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How to start a conversation with a girl

Every guy wants to meet a beautiful woman which he finds attractive. Unfortunately, there are some obstacles we have to overcome to achieve this well desired goal. Some may think it is all about the great physical appearance, financial success or fame, but most of the time, the only thing that screws us up is inability to start a simple, pleasant conversation! Yes, we know this process can be quite intimidating. Striking up good conversation is a form of art in itself. But don’t be afraid. There are some tips and tricks, which will help you start a pleasant conversation and win over the girl of your dreams.

Be confident and introduce yourself

The key to starting a pleasant conversation with a girl is simple bold confidence. That does not mean you have to be arrogant! If you believe in your ability to catch an interest of a girl you are interested in, the job is halfway done. Try to maintain a lively, optimistic approach to a conversation and simply introduce yourself. Try to be relaxed, polite and genuinely interested in her personality. This way you will appear more mature and possibly attractive in the eyes of a woman. A very basic, simple introduction and a couple generic questions which interest you can do wonders. If you are in a more relaxed, social setting, perhaps a bar, you can offer girl a drink and just talk about things you are interested about. Stay calm, be positive and don’t shy away from an eye contact. If you show interest in her as a human being and avoid cheesy, and flat out bad pick-up lines, you are building solid foundation for a potential relationship.

Utilize your sense of humor

Even if your jokes may be considered not funny, humor is a great way to get through an awkward phase of the conversation. If you don’t shy away from an eye contact, stay positive and even get her to smile or laugh, this is a proof that chemistry between you is great and she might be into you. Humor is an amazing ice breaker and makes your conversation much more lively. If she responds with a joke of her own, that’s a great sign! Having a similar sense of humor turns a slightly uncomfortable conversation into a fun and exciting experience.

Discuss shared values or experiences

If your conversation is moving in a positive direction, try to find some common ground on issues or experiences you both have been through. Relatability to a particular situation helps to create and strengthen a new bond between you. Maybe you had a similar job experience or embarrassing party story. Although people often think that opposites attract, the values we share and potential experiences in the future is the real foundation of a great relationship. Don’t be afraid to get a little embarrassed. Telling the truth and being yourself is the best way to start and maintain a conversation with a girl, which may even escalate into a date.

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