Home Austrian Mail Order Brides: Where to Seek Love Online?

Austrian Mail Order Brides: Where to Seek Love Online?

Austrian Mail Order Brides: Where to Seek Love Online?
Best Cities in Austria to Find Your Future BrideVienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg
The average Austrian mail order brides cost$15,000
Is It Legal to Marry an Austrian Woman in 2024?Yes
Marriage success rate87%
Why They’re Great
  • Self-confident and independent
  • Well-educated and intelligent
  • Having a deep understanding of themselves
  • Determined to succeed
  • Strong-willed and ambitious
What to Keep in Mind
  • They lack emotions and expressiveness
  • Conservative nature and look
  • Desire of equality with men
Expert`s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

As for me, I haven’t known much about Austrian mail order brides before I met Theresa on the site. She looks smiling and attractive in photos, but I can’t say she’s very open in communication. Theresa likes Italian cuisine and had a relationship with a guy from Austria, but he was cold and dull. So, this young lady decided to meet foreign guys for a serious relationship because she hoped they’d be more reliable, caring, and supportive. 


This article will introduce readers to fabulous mail order Austrian brides who look for potential matches online. These women may seem cold and reserved at first glance. However, if a man tries to win an Austrian woman’s trust, he discovers how open, friendly, and caring she may be. All you can learn from this article about Austrian mail brides can help you initiate communication with a potential bride, get a deeper understanding of Austrian mail order brides prices, and develop this affair into a life-changing romance.

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Vienna, Austria
Natalia Lebedeva, 45
Vienna, Austria
Viktoria, 26
Vienna, Austria
Yulia, 36
Vienna, Austria
Olga, 40
Vienna, Austria
Lyubov, 31
Vienna, Austria
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Who Are Austrian Mail Order Brides?

Austrian brides are single young women of Austrian origin who join mail order bride websites to communicate with foreign men. Every girl hopes that one of these gentlemen may once become her husband, and this online interaction will create a happy, long-lasting family.

Austrian women, like German and French girls, are well-educated. They have overtaken men in universities and colleges, making up 56% of all students. Women make up 41% of the Austrian parliament, and 70% of all Austrian women are employed, so they rarely want to be maintained by men.

Success stories

Adam and Johanna

Adam and Johanna

I’ve been to Austria not once, but girls don’t hurry to get acquainted in the streets there. Therefore, I met an Austrian lady online and set a desired location in filters on GoldenBride. Many pretty girls had profiles there, but I liked Johanna best. She is from Linz, and her dearest desire is to fall in love. Do you know I want the same? We’ve chatted for several weeks, and I plan to visit her in Linz in 2 weeks.

Katherina and Thomas

Katherina and Thomas

Finding a man interested in stable relationships is almost impossible, but SofiaDate helped me greatly. I saw Thomas’s profile as one of the first, and his eyes seemed sincere. My first message was a little strange, but it didn’t disappoint him. Only later, I explained to him how nervous I was to be the first to send a message. Now we understand each other from half the word. I hope it’s love.

People’s Talk

A girl, named  Snaiperskaya, mentions the success story of her friend Richard, who ordered a mail order bride, and now they have been happy in marriage for over 20 years.

This user called r/relationahip_advice is disappointed with the dating scene in his country and asks for advice on whether getting a mail order bride is a good option. 


Austrian brides attract men with their independence and wisdom. Some grooms may be shocked to see what icy queens they seem at first glance. However, it’s enough to start communicating with Austrian ladies to see how stunning and interesting they are. Join a mail order bride website, meet Austrian brides and change your first impression now!

Brian Whelan
Brian Whelan has over 10 years of proven experience in international dating coaching. Brian’s blend of knowledge in male-female relationships and love of journalism let him create advanced and expert content for BridesAgency.com.
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