong, as Bulgarians’ spiritual level and morality are very high. 



Moldovan girls pay special attention to their appearance; they prefer dressy everyday clothes, stilettos, platforms, or high heels. Therefore, they always look attractive, like they have just come out of a beauty salon.  As in many other republics of the former USSR, Moldovan brides strive to get married by the age of 20, preparing in advance to become good mothers.

Global feminization makes its corrections in the female education of Moldavian women. Still, it didn’t happen too quickly, despite the location in Central Europe and the neighborhood of democratic Germany and hot Italy. 

Moldovan women will never stop halfway. By striving for change in politics, ladies have shown excellent results in their persistence. In 2021, a record number of women MPs got 40 seats in the Parliament. Maia Sandu, the President of Moldova, can exemplify courage and determination when fighting on equal terms with men in the political arena.



Who do you associate a Japanese woman with? An obedient geisha ready to fulfill your whims? Leave this stereotype behind. Japanese ladies are struggling for equality and have made great strides

They are responsible for family finances, childcare, education, and household chores. Recently, men have taken an active part in childcare in Japanese society. However, only 14% of guys are ready to change roles with their wives.

Still, 75% of Japanese brides in their 30s aren’t afraid of being a loving wife, caring mother, and managing household duties. Thus, they seek Western bachelors whose mentality differs from Japanese men’s.



Brazilian women are known for their positive attitude towards life despite all the challenges the average Brazilian woman faces. These strong-spirited women have a special, genuine energy that attracts attention and epitomizes the ideal of beauty. Brazilians know how to enjoy life and love themselves.

The contrast of Brazilian girls is expressive in the local cult of beauty. Many ladies strive to stay gorgeous and become active members of gyms. At the same time, the streets are full of overweight girls supporting body-positive trends. And nobody can dictate to them the ideas of beauty. In this case, ladies are too stubborn.

However, beyond their beauty, Brazilian girls are business sharks. Good examples of attractive appearance and intelligence are  Camila Farani and Kalypsa Brito.

Facts About Mail Order Brides

The mail order bride industry is a fascinating and complex world that has brought together people from different countries and cultures, providing opportunities for love, partnership, and personal growth. Here are some interesting facts that shed light on this unique and often misunderstood industry.

  1. According to the US Department of State, there were over 20.000 K-1 visas issued to foreign fiances of US citizens in 2022, with the majority of these applicants coming from countries such as the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, and Brazil.
  2. The mail order brides industry often provides women access to healthcare and other resources they may not have had access to otherwise. According to the World Health Organization, women in low-income countries are often more likely to experience complications during pregnancy and childbirth, making access to healthcare a critical issue. 
  3. The industry is highly regulated in many countries, requiring background checks, medical exams, and other forms of documentation before a woman can become a mail order wife.
  4. The mail order brides industry is estimated to be worth around $2 billion annually, with many men willing to pay large sums of money to find a mail order wife.
  5. The mail order bride industry had come a long way since the days when it was exclusively associated with foreign women seeking husbands. Today, many mail order brides services offer both mail order wives and husbands. With the ability to break down geographical and cultural barriers, mail order brides sites are helping people of all genders find love and build happy, fulfilling relationships. 

How Much BridesAgency.com Mail Order Brides Cost?

The cost is generally the amount you will spend on mail order bride services and your direct expenses when meeting a lady in person. Thus, it is best to divide the costs into online and offline. 

Online expenses

Mail order bride services and dating sites have shifted their perspective from the subscription model. Instead, they have adopted a credit system. You should buy credits and use them as internal currency. The cost varies from site to site, depending on available features.

The services can include sending chat messages, sending and opening an email (charged separately), requesting a video chat, and sending a virtual or real gift. The website’s users should buy real gifts with real money, as third-party vendors usually provide these services. 

The cost structure is site-specific. Below, you can find an approximate scheme of buying and spending credits.

You can get 2 credits for $15.99. However, a chat will cost you 0.5 credits per 5 minutes. A voice message will cost 0.3 credits, whereas a photo sent or viewed will cost 1.5 credits. A video will cost more, amounting to 2.5 credits. 

Evidently, these services have a specific price range based on the cost structure adopted at the respective site. Plan how much you are willing to spend and over which period. A package deal or a credit bundle would be more beneficial to your budget. 

So, let’s consider the examples of the most popular mail order brides websites and some of their prices.


Kiss Russian Beauty is an online dating site that specializes in helping men find Russian brides and women from different Eastern European countries for dating and marriage. This online dating site offers a range of features to help users find foreign brides and communicate with them online.

Users can create a profile on the website and search for potential partners using a variety of search filters, including age, location, interests, and more. The dating service also offers communication tools such as instant messaging, chat rooms, and video chat to help users get to know each other better.

Additional services on Kiss Russian Beauty include translation services, gift delivery, and travel arrangements to help users navigate the process of finding a wife online.

Like many mail order bride websites, KissRussianBeauty may charge a membership fee or require the purchase of credits to access certain features and communicate with other users. KissRussianBeauty prices are as follows: $3.99 for 2 credits (only for the first purchase), $15.99 for 2 credits for your next purchases, $96 for 16 credits, and $399 for 100 credits.

Kiss Russian Beauty Prices
Provided by Brian Whelan


LaDate is a dating site that focuses on connecting men with foreign women from Latin American countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and others. This international dating site provides a platform for users to create profiles, browse potential matches, and communicate with each other through chat, email, and other features.

Members can also send virtual gifts to each other to express their interest. Since LaDate caters to a predominantly Latin American audience, the site offers translation services to help members communicate with each other even if they do not speak the same language. 

It is common for mail order bride websites to offer different subscription options, with longer subscriptions being more cost-effective. And LaDate prices are as follows: $2.99 for the first 20 credits (only for the first purchase), $9.99 for the subsequent purchase of 20 credits, $19.99 for 50 credits, $44.99 for 125 credits, $69.99 for 250 credits, and $159.99 for 750 credits. 

La Date Prices
Provided by Brian Whelan

LaDate premium membership provides additional features and benefits to users. These may include the ability to view more detailed profiles, access to advanced search filters, and the ability to communicate with foreign brides in a variety of ways. 

Offline Expenses

Offline costs will incur travel, lodging, food, and entertainment. Each country has a different price range for a specific service. However, here we provide the average for your benefit:

ServicesEuropean CountriesLatin AmericaAsian Countries
Accommodations (per night)$50-110$70-125$80-130
Food (per day for one person)$30$20$30
Entertainment (per day for one person)$35$25$35

Irrespective of the country you are searching for a bride from, you need to plan and have a specific budget. The average amount could reach as much as $5,000 for online and offline expenses. Thus, choose carefully. 

Consider the mail order bride sites, their services, and prices. Pay attention to the approximate offline expenses. These depend on you and what you plan to spend on. Of course, you can check in at the Ritz or Marriot and pay a significant amount for accommodation or choose a cheaper local hotel, but you can spend more on the girl. 

How Does Mail Order Brides Service Work?

Mail order brides services typically work by providing a platform for men from Western countries to meet and communicate with foreign women from other parts of the world. It is important to note that while the term ‘mail order bride’ is used, the women involved are not commodities to be bought or sold but rather individuals seeking a compatible partner.

These mail order bride websites vary in terms of the countries they focus on, the types of women they feature, and the services they offer. Here’s a breakdown of how mail order bride services typically work:

  1. Registration. To use mail order brides services, you first need to create an account. This involves providing some photos and basic information about yourself, often without paying any registration fee.
  2. Verification. Many mail order brides sites require users to verify their identity before they can start using the platform. This can involve submitting identification documents, undergoing a background check, or providing marital status.
  3. Browsing profiles. Once you’re registered and verified, you can start browsing profiles and find mail order brides. These profiles typically include photos and information about the person’s background, interests, and what they’re looking for in a partner.
  4. Acquaintance and communication. If you see a foreign bride you’re interested in, you can start communicating with her through the platform. This may involve sending messages, virtual gifts, or even arranging to meet in person. Various legitimate mail order bride services offer additional features like translation services, video chat, or even romance tours to help facilitate in-person meetings.

Some examples of mail order bride services include UkraineBride4You and JollyRomance. These are both popular mail order bride services, but there are some differences between them.

One key difference is the focus on different regions – UkraineBride4You is primarily focused on Ukrainian and Eastern European women, while JollyRomance is one of the international dating sites that offer a wider range of women from different countries, including Russia, Asia, and Latin America.

Another difference is in the types of services offered – UkraineBride4You offers more personalized matchmaking services, such as one-on-one introductions and meetings with potential brides, while JollyRomance is a dating site that provides more of an online dating experience, with features such as chat rooms and video calls.

Why Is Mail Order Bride Industry So Thriving Today?

The mail order bride industry is on the rise, with many men and women turning to these services to find love. 

The advent of digitization has helped this cause. Numerous platforms have appeared to connect people. These sites promote matchmaking services and provide at least some security not available on social media. Of course, you should pay for it. 

There may be other reasons that lead bachelors to mail order brides websites—for example, men’s desire to find traditional values. The changing perspective on family values and feminism in the USA has forced many men to search for a wife abroad. They have even been called a unified term as ‘passport bros.’

Other reasons may be to find a better economic situation and opportunity for development. It may be considered a selfish reason for a girl. However, what she brings to the table and what she has to offer is also noted. 

How to Get a Mail Order Bride? 

Wondering how to get mail order bride? If you are interested in finding a mail order bride, one way to start is by using a reputable and reliable mail order bride service. BridesAgency.com recommends JollyRomance, LaDate, and EasternHoneys as some of the best mail order bride services on the market.


JollyRomance BridesAgency

JollyRomance is a popular mail order brides service that offers a wide variety of features to help users find the best mail order brides. One of the biggest advantages of using JollyRomance is its comprehensive user verification process, which helps to weed out potential scammers and ensure the safety of all users. Additionally, JollyRomance has a large and diverse user base, making it easier for users to find someone who meets their specific needs.


The large user base of mail order wives from around the world;
Advanced search tools to help you find compatible partners;
Appealing profiles with photos and detailed information;
Secure communication tools to protect your privacy;
Affordable pricing plans.


No mobile app is available for download;
The mail order bride site is designed for those seeking serious relationships, so it may not be the best choice if you are looking for casual dating.


LaDate Bridesagency

LaDate is a mail order bride site that is focused on helping users find Latin brides. The service offers a variety of features designed to make the process of finding a foreign wife online as easy and enjoyable as possible. One of the standout features of LaDate is its extensive database of Latin American women.

The site has thousands of Latin women from countries like Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and more. Men can search the database by age, location, and other criteria to find women who fit their preferences. The site offers various communication tools, including chat, email, and video chat, to help users get to know each other better.


Large database of Latin American mail order wives;
User-friendly platform for browsing and communication;
Various communication tools are available;
The credit-based system allows for flexibility in usage.


Credits can be expensive if purchased in small quantities;
The site may not be suitable for those seeking women outside of Latin America.


EasternHoneys BridesAgency

EasternHoneys is a mail order bride site focused on helping users find brides from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. One of the main features of EasternHoneys is the ability to browse profiles and view photos of women for free, giving users the opportunity to get a feel for the site before committing to a paid membership. The site also offers an efficient matching algorithm that helps users find Asian mail order bride based on their preferences and expectations.

Though you cannot get a wife online for free on this dating service, the pricing is relatively affordable, with credits ranging from $0.15 to $0.49, depending on the package. For example, the 20-credit package costs $9.99, the 50-credit package costs $28.99, and the 125-credit package costs only $64.99.


The large user base of Asian women from various countries;
Affordable pricing options with various payment methods available;
Advanced search and communication features to help users find their ideal match;
Translation services are available for communication between members who speak different languages.


Limited access to certain features for non-paying members;
No mobile app is available, which can be inconvenient for users who prefer to use their smartphones for online dating.

Finding Love Overseas Is Real!

BridesAgency.com is a trusted mail order bride service that connects people in search of love and a solid relationship. Using its services, you can find your soulmate in any corner of the world—Europe, Asia, Latin and African countries. Take the first step and see how simple it is to get family happiness online!


Is mail ordering a bride legal?

Yes, mail order brides legal as long as all parties that use international dating services follow the laws and regulations of their respective countries. 

How much does it cost to mail order a bride? 

The cost of mail order brides on Bridesagency.com varies depending on the service and the specific bride you are interested in. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, with additional costs for travel, dates, and other services. 

How successful are mail-order marriages?

Mail order bride marriages have a higher success rate than many people may realize. For many couples, finding love through a mail order bride service can lead to a happy and fulfilling relationship that stands the test of time.

How many mail-order marriages end in divorce?

Mail order marriages are statistically less likely to end in divorce than marriages overall in the United States. Research has shown that the divorce rates in mail-order marriages where the courtship period lasts more than four months range between 35.8% and 41.3%, while the average divorce rate in the US is 48%.

What’s the point of mail-order brides?

The point of mail-order brides is to provide a platform for men to find women from other countries who are looking for a serious relationship and marriage.

Can you actually mail order a bride?

Yes, mail order bride services are a legitimate way to find a partner, although the term ‘mail order’ can be misleading as it implies purchasing a person. In reality, these services allow men and foreign women to connect and develop relationships, with the option of marriage if both parties are willing.

What are the disadvantages of mail-order brides?

Some potential disadvantages of mail-order brides include the risk of scams and fraud, the potential for lack of compatibility between partners, and the possibility of cultural and language barriers causing communication difficulties. It is important to thoroughly research and use reputable and legitimate services when considering a mail order bride.

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