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What is a mail ordered bride?

History of mail order brides

A mail-order brides are women which try and list themselves in catalogs, so they can be chosen by men and get married. Although this term may seem very shocking and unusual for us today, in 1800s, there were a lot of young women from thriving , developed areas in Eastern parts of America, who wanted to marry men in the west. We can trace the roots of mail-order bride industry that got its start almost 200 years ago. A lot of men, mostly European Americans, migrated to work on the western frontier and seek financial success. But although most of them earned a fortune and achieved financial stability, because of the abscence of women in this particular region, it was very hard for successful men to have a social life, find a partner and settle down. Having achieved financial stability and independance, men tried to peek women‘s interest back in the East. By displaying their personal achievements and success by creating advertisements in popular newspapers, they would to attact women on the other side. If they were interested, women would respond with pictures of themselves. If both sides come to an agreement, courtship would be conducted and then a woman would marry a man she had never seen in her entire life. The unstable life in the east was exhausting for women, so the marriage allowed them to escape the present routine and find financial stability with a new husband. Women were usually young and single, but some of them were unfortunate widows or divorcees, concerned about their future. But if we have a gance at a situation today, traditional mail order brides no longer exist. In other words, you can't go online and order a woman like stereo speakers and have her shipped to your door.

Mail order brides today

Nowadays, mail-order brides are women who use or another familiar website, to display their best traits and get herself on the market. A woman provides the most important information about her personality and appearance and then waits for marriage proposals. Men who are interested in foreign women and are eager to start a family can find great success here. Mail order bride website shows a catalog of various foreign country who desperately look for a partner abroad. Finding a great husband for life is a very difficult task. This way allows women to find a lot of great potential partners, so everyone can find their Prince Charming. hosts thousands of potential brides, who are willing to connect with you!

How mail order bride works


Create and account on and post your unique profile and photos completely free. This will allow other users to get to know you better. First impressions matter, so be creative, share some information about yourself, choose your greatest pictures and pique the interest of your future partner!


Browse the profiles of thousands of singles for free. There are plenty fish in the sea, but that does not mean you have to hesitate! The partner of your dreams can be snatched away at any given moment, so don‘t idle: check out our other users, look for the most attractive traits, hobbies and you will certainly find your better half in no time.


Video chat live with your favorite singles. Get to know them before you meet them! This way you can start building chemistry between you, which will result in a long and successful marriage. Strike up a conversation, learn more about each other and start building a foundation of your relationship. Don‘t feel comfortable when talking to women? Try our guide How to start a conversation with a girl.

How much mail order brides cost

At, you can get a 1 month subscription for 35$, or get a more than 40% off your original price by choosing a 3 month subscription for just 60$! Women’s age has a great impact on the price, but the average price of a mail order bride tends to be around $500-$1000. You can find more detailed information about mail order bride expenses here.

Best country for mail order brides

Russia is probably the best country to find a mail order bride. Russian mail order brides are considered to be the most beautiful in the world and cultural influence makes them great and lovely wives. A lot of Russian women look for a husband abroad, because country‘s population is very unbalanced. Abundance of females compared to men makes it much harder to find a loving husband, so sometimes women have no choice but to start a family elsewhere. But despite the great reputation of Russian mail order brides, everyone should look for a wife by looking at their individual needs and expectations. If you have trouble finding the right girl for you, check out our article What type of girl is right for me.

Mail order marriage statistics

Since 2014, mail order brides took the world by storm. More than 20000 people in the USA alone get married and start a family thanks to this new and unusual way. The numbers all around the world are twice as big, with about 40000 people finding their significant other. People, who are desperate in company or financial stability get united from all the corners of the earth and create everlasting bonds. But what about divorces? Although many would consider this way of starting a family very unstable, the exact opposite happens: people who find their partners thanks to mail order bride agencies split up only 20% of the time, while the percentage of American couple divorces appears to be twice as big. Thanks to Mail order marriages, love knows no boundaries. People, who would never meet each other in their lifetimes, are starting happy and successful families.

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