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Chinese Mail Order Brides: Your Guide to True Love

Chinese Mail Order Brides: Your Guide to True Love
Top cities to meet a Chinese womanBeijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu
The average cost of a Chinese brideAbout $6K  (without wedding expenses)
Is it legal to marry a Chinese girl in 2024?YES
Marriage success rateHigher than 80%
Why They’re Great
  • Traditional values and family orientation
  • Strong sense of loyalty and commitment
  • Ability to adjust to new places
  • Desire for a peaceful home life
  • Patience and understanding in communication
  • Respect for the partner’s culture and customs
  • Grace and elegance
What to Keep in Mind
  • Misunderstandings due to language barrier
  • Stereotyping based on culture
  • Challenges with long-distance and time zones
Expert’s Comment
Robyn Wahlgast

As a dating coach, I’ve seen a lot, including the trend of Chinese mail order brides. My view? It’s an interesting mix of cultural exchange and seeking love.

Take the story of Jia, my old friend, for example. She’s a 54-year-old teacher from Beijing, divorced with two kids. In China, her status made her dating life quite tough. So, she turned to international dating sites. What was Jia’s goal? To find someone who’d see past the stereotypes of a divorced woman and sincerely appreciate her rich life experience.

Throughout her online journey, she didn’t just jump into anything; she was careful, looking for someone really interested in her as a person, her background, and who respected her role as a mother. So this wasn’t about a quick match, and Jia is still looking for a deep, strong connection.

This experience showed me that for Chinese brides, like Jia, international dating is more about breaking barriers and opening up to new possibilities in love.

Welcome aboard, gents!

Curious about Chinese mail order brides? Our article will explain why so many single Western guys choose Chinese brides for marriage and what it’s like to form a cross-cultural relationship. 

We’ll cover everything from the reasons behind the popularity of this trend to the everyday challenges and joys of dating them. Our guide is a straightforward look at quite a complex topic, packed with insights and real-life stories. So, if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on international love, this is it.

Give it a read; it’s sure to grab your attention!

Who Are Chinese Brides?

Chinese mail order brides are real and single Chinese women who join international dating sites to find partners for marriage. These ladies have diverse backgrounds and various motivations. Mostly, they opt for an international dating service or Chinese brides agency to expand their horizons and meet men who can offer different perspectives on life and share their dreams for the future. So it’s not just about a romance abroad or a one-way ticket from China for them.

Many Asian mail order brides are educated, career-driven, and looking for an equal partner who values respect and mutual growth.

And that’s how this approach to building relationships proves their openness to new experiences and desire for a connection that transcends physical borders. 

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What Religion Are Chinese Girls?

Religiously, many Chinese brides are Buddhists, Taoists, or follow Confucian principles, which, in fact, deeply influence their life views, values, and the Chinese wedding itself. 

As mail order brides, their faith often plays a role in how they view and approach relationships and marriage. When looking for international partners, they mainly look for men who understand their religious beliefs and are ready to integrate these beliefs into their everyday lives. Simply speaking, Chinese women need to be sure that their religious views are acknowledged and respected in the relationship. 

Success Stories

Tom and Ling Photo

Tom and Ling

I met Ling, a finance student at Shanghai University, on a dating site. Our first date was at this little rooftop cafe overlooking the Bund in Shanghai. We talked for hours, mainly about our dreams of traveling the world. As we were holding hands and watching the city lights reflect on the river, I knew Ling was my soulmate. And she remains till that day.

Sam and Chen Photo

Sam and Chen

Chen, who was studying architecture at Tsinghua University, was my ideal match! We decided to meet at the Nanluoguxiang in Beijing. It was an evening filled with laughter and deep conversation about our professional plans. Walking through those ancient streets with Chen, I knew she was the one. And can you imagine, I’m going to marry her next year!

People’s Talk

Recently, I was browsing through Reddit and came across some interesting comments on Chinese mail order brides. 

One user called real-Mo shared his personal experience. He said if you’re looking into this, be prepared for potential family resistance, especially around issues like skin color. He stressed the importance of finding an open-minded girlfriend who speaks English fluently.

Another user in the Quora thread brought up the gender imbalance in China, pointing out that Chinese women have the luxury of being selective in choosing a partner. It highlights that these Chinese brides aren’t just desperately seeking foreign men but are looking for the right match.

Reading these comments reminded me of a more grounded view of the whole situation. International dating is not just a fairy tale; there are real social and personal factors to consider.You can find more on this topic in the full Reddit and Quora threads.

Chinese brides in America truly stand out because they easily balance traditional values with a modern approach. Let’s explore this in detail. 

  • The average age of marriage. There’s a trend in China where women get married later, around age 28, on average. Even though Chinese ladies value family, they’re taking more time to focus on personal goals and careers first. 
  • A typical Chinese mail order bride is well-educated. About 48.7% of university students in China are women. Their academic dedication is just impressive!
  • They’re hard-working. In the workforce, mail order Chinese brides are keeping a significant presence, with ladies making up about 61.1% of the total labor force in China. And it’s important to add that the proportion of women in senior management roles in China is about 33%. All this reflects their leadership capabilities and ambitions. 

But it’s not just about careers; they’re supportive and caring partners in the first place. As a result, this cool mix of independence, smarts, and empathy makes Chinese mail-order brides so appealing to Western men. 

Now, let’s meet those Chinese ladies who embody these features.

Speaking of beauty, it’s worth mentioning some popular ladies in China. This would be great to know about popular ladies who showcase beauty standards in China. Have a glance at the following names:

Fan Bingbing

Fan is more than a famous actress; she’s a fashion icon and a symbol of modern Chinese femininity. She’s a role model for independence and strength, showing the world what Chinese women are capable of. Bingbing once said, ‘In China, women are strong enough to handle their own fate.’ And her success is a powerful example of the determination you can find in many Chinese women.

Zhang Ziyi

She’s considered among the most known actresses and celebrities in China, and she is known for her performance in Crouching Tiger. Zhang Ziyi is also known for her patriotic values and interest in promoting the rights of local women, and she once said, ‘I want, through my roles, to express the parts in the hearts of Chinese women that they feel unable to let out.’

How to Find a Chinese Bride?

To find a Chinese bride, a good option is to mix online and offline methods. Start with online dating sites focusing on international relationships, like SakuraDate, EasternHoneys, NaomiDate. They offer a practical way to connect with Chinese women open to meeting someone from abroad. Pick a trusted site with good user feedback, and make sure your profile is appealing and detailed.

But also consider getting out there in the real world. If you can, visiting China could give you a more unique experience in meeting potential brides.

Now, let’s look at the alternatives and the costs involved.

Online dating

SakuraDate is a top pick if you’re looking for Chinese brides online. It specializes in Asian dating, is super easy to use, and with more than 70K monthly visits, you have more chances to find a match. Now, let’s talk prices.

  • 20 free credits after signing up
  • 35 credits for $2.99 as a first-time offer
  • The subsequent pack of 35 credits goes for $12.99
  • 50 credits for $19
  • 100 credits for $33
  • 250 credits for $75
  • 400 credits for $100
  • 1.000 credits for $200

What will you get?

  • Chatting. You’ll need to spend 2 credits per minute 
  • Extras. Stickers, photos, and audio messages in chat range from 5 to 15 credits
  • Videos. Watch pre-recorded videos for 50 credits each
  • Gifts. You can send real gifts for 678-26996 credits each

Now, let’s get to a more traditional way.

Offline dating 

If you’re considering a trip to China to meet local brides, you need to understand the costs involved. Let’s take two popular spots for comparison.

Expense CategoryBeijing (Expensive)Chengdu (Affordable)
Flights$1.000 – $2.000 (from the US)$800 – $1.500 (from the US)
Accommodation$200 – $400 per night (luxury hotels)$60 – $130 per night (mid-range hotels)
Dining & entertainment$60 – $120 per day$30 – $60 per day

Here’s for you to look at in detail.

  • Flights. Prices vary based on booking time and season.
  • Accommodation. In Beijing, luxury places like the Waldorf Astoria can cost between $200 to $400 per night. In Chengdu, a convenient alternative like the BuddhaZen Hotel ranges from $60 to $120 per night.
  • Dining and fun. In Beijing, dining at upscale places like DaDong Roast Duck could set you back about $30 to $60 per meal. In Chengdu, relaxing at the Wenshu Yuan Monastery can cost about $20 to $40 for a full day.

These figures are estimates, so actual costs might vary. But this should give you a good idea of what to expect when budgeting for your journey.

Do’s and Don’ts in Chinese Dating Culture

Dating in China is all about understanding and respecting their way of doing things. Here’s a quick guide to help you out before you meet Chinese brides.

  • Respect her culture. Show interest in her traditions, especially when it comes to Chinese marriage. It matters a lot.
  • Be serious about relationships. Casual dating isn’t big in China. Be clear if you’re looking for something long-term.
  • Meet the family. Winning over her family is key. So you better make a good impression.
  • Show you’re stable. Chinese culture values stability. Be someone she can rely on.
  • Be patient with language differences. If there’s a language gap, take it slow and be understanding.
  • Avoid discussing controversial topics. Topics like world politics are best avoided, especially in the early stages of dating.
  • Take It slow with intimacy. Respect her pace when it comes to getting physical.
  • Appreciate small things. Little gestures can mean a lot in a relationship.
  • Understand her modesty. If she’s modest about compliments, that’s just her culture. Don’t take it personally.
  • Respect her space. Personal space is important, even when you’re already close.

Keep these simple tips in mind, and you’ll confidently navigate the Chinese dating scene.

Top places to meet Chinese brides

When in China, you’ll have lots of places where you can visit and meet charming local women. It’s no secret that this country is one of the most visited countries, so this place has a lot to offer. Time to uncover the top destinations.

Bars & restaurants
How about discovering great places where you buy a drink for your lady? Or how about fancy cafes and restaurants where you can have a good date? Here are the top places to consider when in China:
Art & culture
China is definitely a place where you can explore the top nightlife venues, but what about discovering the places where you can meet locals during the daytime? There are many spots where you can enjoy the culture and art of this amazing place. Have a look at the following places:
In addition to cultural locations, don’t ever skip a chance to witness the natural beauty of this country, so where to start? Here are the most popular spots worth your attention:

Visa Information

Summary from the author

It’s clear that single men interested in ladies ready for commitment, family planning, and even more should focus on Asian women. When speaking of Asian ladies, it’s hard to overlook Chinese brides, as they’re among the most popular options nowadays. Just try to find your ideal future wife.


What is the best and most convenient way to meet Chinese brides? Online or offline?

Online dating sites like SakuraDate, EasternHoneys, NaomiDate, are usually the easiest, especially if you’re not in China.

What percentage of Chinese mail-order brides stay married?

There’s no exact number, but international marriages like these often do higher than 80%.

Can a foreigner marry a Chinese woman?

Yes, foreigners can marry Chinese women. Just be ready to follow Chinese marriage laws and certain cultural practices.

How old is the average bride in China?

Nowadays, Chinese women usually get married around 27-30 years old, as they’re focusing more on education and careers first.

How to impress a Chinese girl?

Understanding her background really helps. Be polite, kind, and show that you’re serious and stable in life.

How to ask a Chinese girl to marry you?

When you propose, consider her cultural views and Chinese wedding traditions. Involving her family might be a good idea. Be clear, sincere, and show you’re committed to a future together.

Brian Whelan
Brian Whelan has over 10 years of proven experience in international dating coaching. Brian’s blend of knowledge in male-female relationships and love of journalism let him create advanced and expert content for BridesAgency.com.
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Been watching Chinese dramas lately (don’t ask ) Always curious about how much is fiction vs. reality, especially when it comes to relationships. This article sheds light on some of those nuances. Thanks to the author!


Went on a couple of dates with a woman from Tianjin. The discussions on family and expectations? Felt so real reading this. Makes me appreciate the balance many local girls have to find.


A buddy of mine married a girl from Xi’an last year. Their wedding was a mix of modern and traditional vibes. Reading this, I get a clearer picture of where those came from. That day I was too drunk to appreciate this, haha.

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