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Indian Mail Order Brides: Find Love Beyond Borders

Indian Mail Order Brides: Find Love Beyond Borders

If you’re here because you’ve always wanted to meet Indian brides, we can help take you one step closer to your dream!

Best Cities in India to Find Your Future BrideNew Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai
The Average Cost of an Indian BrideAbout $4.8K
Is It Legal to Marry an Indian Woman in 2024?Yes
Marriage Success Rate86%
Why They’re Great
  • Multilingual and often educated
  • Indian brides for marriage have an active lifestyle
  • They love celebrating colorful festivals
  • Focused on building strong and lasting relationships
  • Great at adapting to new situations
What to Keep in Mind
  • Visa stuff can be difficult to handle
  • Different cultural norms can be an unpleasant surprise for some
Expert’s Opinion
Robyn Wahlgast

I gotta tell you about Aishwarya. She’s 34, a teacher, and honestly, one of the most grounded girls I’ve met in my job. She’s single, no kids, and she’s got this vibe that says she’s comfortable with where she’s at in life. She’s from Bangalore, and, I think, she fits just perfectly into this city. 

She likes Puskin, so it’s always interesting to chat about books with her over coffee. And her cooking skills are fantastic! She says cooking is like her therapy. Aishwarya’s also big on yoga; it helps her stay balanced with the hustle of city life.

What she’s looking for on Bridesagency.com? She wants a guy who’s more than just surface level someone who’s got their emotions in check, can appreciate deep late-night convos, and wouldn’t mind a yoga session or a movie marathon as the first date idea.

She reminds me a lot of the Indian and Malaysian mail order brides I meet  they respect all the new while staying true to their roots.


Today, we’re going to talk about Indian mail brides — mystical and tempting beauties. 

In this article, we’ve covered almost everything you need to know about them —  from what mail order brides term means to some interesting statistics about these amazing women. 

Also, we’ll hear from real men who chose Indian mail brides as partners for their life journey. And did not regret it!

Babgalore, India
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Anna, 38
Babgalore, India
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Babgalore, India
Anastasia, 27
Babgalore, India
Bombay, India
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Who Are Indian Mail Order Brides?

Indian mail order brides, like their Thai neighbors, are women who use matchmaking sites to find love and marriage with men from other countries. So, when you hear about Indian mail order brides cost, it’s only related to dating expenses.

A lot of these girls are impressive in their own right — many hold university degrees and are active contributors to the workforce. For example, about 37% of women in India work in various professions, and more than 27% have higher education degrees. 

And just look at those lucky guys!

Success Stories

Rohan and Priya

Rohan and Priya

I first saw my Priya on EasternHoneys. She’s an IT consultant from Pune. We’d been chatting for almost a year but finally met when I was in Pune for a conference. We explored the city together; it was like we’d known each other forever. Now, we’re again at this long-distance period with lots of video calls. But I am already planning my next trip back to propose to her!

Viktor and Anjali

Viktor and Anjali

I found my Anjali on SakuraDate. She’s a journalist from Jaipur. She studied journalism in New Delhi, and she’s one of those girls that got a cool story to tell. Our first date was in the cafe with the best view of the Hawa Mahal. Now, we’re busy planning her big move to Canada.

People’s Talk

So, I was on Quora last night, and I ended up reading about what people think of Asian brides. 

This guy, Tyler, he was laughing about people usually stereotypically calling his Asian wife ‘docile.’ He’s like, ‘No way, we’re a team, working on our dreams together.’ Made me smile.

Angela, in turn, talked about how it’s silly to think one kind of person makes a better partner than another. And I can agree with her on this.

Saw a tip on finding Asian brides. That’s where you can get more info on Indian mail order brides prices.

Final Thoughts

Love has this fantastic way of crossing borders and bringing people together, making the world feel a little smaller and much warmer.

And, trust me, mail order Indian brides are the ones with whom you can feel that warmth of love to the fullest.

Brian Whelan
Brian Whelan has over 10 years of proven experience in international dating coaching. Brian’s blend of knowledge in male-female relationships and love of journalism let him create advanced and expert content for BridesAgency.com.
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