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Thai Mail Order Brides: Meet Thai Brides On The Top Sites

Thai Mail Order Brides: Meet Thai Brides On The Top Sites

Thai girls are renowned for their combination of modern and traditional values. A typical Thai woman is a person who can be more than a friend and lover. She’ll be a dedicated person, and that’s why you should consider getting mail order Thai brides. But before you start looking for these Asian mail order wives, you better discover more about them.

This is where you’ll find this guide quite pragmatic and interesting to read. You’ll get all the required insights about Thai mail order wives and where you can find them. But that’s not all you’ll find in this article on Thai brides. If you’re curious about Thai women for marriage, you should follow this guide to learn more about them.

Recommended sites to meet a Thai mail order wifeAsian Melodies, Eastern Honeys, The Lucky Date
Top cities to meet a Thai womanBangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya
The average cost of a Thai brideAbout $5K (without wedding expenses)
Is it legal to marry a Thai girl in 2023?YES
Marriage success rateHigher than 90%
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Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
✅ Verified
Bangkok, Thailand
Pattaya, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Thai culture and the unique features of Thai women

Are Thai wives ideal life partners? Given their traditional values and unique background that goes deep in history, it can be concluded that Thai ladies can offer a lot to single men like you. If interested, it’s time to look at the following:

  • Religious women. A Thai lady is generally a person with religious values, and most Thai people are now Buddhists. This explains why Thai mail order wives are polite, complacent, and kind people, and don’t forget that religion is still a part of the daily lives of Thai ladies.
  • The land of smiles. Did you know that a typical Thai woman can have at least 13 various smiles to convey her message or feelings? So, it’s not surprising that Thailand is known as the land of smiles.
  • Freedom lovers. Thai girls are proud people, and one of the main reasons behind it is the fact that Thailand was never colonized by any European country. Thus, it’s also referred to as the land of the free, which explains why Thai dames value their freedom.
  • Superstitious women. Before you meet beautiful Thai brides, you should know that they’re quite superstitious, which is actually explained by their religion which was once influenced by other beliefs. If your Thai woman behaves in a strange way, that might be for a particular reason.

There is a myriad of reasons that can explain the popularity of Thailand mail order brides among Western guys. However, it’s worth mentioning mainly 3 ones. The first of one is the fact that a typical Thailand mail order bride has traditional values and a marriage-oriented nature. This makes Thai women stand out among other ladies in Western countries.

Secondly, Thai girls coming from the major cities in Thailand are capable of communicating in English, which makes communication less problematic for Western singles. And finally, it’s worth mentioning that charming Thai girls are quite appealing to foreign single men. A typical Thai girlfriend might look cute and mesmerizing. 

How charming are most Thai women? Well, before looking for a Thai bride online, it’s time to consider how enchanting they can be. Why not have a look at some popular ladies who represent the beauty standards of Thai women in general? Have a look at the following names:

Patchrapa Chaichua

She’s one of the most captivating women in Thailand, known for her acting in popular projects. During her travels across the country, she was happy to see her fans across the country, and she added, ‘Those are the times I have the chance to try new food and see more of Thailand!’

Jame Ramida Jiranorraphat

This is another charming lady who’s known for her contribution to the Thai movie industry. At the same time, she’s a popular national singer. Her charming look and slim body are worth admiration for sure.

Mew Nittha Jirayungyurn

She’s considered to be among the sexiest women in Thailand. She’s an actress and vlogger at the same time, and her Instagram account has a lot to offer if you’re interested in such charming ladies.

Interesting statistics about Thai brides

Thai mail order brides are undoubtedly the ladies who can bring color to your life, and thanks to their traditional values, they’re not as independent, feminist, and liberal as Western women. So, if you’ve been looking for a great candidate for marriage who’ll be quite complacent and docile, you should focus on Thai mail order brides. But that’s not all you can discover, so let’s have a look at the following statistics and facts about them:

  • Level of education in Thailand. Despite some progress in the education system and levels, Thailand isn’t among the best countries when it comes to education, but still, the adult literacy of people aged 15 and above is more than 94%.
  • Female labor force participation. Well, this is where females are underrepresented. For now, the female force participation rate in Thailand is about 58%, which is low when compared to other countries like China or Singapore.
  • Low birth rates. It’s not quite common for Asian countries to have a low birth rate, but it’s quite low in Thailand. For now, it’s about 1.3 children per woman. There are several reasons for that, including the modern lifestyle, unwillingness to get married, and so on.
  • Marriage and divorce rates in Thailand. Modern values infiltrate into the minds of younger generations, leading to a decrease in the marriage rate in Thailand. But it’s not the sole reason why people don’t want to get married, as the divorce rate in this country continues to grow, and for now, it’s about 39% of all marriages.
  • The average age of marriage. Despite modern values, Thai women are still getting married much younger than ladies in other countries. The average age of marriage for Thai ladies is about 21, so you can be interested in Thai women for marriage, as most of them are quite young.

Who are Thai brides?

A Thai mail order bride is a Thai woman looking for a life partner abroad. To find such a person for commitment, she needs to appeal to the services of local agencies that help local women to be included in the catalogs of the most popular dating websites where you can access their profiles. Future Thai wives are interested mainly in relationships that can lead to commitment and marriage.

Family building is also among the common purposes explaining the rise of Thai mail order brides across international dating websites. Of course, you should know that Thailand girls for marriage are quite different from other Thailand girls you can find on various dating apps. Thailand brides are not in search of local dating, casual flings, and so on.Instead, these women are pursuing dreams of becoming closer to single men who can take care of them for good. Simply put, Thai brides are Asian brides you can find on the top dating sites catering services to single men, particularly cherishing an ideal and desire to meet their ideal match for a long-term bond.

Expert’s Comment
Brian Whelan

Are you looking forward to meeting a lady who can make you feel like a real man, be it in bed or in social life? Well, you might be dreaming of a Thai mail order bride. Indeed, women from Thailand are considered ideal life partners, passionate lovers, and great mothers for their future kids. And guess what? They’re not picky ladies.
It won’t matter how old you can be in real life or what you look like. For these gorgeous Thai women, it would be more important how you’ll treat them. So, if you’re ready for this, you can find real life in this country. And now, all you need is to find a good dating website offering Asian women for marriage to pick the best match among beautiful Thai wives.

How to find a Thai bride?

Well, there are 2 options that you can consider. For now, you might be interested in finding Thai mail order brides online, for example on our website, or you can simply visit the country and spend about 2 weeks discovering the woman of your dreams. It’s time to think about how much these options will cost you.

Offline dating and its costs

Why visit Thailand? In addition to meeting Thai girls, it’s a chance to see amazing temples, silk markets, elephants, beaches, and even more. Perhaps, you should now think about getting tickets to this place, but before you start planning your trip, it’s time to consider possible costs. Here are the things to keep in mind:

  • Tickets to Thailand. Luckily, there are quite a lot of airlines in this amazing and popular spot. Thus, finding a cheap ticket won’t be challenging, and you can find round-trip tickets for less than $900.
  • Accommodation costs. There are plenty of options where you can stay. If you stay at hotels, the total cost of accommodation for 2 weeks might range from $600 to $1,400. It will depend on how luxurious your hotel will be.
  • Food and transportation.  For food and transportation, you’ll spend about $50 a day since the main means of transportation will be taxis. So, a 2-week trip will be about $700 for meals and transportation.
  • Offline dating and entertainment. For the rest, you’ll spend something in the range of $800 for 2 weeks. Of course, this might vary depending on your generosity.

Overall, you’re expected to spend less than $4K to have a great time in Thailand. And the good news is that the nightlife in this country is really affordable.

Online dating and its costs

The offline dating experience is cool and incredible, but it happens that you might not have enough time to travel, and this is where online dating can be really good. Your discretion is a must when choosing the right platform, and of course, you’ll need to consider using any site like Eastern Honeys.

With this site, you can be sure to meet real women for long-term bonds and marriage. But is it expensive to date on this website? Well, it’s not the most affordable place, but it’s surely the top choice if you’re interested in Thai women for marriage. You just need to buy credits and enjoy the services of Eastern Honeys, and you should consider the following packages:

  • $9.99 to get 20 credits;
  • $19.99 to get 50 credits;
  • $49.99 to get 50 credits;
  • $69.99 to get 50 credits;
  • $149.99 to get 50 credits.

These credits will be spent on communication, online chat, sending media content, exchanging information, and so on.

Top places to meet Thai brides

In addition to popular international dating sites where you can meet your Thai girl for marriage, you should also consider meeting her in person. Well, there are great places that are worth attention. So, let’s explore them.

Bars & restaurants

When in Thailand, you’ll be impressed by its nightlife venues. You’ll never have a boring time, and once you open your man on your mobile phone, you’ll discover a wide range of places. Still, there are some places that should be on the top list, and here are they:

Art & culture

In addition to places where you can hang out with charming local ladies, it’s time to consider other places that can be great for daytime activities. If you’re keen on the art and culture of this country, here are the top places you should visit:


How about discovering more natural places in Thailand? Well, this country has a lot to offer, and you should know that its landscapes are really jaw-dropping. Here are some ideas of places where you should travel to meet potential Thailand brides:

How to get Thai mail order brides?

If you’re planning to get a mail order wife from this country, you should know how to do that. So, here are some important steps to follow:

  • Try to learn more about them. Learn more about dating these women, and try to understand whether Thai women suit your interests.
  • Find a good site. Eastern Honeys is a good example of how a dating site should work, so you should know where to find your future life partners.
  • Don’t expect them to find you. After you find a site and register, you can’t expect Thai girls to find you, so you better look for ladies who can tickle your interest.
  • Grab the attention of these ladies. Once you find ladies to date, it’s time to get their attention by sending virtual gifts, adding them to the list of favorites, liking their profiles, inviting them to the online chat, etc.
  • Be sure to be polite and kind. Your kindness and positive attitude will do you a favor, and all you need is to treat them properly when communicating. Avoid being rude, being too inquisitive, and making overgeneralizations.

Challenges and benefits of dating Thai brides

No one is flawless, and the same can be said about Thai girls for marriage. Many Thai brides are considered ideal for marriage and family life, but Thailand wives are not without their own challenges you need to be prepared for. It’s time to consider the pros and cons of Thailand wives.


Ideal cooks and docile life partners;
Interesting people to explore and communicate with;
No need to think about the language barrier when dating Thai singles;
Complacent, silent, and respectful nature;
The versatility of a typical Thailand mail order wife.


Cultural differences might happen;
The superstitious nature of a single Thai lady can be quite odd.

Why do Thai mail order brides looking for partners from Western countries?

While looking for a Thai bride, you might be interested in meeting a charming, passionate, respectful, and kind person for marriage. It’s clear why you can and should be interested in getting Thai mail order brides, but why do these women seek foreigners? Here are the main reasons:

  • Better life conditions. For a Thai wife, it’s important that her man can be someone responsible and ready to take care of his life. This is one of the main reasons why they want to find a partner abroad.
  • Better husband alternatives. When compared to previous decades, present Thailand women are less interested in local women. There’s a steady growth in single women seeking a chance for better life partners abroad.
  • A chance to learn more about different places. Dating a foreigner is also an opportunity to find out something new and interesting. So, exploring lots of new things is one of the reasons why single Thai ladies might be interested in foreigners.  

Visa information

Stereotypes and myths about Thai women looking for marriage

Before you marry a Thai woman, you might be interested in learning more. What can be better than looking through some common myths and stereotypes about them? Let’s demystify some common myths about Thai mail order brides:

  • Thai brides will be interested only in money. Well, it’s important for a Thai girl to be interested in how much you earn, but that’s only to ensure that she’ll get a better life outside her country. Yet there are other important things that matter to her.
  • Thai mail order bride just wants to get citizenship. Not every Thai wife gets citizenship, and not all of them are quite interested in it. So, this is quite a false generalization, and don’t forget that Thai ladies are quite patriotic women. They don’t rush to change their citizenship.
  • Thai girls for marriage come from poor families. Thailand used to be a poor country, but that’s not the case anymore. So, every Thai bride you meet online or offline isn’t a person who wants to escape from poverty. Instead, that person might be interested in other things like your attitude, kindness, and the like.
  • Thai women are not smart. Thanks to the progress in the economy in Thailand, there’s been much improvement in the education levels in this country, especially when compared to other Asian countries. So, you can be sure that your future wife will be quite smart.
  • Thai ladies are scammers. That’s another misconception about Thai women in general. Thai brides are not scammers, and don’t forget that scammers can happen to you if you’re using unreliable platforms to meet Thai ladies.

Summary from the author

Thai brides are not only pretty women in terms of their appearance, but their traditional backgrounds make them ideal for marriage. If you’re a single man in search of an ideal wife candidate, you should consider finding a Thai mail order bride. She’ll definitely be the person to change your life for good.


How much does a Thai bride cost?

A Thai bride can cost you about $5K or even less, but that’s only when you don’t add the costs of visa and wedding expenses, which can be higher than $20K.

Are Thai brides legitimate?

Yes, they are. There’s no legitimate issue when it comes to Thailand mail order brides.

Are Thai brides loyal?

Yes, of course. Thai women are considered loyal and dedicated life partners. It’s not common for them to cheat or lie.

How can I find a Thai bride?

You just need to find a good dating site that you can trust. If you’re keen on online dating, you can try your luck with your real trip to Thailand. Find the most popular venues where you can meet your future Thai wife in person.

Are Thai brides only interested in money or a better life?

It can be said that both of these are important for them. It’s not only your wealth that will matter to her, but she’ll want to be sure that you’re the right person to date or get married to.

How can I ensure the authenticity of a Thai bride’s profile?

This will depend on the Thai dating sites you pick. Trust only popular dating sites offering Thailand mail order brides so that you won’t have to deal with fake accounts. What’s more, check out the site and its verification process, which should ensure better profile quality.

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