Home Norwegian Mail Order Brides: In-Depth Guide To Norwegian Brides

Norwegian Mail Order Brides: In-Depth Guide To Norwegian Brides

Norwegian Mail Order Brides: In-Depth Guide To Norwegian Brides

What comes to your mind when thinking of Norwegian mail order brides? If you’re single and interested in strong bonds, finding someone from Scandinavian countries is a really good idea, and a Norwegian mail order bride is someone who can make you feel special thanks to her social skills, charming look, amazing sense of humor, and elegance.

Find your future wife on the top online dating sites, but before your venture, you better assess all the information provided by this guide on Norwegian women for marriage. You’ll get a chance to learn more about them, look through the interesting statistics, and learn where you can meet them.

Recommended Sites for Finding Norwegian Brides  

SofiaDate, BravoDate, TheLuckyDate

Best Cities in Norway to Find Your Future Bride              

Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Alesund, Stavanger

The Average Cost of a Norway Bride              

About $11K

Is It Legal to Marry a Norwegian Mail Order Wife in 2023?


Marriage Success Rate  

More than 80%

Women of Norwegian origin are epitomes of beauty and this is most likely they reason why they are so sought after. We have many really beautiful Norwegian women and you can choose from one of them and embark on a wonderful journey of life with her. Norwegian women are really beautiful with fair skin and good height. Our Norwegian women have light eyes, the most common being blue. Some of our Norwegian women have grey, green or hazel eyes as well. They have light hair with blonde and platinum blonde being the most common shades of their locks. They have high cheekbones which makes them look all the more beautiful. They usually have small eyes and lips and also smaller curves.

About Norway

Norway, which is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway, is Scandinavian unitary constitutional monarchy, and is one of the least populated countries of Europe. The territory of Norway consists of Jan Mayen, Bouvet Island, Svalbard and the western part of Scandinavian peninsular. The official language of Norway is Norwegian. It is a northern Germanic language, which is closely related to Swedish and Danish. However, a large number of immigrants have settled in Norway and more than 110 mother languages are a part of primary schools in Norway.

Visit our new Norwegian brides now and meet single women and girls who are really interested in marriage with foreign grooms.

Bergen, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Harstad, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway
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Norwegian Culture And The Unique Qualities Of Norwegian Women

With this guide on Norwegian brides, you’ll look through some unique features of these ladies. You should understand that a typical Norwegian girl comes from one of the richest countries in the world, so it’s normal that she’s an independent, strong, and career-motivated person. Not all Norwegian wives sit at home.

What’s more, Norway isn’t a country where traditional values dominate. Instead, it’s one of the most liberal, open-minded, and tolerant countries. So, before you want to start dating your future Norwegian wife, you should understand that she won’t be as traditional as you might expect. Believe it or not, a Norwegian mail order bride is classy, sexy, and smart, making her ideal for dating and strong bonds.

Norwegian wives are definitely different from wives of more traditional countries. Nowadays, Norway brides are more self-centered, career-oriented, and liberal. Besides, they’re known for being feminists as well. But what makes a Norwegian wife so popular, then? Have a glance at the following to know more about a Norwegian woman for marriage and what makes her popular:

  • Amazing bodies. A Norwegian mail order bride will be someone sexy, slim, and really tall. Actually, they’re among the tallest ladies in the world, with an average of 172 cm. tall.
  • Blonde ladies. This might sound like a generalization, but it’s a fact that the majority of Norwegian ladies are blonde with blue eyes.
  • Honest women. These Scandinavian women are renowned for being quite shy and reserved, but they seldom lie or deceive others. Instead, they prefer being straightforward, which makes them reliable partners.
  • Nature lovers. What makes Norway brides more appealing? They love their country and its nature, and spending time outdoors is quite common in this country. So, if you’re planning a romantic date with a Norwegian mail order bride, you should consider outdoor dating ideas.

Overall, a Norwegian woman is an ideal life partner who’s worth exploring.

Norwegian wives are charming, cute, interesting, and smart. With Norwegian ladies for marriage, you can become a better person, so you better rush to meet and date them. When talking about their charm and elegance, you might wonder how beautiful they can be. Let’s have a look at some popular Norwegian women:

Marion Raven

This beautiful Norwegian woman is quite a popular singer and songwriter. When she was a child, she used to be an actress. If you’re into sexy Norwegian women, you should visit her social media accounts.

Kathrine Sorland

What do beautiful Norwegian brides look like? Well, Kathrine can be the epitome of Norwegian beauty standards. In addition to being one of the most gorgeous Norwegian women, she’s also a talented person known for being a TV presenter and actress.

Heidi Johnsen

  • If you wonder how sexy and gorgeous a Norwegian bride can be, have a look at this model. She represents the real charm and elegance of Norwegian girls.  

From these ladies, you can easily understand that Norwegian women for marriage are among the most charming women in the world.

Interesting Statistics About Norwegian Women

There are plenty of things that you might have discovered about Norwegian women for marriage. Before you rush to meet Norwegian ladies, why not have a glance at some interesting facts about them? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Divorce rates. When compared to the US and EU, it can be said that Norway has quite similar divorce rates. There are about 9.3 divorces per 1K married women.
  • Lower birth rates. Like in many modern countries, Norway faces the problem of lower birth rates. Nowadays, women don’t rush to have kids in Norway, leading to 1.7 kids per woman.
  • Well-educated women. One of the main reasons why women in Norway tend to marry late is to continue their education. Norway is known for being a country where half of people aged 25-34 have a tertiary education.
  • Late marriage. It’s one of the countries where people don’t rush to get married before they’re 30. Instead, they get married quite late. Women in this country get married when they’re about 36 years old. Based on this average age of marriage, it can be concluded that Norwegian ladies don’t rush to get married too soon.

As you see, Norwegian women focus on getting a better education, and they’re also known for being more career-oriented. Still, it doesn’t make them less appealing, as they know how to look perfect and how to be a good person.

Who Are Norwegian Mail Order Brides?

Norwegian mail order brides are international brides you can meet on various dating sites offering a wide range of services with the purpose of connecting single men with Norwegian brides.

Why does a Norwegian girl decide to become a mail order bride? There are many reasons of course, and one of the main ones is a chance to meet someone special. One of the main concerns of many foreign brides from Western countries is to find a considerate life partner. Secondly, a Norwegian bride might be interested in creating a family.

Once a Norwegian girl is decisive about becoming one of the international brides, she applies to a local dating agency so that her profile can appeal to the catalogs of professional international dating websites. She’ll be verified and checked by that local agency before her profile can appear on any of the best dating sites catering their services to Western men.

Pros And Cons Of Norwegian Mail Order Brides


They’re not jealous or over-emotional;
They’re quite open-minded, liberal, and tolerant;
They’re known for their patriotic values;
They’re among the most charming Western women;
They speak English better than many ladies in the EU;
They’re well-educated and smart.


They don’t rush to get married before they’re 30;
They’re known for being career-oriented.

Expert’s Opinion
Brian Whelan

Not sure why a Scandinavian woman can make you happy? First of all, intelligent women will make your marriage more interesting and colorful. Thanks to their charming physique and appearance, Norwegian mail order brides are among the sexiest wife candidates. So, you should be concerned about where you can find these Norwegian girls. Online dating sites should be the best place where you can hunt for Norway brides.

How To Find A Norwegian Bride?

No doubt Norwegian brides rock, and they can become more than great lovers. With these women, you can be sure that you can create a good family. Thus, it’s time to consider looking for Norwegian mail order brides. What about a real trip to Norway? Charming mountains, fjords, Sam culture, and appealing women are waiting for you in this country. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Flight to Norway. There are plenty of affordable flight tickets you can book within 72 hours. For now, one of the cheapest round-trip flight prices is less than $500. So, check out all options before buying a ticket so you won’t miss cheaper offers.
  • Accommodation costs. The costs of your stay will depend on the duration. If you’re planning to meet your future Norwegian wife, why not stay for 2 weeks? A 2-week accommodation cost can range from $1K to $3K.
  • Food and transportation. Norway is a high-cost country, so you must be ready to spend around $1.5K for food and transportation.
  • Entertainment and other expenses. Going on a date, spending time with your lady, going to the cinema, and similar activities can cost you about $2K.

To find and date a single Norwegian woman in her country, you’ll need to spend around $7K. But there are online dating services where you can meet Norwegian women, and that can cost less.

How Much Does A Norwegian Mail Order Bride Cost?

To calculate the cost of Norwegian girls for marriage, you should find a decent site, and of course, you might want to start your venture on Bravo Date, one of the top dating sites. It’s an ideal place where you can meet a Norwegian girl. Since Bravo Date is a credit-based platform, you’ll need to buy credits.

Thankfully, you’ll get some extra credits as a welcome bonus. In addition, your first credit purchase will cost you only $2.99 to get 20 credits. This will be enough to test what this site can offer to you. Then, you can consider buying one of the following packages offered on this dating site:

  • 20 credits – $9.99
  • 50 credits – $19.99
  • 125 credits – $44.99
  • 250 credits – $69.99
  • 750 credits – $149.99

With these credits, you can communicate with these European brides, send them virtual and real gifts, exchange media content, and so on.

Top Places To Meet Norwegian Brides

Norway is one of the most popular destinations in the EU, and despite being a cold place, it has some cool spots where you can meet charming local women. In addition to meeting Norwegian women, you can get a chance to see Lofoten Islands, The Flam Railway, the Northern Lights, and even more. The country is also known for its vibrant nightlife as well.

Bars And Restaurants
Norway has everything to make your nightlife interesting. There are tons of concerts, game bars, clubs, and other interesting spots you might want to explore. If you’re determined to visit this country, make sure that the following places are on your short-list:
Arts & Culture
Not every person is keen on spending time at night. There are many cool things you can do during the daytime. So, if you’re planning to meet locals at some popular spots, here are some fantastic places to know about:
When in Norway, don’t forget to visit one of the greenest places on earth. There are so many cool outdoor places and activities you shouldn’t miss. Here are some popular spots to consider:

How To Get Norwegian Mail Order Brides?

If you’re looking for a chance to find your ideal international lady from Norway, you need to know the following:

  • Step 1. You should find a decent site. For example, Bravo Date is the top option for you.
  • Step 2. Register, create an informative profile, and start searching for your future partner.
  • Step 3. Make sure you benefit from search filters to find the best match.
  • Step 4. Get the attention of the lady you like most. You can send winks, icebreakers, or letters.
  • Step 5. If the interest is mutual, it’s time to send a chat invitation and start communicating.
  • Step 6. You should show your lady that you have serious intentions and plan a committed bond.
  • Step 7. Don’t forget to spoil your lady so that she can believe that your intentions are real and sincere.
  • Step 8. Make sure you are great matches for each other before you might want to meet in person.

Once you’re sure to make further steps, the site can help you arrange a real date. Or you can simply apply for the contact request option. 

Visa Information

Stereotypes And Myths About Norwegian Women Looking For Marriage

Norwegian brides stand out among other Western women. There are so many cool things you can discover about them. But at the same time, you can discover lots of stereotypes about Norwegian girls. Let’s demystify some of them:

  • They’re not cold. Are Norway brides cold indeed? Well, that’s not true for sure. A typical Norway girl might not be emotionally expressive, but it doesn’t make her cold. Norwegian ladies take their time before they can get attached to you.
  • They’re not gold diggers. Norwegian brides online are not gold-diggers unless you find them on some scam dating sites. Mail order Norwegian brides are more interested in finding the right people for commitment and long-term bonds.
  • They’re not heavy drinkers. There’s a myth that Norwegians drink a lot. Well, if you look at Norwegian women who are tall, sexy, and charming, it’s hard to say that heavy drinkers can look so hot. Instead, it can be said that they invest lots of energy into looking good and staying healthy.
  • They’re not romantic. Your future girlfriend from Norway might want to be liberal, hardworking, and career-oriented, and she’ll even split the bills when going out, but it doesn’t make her less romantic. They’ll expect romantic gestures from their dates, so be ready to impress them.
  • They’re not boring. Norwegian ladies can be reserved, but they’re never boring. They just take their time before they can be themselves with you. Norwegians are adventure and party lovers and quite social people. So, calling them boring is a huge mistake.

Simply put, a typical Norwegian woman is worth exploring, dating, and even marrying. She’ll be a caring partner, an interesting person to talk to, and a great supporter. To find such a charming person, you must find one of the top online dating sites offering Norwegian mail order wives.

Final Thoughts

Why consider marrying a Norwegian bride? She’s an interesting, smart, modern, and hot-looking lady who can change your life for good, not to mention she’s strong, determined, and fun. If you’re okay with modern ladies, you can look for your future Norwegian mail order bride on one of the top dating platforms mentioned above.

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How much does the average wedding cost in Norway?

The average cost of the Norwegian wedding will cost around $17K-$22K. This cost doesn’t include the prices for the honeymoon. The price is actually getting higher year by year. So, nowadays, Norwegians spend considerably more on their weddings than one or two decades ago.

Can a US citizen get married in Norway?

Of course, he can. Actually, for people from the US, it’s quite easy to arrange a wedding and marry a Norwegian bride. But the US citizen should provide a document proving that he’s single at the moment of planning marriage with a Norwegian lady.

Is marriage common in Norway?

Yes, it’s still common. Despite the increasing age of the first marriage, people in Norway still prefer tying knots. Marriages are still common, although there’s been a slight decrease in the marriage rate in this country.

Are Norwegian brides legitimate?

Yes, they are. There’s no legal obstacle when it comes to Norwegian mail order brides. Still, you need to find a legal and reputable platform where you can meet real ladies for marriage.

How can I find a Norwegian bride?

You can find them on popular international dating sites offering the services of mail order brides. Such platforms make everything simple, convenient, and productive. Another option is to visit Norway in search of your perfect life partner.

What is the history of marriage in Norway?

Long ago, marriage ceremonies used to be quite informal affairs without witnesses in Norwegian culture. What’s more, arranged marriages were common. Besides, ladies used to get married much earlier than they do now. Nowadays, weddings are more formal, interesting, and entertaining.