Home Irish Mail Order Brides: All You Need To Know About Marrying Irish Brides

Irish Mail Order Brides: All You Need To Know About Marrying Irish Brides

Irish Mail Order Brides: All You Need To Know About Marrying Irish Brides

Irish mail order brides are a hidden gem that is quickly beginning to be sought after. They have everything a man could want. The looks, the passion, the ability to be a good mom and a homemaker. Their beauty is unparalleled, and every man craves a woman they can lovingly look at all day long. With Irish brides, you’ll find that dream partner you’ve always craved.

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By the time you’re done reading this page, you’ll know every detail about what makes Irish women so irresistible, as well as fun facts about their culture, mentality, famous individuals, and more.

Recommended dating sites for finding Irish BridesJolly Romance, The Lucky Date, UkraineBride4You
Best cities in Ireland to find your future brideDublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway
The average cost of an Irish bride$3000 to $15000
Is it legal to marry an Irish woman in 2023?Yes
Marriage success rate0.6 divorces per 1000 marriages

Irish Culture and Unique Qualities of Irish Women

Ireland has a rich and deep history, as well as struggles, mainly with Britain. Throughout its existence, Ireland has learned to persevere and persist through hardships. This is ingrained into people, with Irish folks being some of the most hardy, loving people you’ll ever meet. Here’s why women from Ireland are sought after so much:

  1. Fight for rights: Women in Ireland have been constantly fighting for equal rights and health benefits. Whether it’s reproductive rights, equal pay, or anything else, Irish women go above and beyond to fight for what’s right.
  2. Passionate celebrations: Everyone knows St. Patrick’s Day and the showcase of Irish pride that comes with it. Irish women are proud to fly their colors on this day and often help organize parades, parties, and other events, no matter where in the world they may be.
  3. Dedication to tradition: Irish women care deeply for their roots, which is why they still speak Gaelic and actively take part in cultural events and traditional storytelling sessions known as sean-nós. They are dedicated to their nation’s history and show it through recreation.
  4. Dancing: Ireland is famous for its traditional step dancing style. This keeps the ladies active and in good shape and, at the same time, allows them to feel closer to their heritage. Paired with traditional Irish music, it’s an unbeatable combination you’ll adore.

Irish brides have shot up in popularity for a vast number of reasons. They’re considered the best kind of life partner you could have, and here’s why:

  • Unrivaled beauty: With their light skin, active lifestyle, mesmerizing eyes, and gorgeous bodies, it’s no wonder everyone wants to date mail order brides from Ireland. These women are works of art in human form.
  • Open to meeting foreign men: Women from Ireland aren’t opposed to the idea of going out with men from other countries. They like the idea of something new and different, especially if it could lead to a lifelong, fulfilling relationship.
  • Loyal to a fault: An Irish bride sticks with her man through thick and thin. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through. You’ll find your Irish wife constantly cheering you on and supporting you.
  • Homemakers: Irish mail order brides are natural homemakers. They’re ingrained with a maternal instinct, and their desire to keep their husbands fed and happy makes them the most ideal partner to have.

Women from this country have international acclaim for their gorgeous looks, perseverant attitudes, grace, and beautiful voices. Take a look at 4 of the most iconic Irish women.

Saoirse Ronan

Though she was born in America, both of Saoirse’s parents are Irish. With pale skin and piercing blue eyes, Saoirse is the picture-perfect representation of the ideal Irish woman. Her adorable ‘girl next door face’ would make any man’s heart skip a beat. 

Her committed work ethic and skill made sure she rose in popularity quickly, ensuring her place as a renowned actress. Much like the typical Irish woman, when Saoirse sets her mind on a goal, she achieves it. Most Irish girls share the same sort of beauty and poise, which should be all the encouragement you need to meet Irish women for marriage.

Caitriona Balfe

This vixen may be 43 years old but don’t think that takes her youthful demeanor away. Every Irish lady ages like a fine wine, and Caitriona Balfe is living proof of it. Beginning her career as a model at 18, she quickly began opening and closing major fashion shows for big-name brands like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel. 

She’s also performed in numerous movies and TV shows, winning several awards for her esteemed acting. Caitriona is a passionate and kind soul, a philanthropist who has raised thousands of dollars for many different charitable causes. She encompasses many of the values in an Ireland girl that foreign men cherish.

Rozanna Purcell

Born in Clonmel, Rozanna is one of the highest-achieving Irish ladies you’ll hear of. Winner of 2010’s Miss Universe Ireland, as well as working in children’s hospitals and raising funds for the Irish Cancer Society, Rozanna’s beauty and compassion know no bounds. Her stunning good looks have every man craning their neck to look at her, and so many women from other countries wish they could be like her. Such women aren’t easy to come by unless you happen to be looking at the local ladies in Ireland.

Holly Carpenter

Even at 31, Holly is a fox. Her sheer beauty and grace have Western men chasing after her. Born in Dublin, Holly’s a stunning brunette with green eyes you could lose yourself in. She rose to fame after being crowned Miss Ireland in 2011 and participating in Miss World in the same year. Appearing on numerous TV shows as well as doing modeling work in both Ireland and the UK, Holly found success with her beauty. 

Holly is also skilled in her education. She speaks English, Irish, and French and has a degree in textiles. If you find single Irish women like her on your online dating adventures, make sure to swoop her up before someone else does.

Interesting statistic about Irish women

Irish women are intriguing works of art for many reasons. Men from around the globe chase after these women because of how desirable they are, and this segment will show you a few of the reasons why an Irish mail order wife is so high in demand these days. Check it out:

  • Artistic interests: Irish mail order brides are passionate lovers of all art things. Be it music, traditional dances, storytelling, acting, and a whole lot more, Irish women go above and beyond to indulge their artistic talents and share them with the world. If you’re dating an Irish lady, you’ll get to enjoy a woman who’s truly passionate about life.
  • Commitment to staying fit: Between their dances and exercising, Irish wives put in the effort to stay in shape. They know the appeal of staying physically gorgeous for their mental health as well as for the appeal of their husbands. The Irish girls you end up dating will surprise you with their gorgeous looks, even decades down the line.
  • Strong cultural identity: If you wanna impress Ireland girls, give them Claddagh rings instead of regular rings, take part in their traditional festivals like St. Patrick’s Day, and attempt to learn a bit of Gaelic.
  • Workforce participation: The local women of Ireland aren’t the type who would just sit at home while their husband earns money for them. These ladies prefer to contribute to the team actively, and this means they’ll go out and seek jobs to try and ease the burden on their partners.
  • Interest in education: In Ireland, over 55% of women between the ages of 30 and 34 have completed tertiary education, which happens to be a much higher rate than the EU average age. This is quite similar to the British women neighboring them. It goes to show the amount of importance the Irish people put on education and how Irish mail order wives will work hard to attain that level.

Who are Irish brides?

An Irish bride is a woman who wants to find a spouse, typically through dating sites and from a different country. Aside from that, they’re pretty much like any other woman who wants a husband. They’re looking for commitment with a man they can love and trust for the rest of their lives.

The average Irish bride has a whole array of reasons to search for a foreign husband. They all want the same thing. To find a dependable man who will love and cherish them for the rest of their lives. Time will tell if you’ll be lucky enough to be that man for the right Irish woman.

Expert’s Comment
Brian Whelan

During my travels through Ireland, I’ve found myself completely enamored by the women there. Everything ranging from the way they dress to how they speak to you would leave you tripping over yourself, falling in love. These women are filled with confidence, and their ability to make you feel comfortable and carry a conversation means there won’t ever be a boring or awkward moment with them. Being with them, you’ll feel as though you’re rejuvenated, and that’s the kind of energy you crave when you’re looking for someone to share your life with.

How to find Irish brides?

You’ve got two routes to finding an Irish bride. The first one is to go to Ireland, and the second is to use a dating platform online. Going to Ireland is fun, but you’ll need to consider the costs it will incur:

  1. Flight tickets: A round-trip flight from Washington, DC, to Dublin will cost you almost $600.
  2. Stay: You’ll need a hotel to stay at unless you’re lucky enough to have a friend in the city. Based on what hotels you choose, expect to spend at least 50$ per night.
  3. Food and recreation: While you’re in Ireland, you’ve gotta eat, and you’ll want to spend some nights out on the town. Being a European country, prices tend to be high, and expect to spend around $75 to $150 per week just on food.
  4. Transportation: Getting from point A to Point B without a car can be hard. Ireland has public transportation and rental cars, and it also happens to be bicycle friendly. You can expect to spend a handful of dollars to upwards of $500, based on what you choose.

How much does an Irish bride cost?

You aren’t paying for the Irish bride, but rather for the facilities to talk to one. Depending on the dating sites you use, costs may vary. The following prices are what you should expect from the dating platform TheLuckyDate, a hotspot of Irish mail order brides:

  • $2.99 for 20 credits
  • $19.99 for 50 credits
  • $44.99 for 125 credits
  • $69.99 for 250 credits
  • $149.99 for 750 credits

Once you’ve purchased a credit package, you can exchange the credits for services. Here’s what the different features will cost you:

  • 5 credits to send a message
  • 15 credits to send a virtual gift
  • 2 credits per minute for a chat
  • 50 credits for 10 minutes of a video chat

The amount you end up spending depends entirely on you. It could be extremely cheap or insanely expensive, based on how many women you talk to, how long you talk to them, and so on. 

Top places to meet Irish brides

There are plenty of ways to come across mail order Irish brides. If you find yourself out and about in Ireland, check out some of the best spots to meet Irish women.

Bars and Restaurants
Art & Culture

How to get Irish mail order brides

If you wanna win the heart of Irish women for marriage, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort. These are extremely desirable women, with many men vying for their hands. If you wanna be the lucky guy that ends up with an Irish wife, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Join international dating sites with a focus on Irish mail order brides. The website you choose will have a huge impact, from the Irish people you’ll get to browse to the costs that add up over time. Your best bet is to use one of the dating sites recommended in this article. You could also find Polish brides, women from Germany, and ladies from all over Europe.
  2. Spruce up your account with a high-quality profile. If you wanna compete with the Irish men already vying for attention, you need to stand out from the crowd. A good dating site will let you add tons of info to your profile so that the ladies who see you will know right away if you’re their type or not. Remember to put up flattering pictures of yourself because that’s the first thing an Irish girl will see of you on the website.
  3. Be straightforward and honest about your intentions, but don’t be rude.
  4. Don’t just monologue about yourself! Involve your new Irish girl in the conversation. Ask her questions, and slowly break the ice to move towards more intimate conversations.
  5. If your potential partners seem a bit shy or reserved, don’t push for more information right away. Some Irish girls can be a bit timid, and it takes time for them to build trust. Match their energy, and do your best to make them feel comfortable in their presence.
  6. Spoil your potential Irish mail order wife. Even little compliments and good morning texts can go a long way.
  7. If the talking stages go well, you’ll need to meet at some point. Plan out your trip to Ireland, budget out expenses, and meet your future Irish bride! This is the big step, and it’ll help you solidify your relationship with her.
  8. For every Irish woman, family comes first. When you go to Ireland to meet her, take the time to get to know her parents. Asking their permission to make her your Irish bride is incredibly important as well.
  9. Don’t flake. An Irish woman won’t show any kindness to a man she can’t rely on. Be emotionally available, put in effort, and remember that your word must always be your bond.

If you stick to these basic instructions, you’re guaranteed to score a serious relationship with the perfect Irish bride. Now it’s just a matter of hopping on the right dating websites and starting your search.

Challenges and Benefits of Dating Irish Brides

Before you find an Irish woman, you need to know what the good and bad sides are going to be so you know what to expect and determine if it’s worth it for you. Check out this nifty list, and you’ll know what the right choice for you is.

  • Irish women seeking marriage are extremely dedicated. They don’t play around when it comes to serious relationships, going above and beyond to earn the trust of their man.Irish girls are always the life of the party! These women are social butterflies, able to strike up a conversation with anyone, show genuine enthusiasm, and make the people around them comfortable in their presence.
  • Every Irish girl is committed to her family. Family values are centerfold in Irish culture, so many women make it one of their defining personality traits. Being family-oriented, they take care of their aging parents and their siblings if need be, but most of all, they’re fully committed to their children.
  • Irish girls are incredibly gorgeous but don’t think for a second that they’re all beautiful and have no brains. Ireland has a high human development index, which means these ladies will give you a run for your money when it comes to intellectual and stimulating conversations.
  • Social upbringing in Ireland makes Irish women rude, to a degree. They can be stubborn and often try their hardest to get their way. This can often be a benefit, but if they have a reason to go against you, it can make your future Irish wife a challenge to handle. Open and honest communication is key and will be your closest ally in your journey.
  • Irish ladies are very committed to their work. While their massive dedication is a great thing career-wise, it can mean they have less time to spend with their loved ones. Most Irish families talk about this situation before marriage and try to decide on a set schedule of work hours so that there are no issues once the couple is married.
  • Compared to American men, an Irish woman would have been brought up differently, with a different culture and a different set of ideals. That means if you get an Irish mail order bride, you’ll need to learn how she was brought up so you don’t misunderstand her. Again, clear and open communication will be your best friend.

Why do Irish mail order brides look for partners from Western countries?

There’s a vast array of reasons why Irish mail order brides look for American men or men from Western countries. Here are the main points to understand:

  • You may meet Irish women who identify closer to US culture or culture separate from Ireland. For women like this, the local men of Ireland don’t appeal to them, so they hop on a dating site with the hopes of finding a man from a different country.
  • Some Irish mail-order brides who spent their whole lives in Ireland and Great Britain are tired of the mentality of the men from their region. They want to date someone with a fresh perspective, so they look across the pond.
  • They want a change of pace from the country they live in. While Ireland is perfectly adequate, and the capital city is bustling and fun, it can get boring after a decade or two. For these women, marrying a foreign man is the best way to move to a new country and have a fresh start in life.

Stereotypes and myths about Irish women looking for marriage

As with any popular topic, there are a lot of myths and stereotypes floating around about Irish ladies. This section aims to address some of those false allegations:

  • Extreme religious devotion: Though the majority of Irish women are born Catholic, most of them are not devout patrons of the religion. Especially in recent years, with the issues of religion entering government and causing problems in women’s health and rights, most Irish girls are far less religious than they used to be.
  • Seeking foreign citizenship: Ireland is part of the European Union, meaning that all Irish citizens have a very strong passport. They can move without restrictions to any of the other countries in the European Union, as well as indulge in the benefits provided by this economic union. With so many benefits, Irish women have no reason to seek out foreign men just to change their citizenship.
  • Seeking a cash cow: Ireland is an extremely well-developed country. The healthcare system is solid, human resources are well-developed, and salaries are high. This nation is a first-world country, and as such, no Irish mail order bride will be motivated to find a foreign husband just for their money.
  • Is dead set on traditional gender roles: Irish girls are very Western-oriented. While they’re more than happy to be homemakers, the hot Irish women you meet would prefer to pull their weight in the relationship equally. They are passionate about building their careers and contributing to the family’s income.
  • Always has red hair and freckles: Despite what you might have heard online or in the media, only about 10% of women have naturally red hair. That still means they have the highest number of red-haired people in the world. However, 65% of Irish women have brown hair, and 15% have black hair. Almost all of these charming ladies have blue or green eyes and pale skin, however.

Summary from the author

To sum it all up, Irish ladies are a hot ticket, and everyone’s beginning to realize it. These women make the perfect life partner, and even with there being differences in culture, they easily adapt to you and your needs, learning to be the best wife they could be for you. With a woman like this by your side, you’re going to be unbeatable for life. Now, it’s time to start your journey and find that perfect Irish mail order wife!


How much does it cost to get an Irish wife?

The entire process of getting an Irish bride can cost anywhere between $2000 to $9000. This includes online costs for signing up and chatting, as well as flight tickets, accommodation, date nights, gifts, and formal expenses such as documentation. Of course, there could be some deviance, depending on the woman you choose, how you budget things, as well as if you spend money on other Irish women before you find ‘the one.’

Can a US citizen marry an Irish woman?

Yes. There is no law restricting US citizens from marrying Irish women. US citizens can then apply for Irish citizenship through marriage, or the Irish bride can apply for a green card. However, these are not required, and no barriers stop you from spending happily ever after with your Irish girl.

Are Irish brides legitimate?

Yes. Irish brides are the real. These women didn’t find love in their communities and have turned to search for the ideal man abroad, one who will love and cherish them for so much more than just their stunning looks. As long as you’re using a vetted mail order bride platform, you’re safe.

How can I find an Irish bride?

Unless you plan on traveling to Ireland and looking for Irish women for marriage there, your best bet at finding Irish wives would be by using online dating platforms dedicated to Irish women. You’ll find suggestions in this article.

Are Irish brides only interested in money or a better life?

The ‘Gold digger’ stereotype does not fit Irish women. Ireland isn’t a poor country, and being part of the European Union, they have a strong passport as well as well-developed cities and human resources. Rest assured, if an Irish girl picks you, it’ll be only for you.

What was the dowry in an Irish wedding?

The heads of the family arranged traditional Irish marriages, and usually, the bride’s family gave the husband’s family a ‘gift,’ known as a dowry. This ranges from land, domesticated farm animals like sheep or cattle, or money. It was originally done to secure the bride’s future but was also seen as a gift to the husband’s family members.

What is the history of marriage in Ireland?

Marriage is an extremely old practice, one of the oldest in the Irelands. Originally, Ireland had Gaelic and English customs. Gaelic customs dictated that weddings were contractual and not religious celebrations, whereas English customs said otherwise. Currently, the majority of Ireland follows Christianity, and as such, marriage is considered a religious celebration.

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