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What country has the most beautiful women?

Finding the right woman can be very tricky. When there are 195 countries, with beautiful girls all around the globe, making the right decision for our international seekers may look like a very anxious task. But despite all the arguments and disagreements between men, there are always a couple of countries, which are praised for having the most beautiful women. This heated debate of choosing the best out of the best usually boils down to one particular country – Russia. But why do you Russian girls have such a great reputation and get praised all the time. Why Russian women are the most beautiful in the world?


More than other girls around the world, Russian women pay a lot of attention to their physical appearance. It is very unlikely that a girl would leave the house without her makeup. Russian women believe that the first impression you make is the most important thing when meeting new people, because only if you look beautiful and well-dressed will show if you will be valued for your other traits or not. Women will try to look as best as they can even in everyday situations. Wearing high heels and a beautiful dress on a public transport might seem a bit flamboyant in the western world, but it is perfectly normal for Russian women. This extra effort to always look and feel extra pretty is what drives a lot of men around the world crazy for them.

Cultural difference

When compared to women in the west, Eastern European and especially Russian girls have completely different traditions, culture and approach to life. In 2018, we see the divide between genders smaller than ever before. Women often choose to be comfortable, independent and seek out individual careers instead of putting family values as priority number one. Russian women are raised in a more patriarchal society, but an immense gap between the amount of men and women in Russia also plays a major role. Since finding the right man is a difficult task, a lot of Russian girls prioritize marrying the right, successful man and strives to make him happy. Although this approach to almost worshiping a husband might seem old-fashioned to some people, Russian women value family values and making the man happy the most, which makes them appear much more feminine and devoted to starting a family, compared to their counterparts in the west.


This might come as a surprise to some people, but even since the times of Soviet Union, being educated was extremely prestigious and important. That is why to this day, vast majority of young women in Russia consider having higher education to be their main life goal. This might seem to have nothing to do with beauty at first, but a woman who is confident in her intelligence will bloom in every other situation at life. Not just physically beautiful, but also smart and well educated wife is a dream come true to some men. That is why Russian women are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. They pay a lot of attention to their beauty, care about family values, but also have an intelligent mind of their own, which makes them great partners for life.

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