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South African Mail Order Brides: Simplifying Getting The Best Brides

South African Mail Order Brides: Simplifying Getting The Best Brides

South African mail order brides are known to be one of the most gorgeous ethnic groups you could come across. Their tanned, dark skin, flawless complexion, adorable personalities, and commitment to the ones they love make them the perfect partners to keep by your side through your whole life.

With this article, you’ll have all the insider information of the specifics that make South African women so much more desirable than other ladies, where you can find them, and what the best way to make someone fall in love with you is. Read on, and begin your journey to securing a serious relationship with a stunning South African woman!

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Best cities in South Africa to find your dream brideCape Town, Johannesburg, Kimberley, Durban
Average cost of a South African Bride$3000 to $10000
Is it legal to marry a South African woman in 2024?Yes
Marriage success rate0.6 divorces per 1000 marriages

South African culture and the unique qualities of South African women

South African culture is deep and respected, and the women from this country are shaped by their history. This nation has gone through a lot of struggle and turmoil and has made its people extremely resilient and independent. Take a look at why foreign men desire South African women over American women:

  1. Ubuntu philosophy: This is a guiding philosophy in traditional African culture. It speaks to the interconnectedness of the community, environment and the importance of compassion, empathy, and communal responsibility. It’s part of the reason why compared to Western women, African ladies are far more community oriented.
  2. Resiliency: South Africa has faced countless struggles. Through colonization and the apartheid regime, the people of South Africa were forced to persevere and learn to survive. They fought for equality, justice, and human rights, and these qualities are deeply instilled in every South African woman you’ll meet.
  3. Artistic endeavors: South African people are deeply connected to their culture, and they express it through traditional songs, dances, literature, stories, and more. Expect to indulge in plenty of it as you spend time with them, and your appreciation for it will only grow.
  4. Family values: South African folks are raised to hold their family above all else. They’re committed to their parents, caring for them well into their elderly years. They’ll go above and beyond to make sure their children are raised with all the opportunities they need and ensure they have the best possible environment.

South African mail order brides are in high demand for a vast array of reasons. They’re the kind of woman you want by your side through life, and here are the reasons why:

  • Eye candy: It’s no secret that South African women are stunning to look at. South African women are fine, and they always turn heads no matter what room they walk into. Their flawless skin, beautiful curves, stunning hairstyles, and sheer confidence will have them lock themselves in your heart and throw the key away.
  • Straightforward: An African bride won’t ever beat around the bush; she’ll always tell you exactly how it is. if you mess up, there won’t be any silent treatment or pouting. Expect proper conversations where she communicates with you exactly what the issue is and fixes the problem.
  • Dedicated: Whether it’s to their work, their education, their children, or their man, an African bride is always fully committed. She is always loyal to a fault and wants what’s best for her family and herself. She won’t stop at anything to get it.
  • Maternal instincts: An African mail order wife is guaranteed to be the perfect mother to your children. From a young age, these girls are taught how to take care of their younger siblings, and they are instilled with traditional values of family.

The best way to gauge what your future African bride would be like is to look at famous women from South Africa. When you’re dating African women for marriage, know that these ladies will share many of the same characteristics. If you like these ladies, you’ll love South African mail order brides! Check them out:

Kim Engelbrecht

Born in Cape Town, Kim Engelbrecht is a 42-year-old bombshell who’s been active in the movie and TV industry since 1994 with no signs of slowing down. She’s a gorgeous lady with a sculpted body to die for, and staring into her eyes will make you lose yourself. Her chiseled jaws, prominent collarbones, and seductive attitude is an amazing representation of what single African women are like.

Minnie Dlamini

Minnie’s a 32-year-old hottie who’s also absolute eye candy. Born in Durban, she studied film, media, and drama before working as an on-air personality, actress, and model and even becoming a presenter for a Friday live music show named Live Amp. She even has her fashion range called the Minnie Series. How many girls do you know who are as accomplished as an African lady like Minnie? 

Minnie’s beautiful looks contributed to her fame, with the kind of body men would gape at, a beautiful smile, and the most pleasant voice to listen to. If you date African women, know that someone like she could be your future wife.

Pearl Thusi

This 35-year-old work of art is a prime example of African girls. Born in Hammarsdale, Pearl is a high achiever, working as an actress, a model, a radio personality, a television host, and, to top it off, a businesswoman. Her ambition knows no bounds, much like all the African wives you’ll see. 

Pearl’s unique sense of style makes her stand out from women of other countries, emphasizing her as a true African beauty. Such a woman puts a lot of effort into her looks, and it shows. Be it au naturel or with makeup, Pearl Thusi is the kind of woman who has all eyes on her whenever she walks into the room.

Zozibini Tunzi

Known as Zozi Tunzi, she was born in Tsolo, Eastern Cape. This stunning African girl is both beautiful and smart, with a National Diploma in Public Relations Management and a Bachelor of Technology graduate degree in the same. Aside from her intelligence, Zozi has also been crowned Miss South Africa 2019 and Miss Universe 2019! 

Her beauty knows no bounds. Much like all the other African ladies, she has flawless skin and complexion, a smile that lights up the room, and a body you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. That’s the kind of African wife you’d never get tired of looking at.

Interesting statistics about South African women

South African girls possess several intriguing and exotic qualities that make them extremely desirable to foreign men around the globe. Their drive, physical beauty, passion, and compassion make them the most supportive partner you could get, and it’s no surprise why guys go nuts for them. Take a peek at what makes them so special:

  • Success in beauty pageants: It comes as no one’s surprise that African ladies are incredibly successful in all sorts of beauty pageants. Between Miss Universe and Miss World titles, South African women have brought home the prize a total of 9 times. Their natural genes give them an advantage, but their commitment to staying fit, having good fashion taste, and having gorgeous hairstyles puts them high over the competition.
  • Passion for education: South African brides work hard to educate themselves. Whether it’s primary school or college, these ladies put in the effort to develop their skills to be as educated as their foreign husbands.
  • Drive to become entrepreneurs: South African women have been making strides, joining the workforce, and developing ideas to launch their businesses. This sort of creativity is valuable in a partner, as it shows that they’re able to think for themselves and have passion for things outside of just their family life.
  • Insistence on contributing to their household: Their drive to become educated and part of the workforce isn’t just for bragging rights. Every African woman you’ll meet will go above and beyond to try and provide for her family. If you marry African brides, you’ll be able to take some of the weight of finances off your shoulders.
  • An unrivaled maternal instinct: Every African girl you’ll meet will stun you with her ability to care for a child, regardless of age. It is ingrained in them to be able to take care of young ones, and they are fiercely protective of their children. That’s why if you want to have kids, they’d make the best moms.

Who are South African brides?

A South African mail order bride is a woman who’s begun looking abroad to find the man of her dreams. Usually, it’s because she didn’t find what she wanted at home or she didn’t like the mentality of the men from her region. For some, it may be because they prefer the aesthetic of Western men or maybe their attitudes. For others, they want a fresh start in life with a dependable man in a different corner of the world.

Even with all these reasons, the average African mail order bride is just a girl looking for love. Using a dating site to find them doesn’t change the fact that their intentions are pure. Look around, and you might find the love of your life.

Expert’s opinion on South African brides

I’ve seen my fair share of South African ladies, both in South Africa and around the world. These women hold a certain charm to them, in which they can grab the attention of any man they want. Even with this charisma, they’ll latch onto one man and stay loyal to him. Their dedication is something to admire, always being the rock their man can lean on, akin to Maldives brides. It’s no wonder why men who are married to African brides are so happy and successful in their daily lives. It’s the kind of existence you’d be jealous of, but with some effort, it could be yours.

How to find a South African bride?

Finding a South African bride isn’t difficult, especially if you’re going to South Africa. Aside from that, you could always sign up for a dating platform. If you decide to visit South Africa, here’s what you’ll need to know about costs before you set off to enjoy one of the best African countries:

  1. Flight tickets: A round-trip flight from Washington, DC, to Cape Town will cost you almost $1400.
  2. Stay: The average hotel in South Africa ranges in pricing between $20 to over $200 per night. Depending on your budget, you can choose to be frugal or splurge.
  3. Food and recreation: Luckily, dining isn’t too expensive in South Africa. Unless you decide to splurge, you shouldn’t expect to spend more than $30 per day on meals.
  4. Transportation: You have the option of public transport, walking, taxis, and renting cars. Public transport is extremely cheap, but your most comfortable option would most likely be taking taxis. Compared to Western prices, they’re extremely affordable.

How much does a South African mail order bride cost?

The first thing you must understand about these online dating sites is that you aren’t paying to ‘purchase’ a woman. That doesn’t happen here. You’re paying for the service these dating websites provide, which is to be able to chat with African mail order brides and hopefully form a relationship with them.

The pricing of every site is different. Take a look at the prices from TheLuckyDate, one of the top online dating platforms to find an African mail order wife on:

  • 20 credits for $2.99
  • 50 credits for $19.99
  • 125 credits at $44.99
  • 250 credits at $69.99
  • 750 credits at $149.99

After you’ve acquired a credit package, you can use the credits to access different services. Each of these services costs a different amount, as listed below:

  • Send a message for 5 credits
  • Send a virtual gift for 15 credits
  • Chat with a user for 2 credits per minute
  • Video chat with a user for 10 minutes for 50 credits

As you can see, it’s very affordable prices. However, based on how much you use their platform, the costs can add up. If you speak to multiple women, you’d have to pay for more services, and soon you could go out of your budget. Because of this, you must be careful about how much you use their features. 

Aside from the cost of using the online dating site, you’d also need to save up for your eventual trip to South Africa, as well as the money you’d spend on gifts, a visa, dates, and so on. It’s a good idea to plan your expenses in advance and know that your mail order African brides are worth every penny.

Top places to meet South African brides

If you’re out and about in South Africa and wanna meet your romantic partner in an old-fashioned way, this section can help you. Look at some of the best spots to start your journey to find the ideal partner.

Bars and restaurants
If you’re out and about in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban, you’ll run into some stunning African ladies at the local bars and restaurants. Take a peek at the most popular bars and restaurants you could visit and meet the most stunning African ladies:
Art and culture
Aside from the regular nightlife, dining, and drinking, South Africa offers many other ways to get in touch with the locals. Whether it’s through learning the local history or through understanding the depths of the culture South Africa hold, you can enjoy it all through these spots:
South Africa offers much more to see than just the run-of-the-mill museums, bars, clubs, and restaurants. Check out some of their most popular spots with national parks, sightseeing events, and more to meet many African brides at:

How to get South African mail order brides

Finding an African mail order bride is a simple process. However, getting one to fall for you is trickier. Here’s what you’ll need to do to find an African wife:

  1. The first step is to join an international dating platform. Try to use one with a large population of South African users.
  2. Work hard on your profile. From high-quality pictures to a good bio and lots of information, this is your first impression for any woman who notices you. Before they’re willing to meet you in real life, you have to be appealing online.
  3. Learn a bit about South African culture. If your potential partner realizes you’re genuinely interested in her upbringing and country, she’ll be far more likely to fall for you. Take the time to learn a few phrases in her language if you really wanna impress her.
  4. Don’t lie about your intentions, and don’t try to suggest a casual, no strings attached relationship. You won’t get anywhere with these ladies with that sort of mentality.
  5. Include her in the conversation. If she’s asking all the questions and you’re only talking about yourself, she’ll think you’re narcissistic and grow bored.
  6. Match her energy. If a girl shows less interest, move on to the next one. If a girl shows genuine enthusiasm to speak to you, don’t play hard to get.
  7. Plan out the eventual real-life meeting. If all goes well, sooner or later, you’ll need to visit your bride-to-be in South Africa. You’ll have to plan your expenses, such as flight tickets, visa costs, accommodation, dates, food, and gifts.
  8. Go above and beyond to provide for her and her family. Family is pivotal in South Africa, and if your future bride sees you put in the same amount of love and care for her parents, she’ll know you’re the one without a shadow of a doubt.

It’s a simple list, and if you follow it, you’ve got amazing chances at finding the perfect South African bride. Sign up on one of the mentioned dating sites, and you can get started today!

Challenges and benefits of dating South African brides

As with all other things in life, there are challenges and benefits to having African wives. Take a peek at a few of the main pros and cons you’ll face with your African wife:

  • Homemakers: African mail order brides are the kind of women who can turn a house into a home. These ladies will spruce up your home and make it a place to truly relax. Combine that with their natural maternal instincts, and soon you’ll be a father to the most perfect children you could have. With the perfect amount of love and sternness, an African woman will ensure your children are raised well.
  • Extremely fit: African women are genetically gifted with amazing bodies, but they take it to the next level with the effort they put into maintaining their figures. Be it through dance, sports, or working out, your African girlfriend will steal your breath away with how good she looks, even decades down the line.
  • Social butterflies: Many women from Africa are known to be chatty in the best of ways. They know how to get the conversation flowing and make sure that everyone in the group feels involved. They’re the kind of ladies you’d love to have on your arm at any party because they’re amazing at matching the energy and making you look good.
  • Amazing cooks: African cuisine is nothing to scoff at. African brides are incredibly skilled at cooking meals that would have you getting seconds, thirds, and fourths. They also are adept at learning new recipes, so no matter what cuisine you’re weak for, your African mail order wife will learn it just for you.
  • Traditional women: African girls are fairly set into standard gender roles, as that’s what they were raised with, similar to Indian brides. That means they expect the man to work and provide for the family while they stay at home and make sure everything’s spick and span for when you come back. You won’t have to worry about things like cooking and cleaning because they’ll take on those tasks.
  • Language issues: Although most African ladies are more or less capable of their English, they tend to have strong accents at best. If you’re not used to a diverse array of different accents, you might struggle to understand an African girl’s accent. Even though their English could be grammatically perfect, it can take some getting used to.
  • Social issues: South Africa, specifically, much like other African countries, have a history of apartheid. As such, this means that many African single women tend to be wary of Western men. It’s a force of habit because of the brutal repression that they went through. It could take some time for them to understand that you are nothing like their oppressors.
  • Safety issues: Even though South Africa is slowly rising in the ranks of third-world countries, it still has its fair share of crime to deal with. If you’re dating an African lady, it’s in your best interest to move her away from South Africa just so you can be sure that she’s safe.

Why do South African brides look for partners in Western countries?

There can be several reasons why an African woman would look for a foreign husband. Take a look at some of the major factors:

  1. Some African women have a thing for American men and Western men in general. They’re attracted to their particular style, so it’s only natural to want to end up dating and eventually marrying a Western man.
  2. They don’t like the mentality of the men in African countries. African countries tend to be very patriarchal, and women’s rights still have a long way to go. Western men tend to be more open about showing compassion, talking about emotions, and in general, connecting with their partner on a deeper level.
  3. To get a fresh start in life. While African countries are developing rapidly, an African woman can gain a lot if she moves to a Western country with a man who loves and supports her endeavors. She would have access to better education and work prospects, which would, in turn, allow her to contribute to her new household more.

Stereotypes and myths about South African women looking for marriage

As with all the good things in life, there are quite a few negative connotations associated with South African mail order brides. This section will list a few of these myths and stereotypes:

  • They’re in it for the money: South African mail order brides are fairly well off. South Africa is a rapidly developing country, so they have no reason to go out of their way and get a foreign husband just to be financially stable. Rest easy; if an African girl chooses you, it’s because of who you are, not the money you make.
  • They just want to move to a new country: South African women have no trouble traveling to new countries by themselves. Plenty of single African women do it with ease, with no need for a man to accompany them. If an African mail order wife suggests moving to your home country together, she’s doing it because of her love for you and her desire to make sure you feel comfortable.
  • They’re uneducated: As of 2021, South African girls have a literacy rate of 92.17%. Most African women are better educated than their male counterparts, even when you’re considering higher forms of education. 60% of students enrolled in tertiary education institutes were African females!
  • They want white partners for social status: South Africa suffered enormously at the hands of an apartheid regime. If anything, African people are still wary of white people, particularly because the apartheid era ended only in 1990. Being so recent, you can be certain that all the local ladies interested in you have serious intentions about the relationship and aren’t doing it for some faux social standing.
  • They’re extremely submissive: People from other countries seem to have the false notion that the beautiful women of South Africa are timid, submissive, and will obey their man. Of course, African mail order brides will do their best to make their Western men happy, but it’s a give-and-take relationship. They need to feel like their wishes and needs are being respected, and they will not tolerate disrespect or being treated like doormats.

Summary from the author

It’s abundantly clear that South African women are the kind of women you’d want by your side through thick and thin. Even with the many ways that they are different, they ultimately work the hardest to foster the healthiest possible relationship with their man, going above and beyond to make sure to keep him as happy as can be. With a lady as committed as a South African woman, you’ll stay winning in life. Now that you know how easily you can find your happily ever after, you can start your search with any recommended sites!


How much does it cost to get a South African wife?

Expect to spend anywhere between $4000 to over $8000. Whether you’re using international dating sites or traveling to an African country to find an African wife, your costs can vary depending on how you treat the situation. Flight tickets are expensive, and smaller expenditures like hotel costs, dates, premium access to African dating sites, gifts, and even paying for the future bride’s visa can add up. 

Can a US citizen marry a South African?

Yes. Nothing is stopping a US citizen from marrying a South African woman. As long as you’re both of legal age and get legally married, you’re considered husband and wife. There are a few hoops to jump through to get your wife a permanent residency in the US, but with complete guides, you’ll be good to go in no time.

Is marriage common in South Africa?

Yes. Like in your country, marriage is quite common in South Africa, just as in West Africa and even North African countries. Christianity is the most prominent religion in many African countries, followed by Islam, Hindu, and Jewish faith. Marriage is an important aspect of all these religions, so the concept isn’t foreign to them.

Are South African brides legitimate?

Yes. South African women for marriage are legit. These beauties are looking for a man they can respect, admire, and be loyal to for the rest of their lives. They haven’t found that at home, or maybe the men there didn’t suit them, so they turn to Western guys. Whatever their reasoning, their intentions for using international dating sites are the purest. Any African lady you speak to will make you quickly realize that these women are committed to finding love, and everything else comes second to it.

How can I find a South African bride?

If you’re looking for a South African bride online, the best websites are LaDate, LoveFort, and LatiDate. If you’re the more adventurous type, try hitting up the list of recommended hotspots in South Africa, allowing you to travel and meet beautiful South African women!

Are South African brides only interested in money or a better life?

The sexy African brides from South Africa aren’t strangers to the good life. This is a country with a rapidly rising economy, plenty of fun cities like Cape Town, and great job prospects. South Africa is a perfectly great country to live in, so rest assured, any African mail bride looking for Western guys isn’t doing it for money but love. The only ‘better life’ they’re seeking is one they can spend with a man they can love and trust.

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Liam Mate, you’re not alone. Dated a woman from Durban and it felt like an entirely different world, even though I’ve visited SA multiple times. The dating traditions, the family ties – hit different. Every read, especially ones like this, fills in a piece.


Got here after some chats with Tshidi from Pretoria. Her depth, her beauty, her stories – South African girls are something else. This piece? A masterclass for dudes like us, heh. Need more like it to bridge the gaps.


Hey everyone! I grew up in Cape Town but moved to the US when I was 10. Just started dating Amara from Johannesburg. Realizing I’m kinda out of touch with SA customs. Does anyone else feel the need to reconnect with their roots, or it’s a midlife crisis, haha? @all PS: This article was a trip down memory lane. Big shout out to the author!


Been with Zola for 5 years. What stands out? The strength, the pride, the sense of humor. These women have layers, man. Liam, it’s more like a journey of rediscovery. Dive in, and you’ll find treasures. Articles like this? That is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep searching.

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