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Korean Mail Order Brides: Meet Your Future Korean Bride On Top Sites

What comes to your mind when thinking of Korean brides? There are so many exciting associations with them. They are considered charming, cute, attractive, genuine, and timid, and this is quite true when talking about them. But that’s not all you can discover about these charming women from South Korea.

Women in this county are indeed unique ladies, and most of them are really family-oriented and quite traditional. So, if you’re planning to find Korean girls, you should be ready for commitment, but that’s not the only thing you need to know about them. 

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If you’re really interested in Korean mail order brides, follow this guide. It’s a chance to learn more about, find out the best places where you can meet and date them, and even more. So, stay tuned for more information about South Korean brides.

Recommended Sites for Finding Korean Brides  The Lucky Date, Asian Melodies, Eastern Honeys
Best Cities in South Korea to Find Your Future Bride         Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu
The Average Cost of a Korean Bride    $9K-$15K
Is It Legal to Marry a Korean Mail Order Wife in 2023?Yes
Marriage Success Rate  More than 80%

Korean Culture And The Unique Qualities Of Korean Women

If you’ve met a Korean lady once in your life, then you already know how interesting, unique, and charming she can be, and the same can be said about the majority of Korean women. This can be among the main reasons why you might want to visit this country. However, South Korea is a country known not only for its charming ladies but also renowned for its gorgeous palaces, amazing nature, delicious cuisine, etc.

What’s more, South Korea is made up of 70% of mountains, so it offers a wide range of locations where you can hike and enjoy the mountainous nature of this place. If you’re into modern architecture, this country has a lot to offer in the face of Dongdaemun Design Plaza and many other great buildings. And don’t forget to head to Seoul, one of the most charming cities in the world.

While exploring this country, you’ll not have a chance to resist the charm and beauty of local women. Korean women are now more educated and career-oriented than ever before, but at the same time, they’re known for their family values. Still, they don’t rush to get married too soon, and nowadays, most Korean brides get married in their 30s.

Even though they get married late, marriage is still considered to be an important part of their lives. Family values are still injected into their minds from their childhood, making them great life partners. With a divorce rate of about 2 divorces per 1K population, South Korean women are renowned for being great wives. 

So, it’s time to learn more about the popularity of Korean mail order brides.

There are tons of reasons why you should start looking for a Korean mail order bride. A typical Korean woman will do her best to make her life partner happy and content. Thus, dating hot Korean women is always a good experience. But what makes a Korean woman so popular among men from Western countries? Here are the main reasons:

  • Charming Korean ladies. Nowadays, it’s hard to find women as obsessed with their beauty as Korean ladies. Most Korean women are popular for their charming looks, and famous ladies like Yoo In-Na, Han Ye-Seul, and Sara Choi approve of it.
  • Slim bodies. If you look through ladies like Kang Ji Young and Kyungri, you’ll notice how well-shaped they can be in real life. Actually, having slim bodies can be regarded as quite a common feature among Korean ladies.
  • Intelligence. While their beauty is worth admiring, don’t forget that Korean brides are quite smart and exciting. Any Korean bride will easily impress you with her brain, and spending time with her is just incredible.

Family values. When considering a Korean woman for marriage, you get a chance to marry a person who is charming and smart. But at the same time, don’t forget that a Korean mail order bride is also loaded with family values, so marriage for her is something sacred. Your Korean wife will do her best to be your ideal life partner.

When talking about Korean ladies, it’s a good idea to learn about the most popular Korean women. So, if you wonder who can be considered the most popular ladies, here are some of them:

Yoo In-Na

She’s one of the most popular actresses in her country and after a supporting role in the movie High Kick! Through the Roof, she rose to fame. Nowadays, she’s one of the highest-rated celebrities in South Korea.

Han Ye-Seul

Although born in the US, she became famous in her own country. If you wonder how charming Korean ladies can be, consider this name.


Her full name is Gina Choi, and she’s mainly referred to as G. NA. She’s a popular singer and actress. At the same time, she’s one of the most beautiful women in South Korea. Visit her Instagram account to learn more about this dame.

Song Hye Kyo

She’s one of the leading actresses in South Korea, and she’s known for promoting women’s rights in her country. She believes that being humble is what makes Korean women worthy.

Interesting Statistics About Korean Women

When thinking of Korean mail order brides, you should explore more about them. Well, you can be sure that Korean girls are ideal for marriage, but learning more about them will give you more insights. Let’s uncover some statistics about Korean women:

  • Problems with birth rates. When you look at the birth rate in South Korea, you can see that it’s quite low, with less than one kid per woman. So, having kids is not common, and this is mainly because Korean women tend to marry later than women in other Asian countries.
  • The increasing employment rate among women. When compared to previous decades, there’s been a steady increase in the employment rate of women. This explains why women don’t rush to get married and have kids. However, Korean ladies know how to combine both career and family lives.
  • Higher levels of education among Korean girls. How well-educated are Korean ladies? Well, did you know that more than 75% of Korean girls aged between 25 and 34 had a tertiary education? So, education is considered quite important among Korean mail order wives.
  • Online dating in South Korea. It’s estimated that more than half of the Korean population uses online dating to find the right person or soulmate. So, if you plan to find Korean singles, you should look for a great dating website.

Who Are Korean Mail Order Brides?

It happens to come across Korean mail order brides, and at some point, you might wonder who these Korean brides are. Well, you should know that Korean mail order brides are ladies from South Korea interested in finding the right person for committed bonds and marriage. They’re seeking someone abroad, and thus, they decide to become mail order brides.

Thus, it’s not surprising to come across women from South Korea on the top dating websites offering ladies for marriage. When thinking of these Korean women, you should imagine ladies who are not simply searching for foreign guys but are also interested in creating solid bonds that can lead to marriage. A typical Korean girl for marriage won’t be interested in short-term commitment.

Why Become Mail Order Wives?

As was already mentioned, one of the main reasons is to create solid bonds and family. However, that’s not all. Most Korean mail order brides are interested in changing their lives and creating better life opportunities. What’s more, it’s important for them to find reliable, caring, and family-oriented men who can take care of them.

So, thinking that Korean mail order brides are interested in money is quite false. Actually, you should know that Korean women are quite independent when it comes to finances. So, money isn’t the motivation for them. In other words, a typical Korean bride is simply interested in meeting the right person for commitment.

Pros And Cons Of Korean Mail Order Brides

Now, it’s time to consider both the good and bad aspects of living with Korean women for marriage so that you can know whether they’re ideal for you or not.


Open-minded women. The most appealing aspect of these women is that they’re quite open-minded, making it easy to communicate and date them. They never rush to judge someone, which is really worth admiring.
Diligent people. One of the most common things about Korean ladies is the fact that they’re among the most diligent Asian women. They don’t like being idle, and laziness isn’t something that can be attributed to them.
Ideal lovers in bed. A typical Korean woman might seem shy and reserved but don’t think that they can’t impress you in bed. Korean women are known for being passionate in bed, and they can do crazy things to make you satisfied.
Ladies of compromise. It’s not common for Korean women to be aggressive. Conflicts are not common in Korean families, as Korean girls are taught to be people of compromise. So, they don’t like arguing, and they’ll do everything to ensure peace within their families.


The difference in mentality. Korean culture can’t be said to be similar to Western, and the same can be said about the mentality of Korean ladies. Their mindsets are different, and such differences can be challenging at the initial stages of dating and living together.
Language barrier. To say that most Korean brides speak English won’t be right. Actually, a language barrier is a common challenge that should be overcome when dating Korean ladies.

Expert’s Opinion On Korean Women For Marriage
Brian Whelan

No doubt, Korean women are among the most overlooked wife candidates nowadays, but it’s clear that their popularity is growing. How come Korean women make great life partners? First of all, you should understand that these women are patient, wise, and really practical. They approach many things in their lives with their minds and reasoning.
Secondly, they make great life partners because they still have family values. Despite modern values getting prevalent almost everywhere, beautiful Korean woman manages to stay quite traditional, although they’re quite career-oriented at the same time. In other words, getting married and creating families are still considered sacred and essential in South Korean society.
Finally, they’re far from Western values, especially far from feminism. They won’t be bothered by gender role division in the family. Instead, they are taught to obey their life partners and do their best to make them happy, which makes Korean girls ideal for marriage.

How To Find A Korean Bride?

When looking for Korean mail order wives, you can opt to visit their country and start looking for them on your own. Before you go there, you should know what it will cost you. Here are the prices that you should be aware of:

  • Flight to South Korea. If you’re planning a trip to this country, you better be ready to pay more than $1,200 for a round-trip ticket.
  • Accommodation. You should know that accommodation in South Korea isn’t among the cheapest, and to stay there for 2 weeks, you’ll need to pay more than $100 per night.
  • Food and transportation. Well, this is where you can save a lot, as food and transportation are not quite expensive. For a 2-week trip, you’ll spend about $800 on both transportation and meals.
  • Entertainment and other things. This is where prices are hard to predict. If you’re planning to have fun with your Korean girlfriend and visit great places, in addition to buying gifts for her, you might spend about $2K.

Overall, your venture will cost you between $5K and $6K, so you should plan your budget accordingly before planning your trip to South Korea.

How Much Does A Korean Mail Order Bride Cost?

Well, you don’t need to go to South Korea to find your future bride. Nowadays, everything is done through dating platforms offering beautiful mail order brides from the Korean peninsula. For example, if you visit Eastern Honeys, you’ll get a chance to see the most charming Korean women for marriage. But how much will your online venture cost to get a mail order bride?

When you register and start dating, for example, on Eastern Honeys, you’ll be offered a chance to buy exclusive services. You’ll need to buy credits, and the first purchase will cost you $2.99. Then, you can consider the following packages:

  • 20 credits – $9.99
  • 50 credits – $19.99
  • 125 credits – $44.99
  • 250 credits – $69.99
  • 750 credits – $149.99

Given this price list, you’ll spend about $300 a month for your Korean mail order bride, and this is quite affordable when compared to a real trip to South Korea.

Top Places To Meet Korean Brides

Among the top places where you can meet Korean women for marriage, you should discover the top dating websites like Eastern Honeys, Asian Melodies, and The Lucky Date. On these sites, you’ll definitely find the best matches. But how about offline spots?

Bars And Restaurants
When in South Korea, one of the first places to consider should be bars and restaurants, where you can meet tons of singles. It’s really easy to approach women at such places, and here are the most popular spots worth your attention:
Arts & Culture
Going to bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants can be a good idea for you, but there are other great places where you can meet charming locals. If you’re interested in meeting your special person during the daytime, you might want to visit the following places:
If you’re planning to spend some cool time outdoors, there are many great spots where you can be surrounded by charming locals. Here are the best places that you should keep in mind when in South Korea:

How To Get Korean Mail Order Brides?

If you’re planning to get a Korean mail order bride, you should know how to start your journey. If you’re determined to find a Korean girl, you should follow these tips:

  • Find a decent site. To meet your future Korean bride online, you need to know where to find her. Thus, the first step is to find a good dating site offering Korean brides.
  • Search for an ideal Korean bride. The next step will be finding the right person. Benefit from search filters to find an ideal Korean girl for marriage.
  • Communicate with your Korean girl online. The more you communicate with your future South Korean wife, the closer you’ll become.
  • Learn more about her culture. Before you meet Korean women online, you should learn more about their culture and mindset. Better understanding is key when it comes to impressing beautiful Korean women.
  • Be ready for commitment. Korean women are not interested in casual flings, so you must ensure your Korean girl that you’re interested in commitment and long-term connection.

Visa Information

Stereotypes And Myths About Korean Women Looking For Marriage

Before you start looking for Korean brides online, you should know more about the stereotypes and myths about them. Here are the most popular ones:

  • South Korean wives are believed to be gold diggers, but that’s not true at all. Almost any Asian woman from East Asia will come from a financially stable place. So, money can’t be said to be the main motivation for Korean brides.
  • You can hear that Korean women dating foreigners are interested only in moving to their countries. But that’s not true, either. Single Korean women are known for being patriotic. This is quite common among them.
  • Are Korean women emotionless? Well, this is another misconception about local girls in South Korea, but that’s not true. It’s common for an Asian girl to be shy and timid, especially when it comes to showing emotions.
  • It’s not true that there are many scammers on Korean dating sites. You just need to find the best Korean brides on the best sites. Not every dating spot is good if you’re planning to find South Korean mail order brides.
  • Is it true that sexy Korean women are quite picky? Well, this is also a myth. It’s highly likely that your potential Korean wife will not be picky, although she’ll be hot and sexy. They value when you’re considerate, kind, and patient.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in finding the right person for marriage, Korean brides should be on the top list for sure. They make reliable life partners, interesting interlocutors, and charming lovers. So, find a good dating site and start looking for your future Korean wife.

Brian Whelan
With more than 10 years of experience as a journalist and international dating expert, Brian Whelan has an unrivaled understanding of the intricacies of cross-cultural relationships. He combines his extensive knowledge and storytelling prowess to deliver insightful and engaging content at BridesAgency.com. As a highly esteemed contributor, Brian shares his unique perspective on dating and relationships, inspiring readers to explore the diverse world of international love connections.


How much does it cost to get a Korean wife?

The cost of getting a Korean wife can vary from $9K to $15K. The more efficient way of finding a Korean woman for marriage for a reasonable price is through a reliable dating website like Eastern Honeys, where you can meet Korean women for marriage.

Can a US citizen marry a Korean girl?

Yes, any US citizen can get married to a Korean woman on the condition that all legal requirements are met.

Are Korean brides legitimate?

Yes, they are. Korean mail order brides are completely legitimate, so the only thing you need to find them is to pick a good dating website like Eastern Honeys.

How can I find a Korean bride?

Unlike North Korean brides, you can easily find South Korean brides in their country by arranging a trip to that place. However, you can easily meet mail order Korean brides on the top international dating sites.

Are Korean brides only interested in money or a better life?

Definitely, Korean wives are interested in a better life. Actually, South Korean girls are quite independent when it comes to earning money, so they’re particularly interested in finding someone who can make their lives better.

What is the history of marriage in South Korea?

For a long time, arranged marriages were common, but nowadays, Korean mail order brides prefer dating before getting married. Since South Korean girls are fond of dating, it’s natural that they can date for a long time before getting married.